; Contacts Add-On gives your Web address books in Thunderbird
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Contacts Add-On gives your Web address books in Thunderbird


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									Thunderbird 3.1 only: Contact is a nice project Mozilla Labs that compiles and
manages all the books in the Firefox web address and now its made a logical jump to
e-mail client Mozilla Thunderbird. This is a very convenient tool for synchronization
to the desktop e-mail.
Like its counterpart Firefox, contacts can be connected to the local address book of
Thunderbird with the already developed contacts in Google or Yahoo mail, but also
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo and the system of native address book. Keeps
them all in sync after the initial configuration, and is very smart about linking contacts
with various profiles across social networks.
Contacts is a free add-on requires Firefox 3.1 to install.
Contacts [Firefox Add-ons via CNET ]

Via: Contacts Add-On gives your Web address books in Thunderbird
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