Contemporary Planters For Outdoor Dining Spaces

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					Restaurants come in different styles and dining themes: Mexican, Italian, Japanese,
Classical, Contemporary, and sometimes strange stuff you wouldn't imagine in a
restaurant. Usually, the interior and exterior themes of the restaurant go along with the
types of dishes they serve. Unlike the indoor settings, the exterior of the restaurant
cannot be easily decorated. The outdoor dining space doesn't look very pleasing
unless it is setup in an appealing way.
Plants and flowers seem to be the most ideal decorations to put in this area because of
the open space. Paintings and wall decors definitely have no place in this part of your
restaurant. You can only rely on the wall paint, beautiful plants, and lovely flowers as
decorations to the area.
In today's modern and technologically advanced world, your restaurant's outdoor
dining areas can be accentuated with modern planters that can enhance your exterior
design. They now come in different forms, colors, sizes, and even functions that could
perfectly fit any themes.
  Urban Chic Contemporary Planter
Have you seen Wolfgang Puck's restaurant in La Jolla? Its outdoor dining space is
lined with urban chic contemporary planters that does not only serve as planter boxes
and accessories but as liners to the dining area as well.
The planter boxes were originally designed for Wolfgang Puck's La Jolla, California.
These restaurant planters are made of heavy, solid wall sheets of Cellular PVC which
makes them highly durable. These planter boxes are a combination of beauty and
uniformity that are perfect for any outdoor dining areas. They can also be painted in
different colors to match your exterior design.
Commercial planters are the best way to embellish your outdoor dining areas for the
customers to still feel the good ambiance of your restaurant. There are various sizes,
forms, and designs of commercial planters that you can choose from. Add some cool
lighting to emphasize their beauty at night and create a romantic, cozy, or lively effect.
Illuminated modern planters can also be a good choice to put outside your restaurant
for combined functionality.
Custom planters can also be made specially for your restaurant. You can make your
own design and choose the right size that would fit in your restaurant. Even large
planters can be customized and have them installed by the manufacturers on your
Commercial planters usually have built-in drainage system or have water reservoirs
which will require low maintenance for your plants and flowers. Thus, it will be more
convenient for restaurateurs to use them. Famous restaurants like Wolfgang Pucker's
do not only serve luscious foods to their customers but a wonderful experience as well.
That is one of the reasons why people just keep coming back to their place.Beth Delos
Santos shares tips on how to make your public spaces more attractive and inviting by
using containers such as large planters, fiberglass planters, commercial planters, and
other types of indoor and outdoor planters. For a complete selection of planters,
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