Cotton Shower Curtains - Classic Fabric With Modern Designs by gyvwpgjmtx


									The cotton shower curtain is a long time classic in terms of a specific fabric used in
shower curtain manufacturing. There are a number of reasons for this.
  The first being the fact that cotton is a relatively durable material depending on how
it is constructed into the material it is forming. Most cotton curtains for the shower
consist of tightly woven cross sections that allow for extreme durability and longevity
in the somewhat harsh conditions that can occur within a bathroom setting. Secondly,
cotton is a comfortable fabric that consists of loosely placed fibers that retain their
soft feel. As such, a cotton shower curtain is not only a durable accessory for the
bathroom, it is also exhibits comfort and luxurious qualities.
  Unfortunately, there are some slight drawbacks to going the route of using cotton for
your curtains. The most notable is the fact that cotton, despite the high quality woven
patterns that most quality cotton based curtains exhibit, does indeed retain water much
more exclusively than other popular fabrics used in shower curtains. As such, ensure
you have a high quality vinyl curtain liner to help reduce the amount of moisture that
collects on the fabric to avoid any long term saturation. A lot of cotton based models
however do come with a thick canvass like coating on the backside that is meant to
face the shower itself so that a liner is not needed.
  In terms of the many different modern designs and styles that are so prevalent in
popular shower curtains today, cotton based curtains for the shower are no different
than other fabrics. The only difference can be in the price range; as high quality 100%
cotton shower curtains that have the protective canvass coating on one side that acts
as a built in liner tend to be on the upper end of the price spectrum. However, it is not
a big enough of a difference to stress about.
  So when it comes down to cotton based curtains in your shower, it really is a matter
of preference and attention to detail. Are you someone who wants the luxurious and
comforting feel of cotton in your bathroom setting? If so, pay close attention to
whether or not a shower curtain liner will be needed to avoid long term dampness to
the cotton. Aside from that minor conundrum, cotton is a fantastic material for a
shower curtain and with the many different modern designs; it is a cinch to
incorporate one into a pre-existing theme!
  Cotton shower curtains pose a fantastic addition to a bathroom exhibiting modern
bathroom accessories. Whether you opt for a design that portrays intricate patterns, or
a simple picture, these pieces can meld well with just about any aspect.

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