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									Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dentistry that focuses most strongly on the cosmetic
aspects - as the name might suggest. What this then means is that it specialises in
procedures such as fillings, teeth whitening, implants and bridges, in order to make
the teeth look better and to give patients the kind of 'Hollywood' smiles with pearly
white teeth that they probably are after.     Let’s take a look at a few of those
procedures that count as 'cosmetic dentistry' procedures - first of all tooth whitening.
Here the teeth are whitened by being cleaned or bleached, or by being covered in a
whitening substance. This then gives the teeth a far whiter appeal and thereby
increases the attractiveness of the mouth. This actually makes a very substantial
difference to how you look as it makes your teeth stand out far more vibrantly. At the
same time by contrast it makes it look as though you have a better skin tone - by
looking white it makes the skin look darker by contrast. For women who want to wear
a bold lipstick, then white teeth are completely a necessity for pulling off the look.
     Another method of cosmetic dentistry is veneers. Here the tooth has a fake front
attached to it, which covers up the stained or chipped front of your real tooth thereby
instantly making it look whiter while protecting it from future damage. Veneers can
also make your teeth appear straighter and essentially allow you to redesign your own
mouth and what it looks like. You can choose the whiteness and decide precisely how
straight you want your teeth to be.        Another procedure is the dental implant.
Dental implants are essentially fake teeth that you get screwed into your gums and
jaw in order to secure them permanently in the place of one of your original teeth.
This you can then use to replace a tooth you have that is maybe discoloured or
otherwise less attractive, or to fill a gap where there previously was no tooth at all. An
alternative here for those who don't want to go through the difficulty of having the
surgery necessary to insert the implant is to have dentures, which will essentially
perform the same job but will be removable to allow the patient to take tem out or put
them back in as they please. This is psychologically less likely having your own teeth
back, but it does mean that you can replace them easily as your mouth changes and
that they can be made quickly and easily with no need for invasive surgery. In
some cases cosmetic dentistry and 'regular' dentistry will overlap, and most of the
procedures will impact both youur appearance and your health. For example with
something like veneers you are not only making your teeth appear whiter and
straighter, but are also giving yourself protection against future damage to the teeth by
keeping them protected underneath the veneers. Similarly with implants or dentures
you can prevent your teeth from moving due to gaps, and can also prevent your gums
from being exposed. At the same time they will allow you to eat your meals without
hurting your gums, or getting food and things trapped in your gaps which can be
unpleasant. Cosmetic procedures however will sometimes take place when there was
no health threat posed by your condition, or will provide extra cosmetic benefits when
another simpler procedure was available that wouldn't have looked as good.
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