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2010 June 14 Minutes


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The Board of Supervisors of the Town of Cross Plains held their regular monthly
meeting on Monday, June 14, 2010 in the Community Center, 3734 County
Road P, Cross Plains. Notice of the meeting was published in the June 10, 2010
issues of the Mt Horeb Mail and the News-Sickle-Arrow. Board Members Greg
Hyer, Vera Riley, Jeff Baylis, Greg Haack and Terry Kurth and about 21 citizens
were present. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairman Greg
Hyer. The pledge of allegiance to our flag was led by Greg Haack.
Approval of the Minutes of the May 10, 2010 Town Board Meetings Approval of
the May 10, 2010 Board of Review meeting delayed until the Board of Review is
in session. Motion was made by Jeff Baylis, second by Greg Haack to approve
the minutes of the meeting to Open Road Maintenance Bids. All Board
Members approved. Motion carried. Motion was made by Jeff Baylis, second
by Terry Kurth to approve the minutes of the May 10 Monthly Meeting. All
approved. Motion carried.
Review of Financial Report and Action on Payment of Bills The report format
was changed at the request of the Board and now includes columns for Year to
Date Actual, Budget Year to Date, Variance, Annual Budget, Funds Committed
and Funds Available. Discussion followed on the format and information
presented. Administrative Expenses and Park Fund activities were reviewed.
The Loan Payment Schedule shows that three payments will be made in June.
Motion was made by Vera Riley, second by Jeff Baylis to accept the report as
presented. All Board Members approved. Motion carried.
Board Members reviewed the list of bills to be paid June 14. Discussion followed.
The Park Commission approved Weed Man spring and fall fertilizer and weed
control applications. The spring application will be paid by Town General Funds,
the fall application by Park Funds. Motion was made by Jeff Baylis, second by
Greg Haack to pay all the bills on the list. Terry Kurth recused himself, four Board
Members approved. Motion carried.
Clerk Announcements Thank You from Park Commission Chair Bob Boehnen to
the volunteers who moved wood chips into the playground and worked in the
flower beds on Work Day May 18. The tire on the swing has been replaced. Ten
planks were ordered to replace broken and worn boards on the picnic tables.
George Fjelsted will lead the replacement project and would appreciate help.
On June 30th the Village will host a community meeting to share information
about the future of Lagoon Street.
On July 31st the Aids Network sponsored bicycle ride will take cyclists through
portions of the Town. They provided a list of Town roads and asked to be
informed of any problems such as road construction on those roads that day.
The Easter Seals of Wisconsin Donation Center sent information about their
program designed to help farmers continue farming after becoming disabled.
They asked if they could place a donation bin in the Community Center parking
lot. Board Members pointed out other collection bins in our area and requested
that the issue be referred to the Park Commission.

Chair Announcements Greg Hyer reminded citizens that Open Book will be
held at the Community Center Thursday, June 17, from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Jeff Baylis reported that a Board Member had photos of a bear walking through
his yard today. He reminded citizens of safety measures to take to discourage a
bear’s return to their neighborhood.
Greg Hyer reported that the meeting to open and award Bridge bids was
postponed. Prevailing wage determination was not requested and prevailing
rate requirements not included in bids. A meeting will be held Monday, May 28
at 7:00 p.m. to open and, if possible, act on the bids. A Westbrook
representative will be present to answer questions. The date for completion of
the project will probably be extended to Sept 15. Westbrook has provided a
$170,000 construction estimate. This number will be included in the Dane
County Bridge Aid request due June 18.
Greg Hyer reported too that he has not heard from the Dept of Transportation’s
Planning Group since a meeting with them was requested. He will press for a
Public Participation for three minutes on any item Mike Pfrang reported that
Tiffany Grosspietsch had sent a letter to the DOT regional representative
regarding Hwy 14 changes. Comments made by citizens at the Wisconsin
Heights meeting are on their website but they have not responded to Tiffany or
individual citizens.
