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					In this economy many families have had to forego the typical annual vacations. This
happened to us. At first, I was upset, but then I decided that our family would just
enjoy things in our own local area that we generally overlooked! And, of course, the
picture taking was still going to take place, as always!
  We 鈥檝 e used FamilyMemories to create photo books since our youngest daughter
was born. They are right when they say that their photo book software is fast, fun and
easy to use! We made our first photo book with FamilyMemories when Katie was
born and again on her first and second birthday 鈥?and made a beautiful photo book
from pictures of her first Christmas.
  So now, three children later, the camera is in 100% use 鈥?most all the time! We
carefully planned out our 鈥渓 ocal vacation 鈥?identifying the spots we wanted to go
and made a calendar itinerary for 鈥渧 acation week.鈥?We packed our lunches and
started out on our economy vacation!
  I 鈥檓 making a photo book all about this special vacation for the family. Already
knowing how great FamilyMemories is 鈥?and how creative I can get with their
photo book software, I had the camera in motion even as we loaded the van, and even
got a great shot of Sam, our dog, sitting in the back just like he was a person. He has a
great smile, by the way!
  We journeyed through the mountains stopping at several favorite spots. I took
pictures of everyone together, then individually and then tons of pictures of the
breathtaking scenery. I 鈥檓 going to arrange the pictures in my FamilyMemory
photo book in sequential order starting from the very beginning of the trip 鈥?pulling
out of our driveway!
  I tell all of my friends about FamilyMemories and their super easy-to-use FREE
photo book software program. So far, I have photo books spanning the course of
about 6-years! From births, to birthdays, to holidays and vacations, I think we have a
photo book from FamilyMemories for almost every exciting event we 鈥檝 e
  All in all, our budget vacation turned out to be one of the best we 鈥檝 e ever had!
And the affordability on photo books that FamilyMemories offers was really the icing
on the cake. As soon as we returned, I uploaded all of my digital pictures into my PC
at home. And when the kids started school the week after vacation, I sat down at the
computer every morning during my 鈥渜 uiet time 鈥?(that every mother loves) and
made an awesome vacation photo book.
  At the competitive rate that FamilyMemories offers, I ordered 10 photo books
鈥?one copy for each of the children and some for family and friends.
  Next year 鈥檚 vacation will hopefully not be a budget vacation. However, I know
that I will continue to use FamilyMemories to create photo books. With the best prices,
quality and exceptional service, I would never use another online photo book
  Thank you FamilyMemories for helping me make our family pictures come to life at
a price that we can afford! And, now it 鈥檚 time for soccer. You can bet we 鈥檒 l
have the best sports photo book too 鈥?all from FamilyMemories!
  Terra L. Colorado
  ~ Kim G Lain, Marketing Writer and Strategist, and the awesome InstantPublisher
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