Several Barlow Road residents were present to request Town participation in the
Gypsy Moth Suppression Program. They reported seeing egg masses last year
and have a severe infestation of moths this year. John Thoman inquired about
spraying but it was determined that it was too late in the season to pursue that
suppression option. Jack Frye-Osier has interest in the suppression program, has
collected data and did report to the Town Board late last year. Greg Herrling
sprayed in the past. Greg Hyer suggested that there is time to coordinate
activities with a Dane County Horticulturalist who would send information and
forms to the Town. The Barlow Road residents could collectively contact Jack
Frye-Osier for assistance with DNR involvement. Vera Riley stated that the
service is not free but can be substantially subsidized.
Action on request for a temporary Class “B” retailer’s license for St Mary of Pine
Bluff Picnic Aug 7 & 8, 2010 An application was submitted by Bill Coyle. Vicki
Buening was present to represent the Picnic Committee. She requested the
license from 10:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Sunday only. Outdoor music will end
at 9:00 p.m. Motion was made by Jeff Baylis, second by Vera Riley to approve
the Picnic License. Greg Haack asked if the $10 fee could be waived. Motion
was amended by Jeff Baylis to award the license for August 8 with no fee. Vera
accepted the amendment. All Board Members approved. Motion carried.
Jeff Baylis reported that the Ordinance Committee will meet tomorrow night at
6:30. They will prepare a response to the Plan Commission on Louise Klopp’s
comments and concerns regarding the Draft Driveway Ordinance.
Action on Appointing a Recycling Committee Paul Correll reported that initially
he had hoped to review the Town contract with Waste Management and
educate residents on preparations for recycling. Two residents have offered to
assist with these activities, Mike Pfrang and Loren Ziglin. Motion was made by
Jeff Baylis, second by Vera Riley to establish a recycling and refuse collection
Committee, Chair Paul Correll and members Mike Pfrang and Loren Ziglin.
Discussion followed. Vera Riley reported that several weed warriors had pulled
garlic mustard. Waste Management agreed to pick up bags of them labeled
Noxious Weeds. Greg Haack asked that the Board set a time period for this
Committee’s activities. Paul Correll responded that there are meetings and
ongoing educational opportunities. The Committee was created at the
pleasure of the Board and can operate at the pleasure of the Board.
Composting will be part of their discussion. All Board Members approved the
motion. Motion carried.
Action on David Rourke’s petition to rezone 2 acres of RH1 to 5 acres of RH2; 15.6
acres from A1-EX to RH3; 2.5 acres from RH1 to 2 acres of RH!, all in section 24,
parcel #070724199200 (3919 and 3913 Timber Lane) Greg Hyer reported that
this petition will modify the size of two existing lots and will rezone them. Splits will
not change. Motion was made by Terry Kurth, second by Jeff Baylis to approve
the petition as presented. All Board Members approved. Motion carried.
Action on Conditional zoning imposed by Dane County Code Sec
10.255(3)(a)2.(b) on petition #10136 by Richard Vilstrup at 7936 Maurer Road
Greg Hyer reported that both parcels of land included in this petition are owned
by family members. They did a prior lot line change without County approval.
This amendment will clean up the entire issue. Motion was made by Jeff Baylis,
second by Vera Riley to approve the Amendment to petition 10136. Richard
Vilstrup was not present but had supported this amendment at the County level.
All Board Members approved. Motion carried.
Action on the new Driveway Ordinance Jeff Baylis reported that the Ordinance
Committee had made a recommendation to the Board. The Board referred it
to the Plan Commission. Louise Klopp raised a set of questions at the
Commission meeting and the Plan Commission referred the Draft Ordinance
back to Committee for clarification. Jeff Baylis reported that the Town has two
existing ordinances; the requirement for a 66 foot of right-of-way in the current
ordinance does not affect land use. This is a procedural issue. The Ordinance
Committee answers to the Board. They were charged to come up with a
Driveway Ordinance. The comments addressing standards included in the
Ordinance should be part of the Plan Commission recommendation. Discussion
followed regarding specific standards in the Draft Ordinance, standards in other
Towns’ ordinances, and enforcement of these standards on existing driveways.
Greg Hyer responded that the process of approving drives was very informal in
the past and left no paper trail for future reference. Greg Haack commented
that construction standards are part of the addendum to the Ordinance. Vera
Riley stated that the Ordinance Committee will meet and present their findings
to the Plan Commission. Terry Kurth stated that as a Board, members are ok with
the process. No action was taken.
Discussion on Regulating Bicycle Events Greg Hyer reported that he requested
legal advice from Wisconsin Towns Association Attorney Lee Turonie on the
power given Towns to prohibit bicycle events in WI stat 349 23.3. Attorney
Turonie responded that this statute allows a municipality to ban other traffic from
bike lanes. Terry Kurth stated that out of respect and courtesy the City of
Madison Better Business Bureau should enter into discussion of race dates and
routes prior to scheduling these events. There now are five or six events in the
course of the summer. Greg Haack suggested that it is the practice riding prior
to the events that poses the greatest concern to residents. Vermont Township
has an Entertainment Events Ordinance and application process. They did not
allow the Centurion Race and organizers changed the route from Town to
County roads. Much discussion followed regarding concerns about lawsuits,
the number of events and people involved in each, parking for events,
regulation of events not originating in the Town, insurance certificates provided,
big corporations making money without sharing with those most
inconvenienced and safety issues. Jeff Baylis commented that from what he
has observed we remember the driver who is not courteous whether he/she is
driving a bike, car or motorcycle. Dane County Sheriff Dept is responsible for
safety issues including road closures.
Action on purchases to secure Town financial records Bonnie Krattiger reported
that backup to the Town hard drive is stored off site and requested funds to
purchase a locked file cabinet and to re-key the door to the file room to secure
paper copies of Town records. Jeff Baylis suggested that a fireproof cabinet
should be considered. Discussion followed regarding the cost of locking and
fireproof cabinets and the volume of records that should be protected. Motion
was made by Terry Kurth, second by Jeff Baylis to allow the Finance Committee
to spend up to $1,000 to re-key the file room lock and to purchase a locking file
cabinet and small safe. All Board Members approved. Motion carried.
Action on 2011 Budget Timeline Greg Hyer reported that he was comfortable
with the time line proposed but questioned if the Cross Plains Fire and EMS
Districts would have budget information available in August. Vera Riley will
request that information when the Districts meet in August. No objections were
voiced to the Timeline. Board Members gave unanimous consent.
Action on Financial Committee Work Priorities Bonnie Krattiger reported that
the Committee has completed computerizing Town financial records and the
comparable analysis of the Town financial position. They are preparing an
Accounting Procedure Manual and have proposed additional adequacy and
safety measures for Town records. They will work to Draft a 2011 Town Budget.
Bonnie asked for further direction from the Board. Jeff Baylis stated that
Commissions make policy decisions, Committees operate at the discretion of
the Board. Greg Hyer stated that this Committee can raise issues but is not
charged with problem identification and solution. The issue of what our Road
Maintenance person does with his time was discussed. He does report to the
Town Chairman and does punch a time clock. Jeff Baylis suggested that he
does not need to be micro-managed, but needs to be trusted to be his own
boss. He is on call 24/7. Greg Hyer said there were jobs some residents felt he
should be doing such as lawn mowing. This currently is done by a contractor
who has his own equipment. Terry Kurth suggested that the Committee could
look into other Towns’ guidelines for specific job responsibilities.
Action on Appointment to the Park Commission Bob Boehnen has agreed to
accept another seven year term. Motion was made by Terry Kurth to appoint
Bob Boehnen to the fill the position on the Park Commission that will open July 1.
Board Members unanimously seconded and approved the appointment.
Alliant Energy representative Jeff Nelson provided a map and plan for replacing
existing poles and overhead conductor along Coray Lane. The project is
scheduled to begin in July. No objections were voiced to the proposal.
Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jeff Baylis. Board Members
unanimously seconded and approved. Motion carried. The meeting was
adjourned at 9:35 p.m.
Anne Herger, Clerk


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