articles directory full scope by welcomegong


									General Features

  * Exhibits Six Levels of User Types namely Guest / General Surfer, Registered Member, Subscriber,
Authors, Editors, Sub Administrator & Administrator

  * Posting an Article with document/text attachment

  * Image uploads option for Article

  * Multilevel categories

  * Article Ratings

  * Posting Comments

  * View Recent articles

  * View Most Popular articles

  * Today's editor picks

  * Article Forward

  * Print the article

  * Article preview while posting

  * Advanced Search

  * Pop up News in home page

  * Advertisement banner

  * Featured articles

  * Featured authors

  * View author's Video profile

  * Polling

  * Favorites

  * Archive

  * Sharing the articles

  * Social Bookmarks

  * Google Analytics
  * Admin dashboard using Google Visualization

  * On line Payment gateways – Paypal , Google Checkout, &

  * Off line Payment gateways – Bank wire

  * Subscription expiry alert for administrator

  * Allow embedded code for video profile

  * SEO features

  * Multiple Mail Templates

  * In line Text Advertisement ( Google Ad sense )

  *advertising management

  * Most Commented Articles

  * Recommended Authors and Title on searching

  * Contact Author

  * Utility of Bad Filter

  * Reserved names block

  * You can Block IP

Posting an Article with attachment Doc/Text

        The member can post their desired article with the help of attachment in Document / Text
format. This will cater the users in sending apt articles with necessary document attachment facilities. It
supports 9 tags , number of file attached is set by the administrator.

Image upload option for Article

        In the Publish Article setting , you have the feature Image Upload Option for Article. The
members can upload their desired Image for posting any Article. This gives additional favor for the

Editor Pick Articles

         Among several interesting articles one could find unique and cogent publication where editor
takes in to account for selection of Pick of the Articles. By this the members can enjoy reading valuable
articles at ease manner. Instead of looking up for value added articles through many searches the
member can look easily the Editor Pick Articles. It also saves time for the viewer's for reading the
reputed articles. This Editor Pick Article can be set with prior date for publishing also.
Pop Up Over Control Management

         The admin wholly controls over Pop up Over control management. The user can now enjoy the
pop over facility. The content in the pop up generally describes about the article based and other
related information which highly benefits the user to know and utilize the proper facilities of the
product. The admin sets the pop over effect HTML content which will be displayed in the Index page

Featured Articles

         the application should have a good exposition of several articles in attractive manner. Those
articles which are value added and most important can be projected in the Featured Articles. With this
the end users can easily sort out the value added articles in their featured articles. The admin has every
privilege to set Featured Articles. It has several data's namely Article Titles, Category, Author, Published
On, Expired On, Status, Viewer Type & View options. The Viewer Type consists of Public Users ,
Registered Users, Subscribed users & Author.

Featured Authors

        The feature of author has more vital activity in the process of exposition in good articles. The
admin, Sub-admin & Editor can play as Author Role. For making the members so complacent the option
of featured authors greatly help in finding out Featured Author.

View authors Video profile

          In order to benefit for the members this setting greatly expose about the author profile in a
better way. Generally ,to join as a author he has to enter his name, his bio-data, any URL blog site of his
presentation & Profile video with self presentation. Apart from entering the above details he has to sign
up the Terms & Condition and then submit. The admin verifies with the help of sub-admin or by Editor.
Only after verification from editor /sub-admin the member becomes author for publishing the necessary

Payment Gateways

  * Payment Settings to accept almost any of the Payments

  * Google Checkout Enabled

  * Pay Pal Enabled

  * Authorize.Net Enabled

  * Bank Wire Transfer Enabled

  * Admin has the privilege to edit/delete the payment gateways at any time
Search Engine Optimization

        When it comes to search engine optimization for a website, one of the Key strategies that you
should be using is to make use of meta tags on every individual web page within your site, especially
when it comes to the title tag. The application should help in SEO operation.

The Title Meta Tag is the tag that search engines are relying heavily upon in order to determine what a
specific website or web page is actually about. The best way to create a title tag is to create a short and
concise description of what the Article is about that makes use of one or a couple of the Article Primary

Search Features

  * Normal searches list

  * Advanced search options

  * Filter by article title, author, published date and also categories

  * Allow sorting in searched result based on date, rating and views

  * Recommend keywords, Authors and Title options


  * Provides WYSIWYG editor

  * Web based setup wizard

  * Easy installation script. No editing of the php source files! Upload and install with easy

  * Turing image for verification. It will stop brute force scripts from hacking passwords

  * Protects from Hackers

Key Features

  * Full-featured article directory software

  * On line article directory software has advance search interface

  * With our article directory software you can post unlimited article

  * Filters article for easy browsing
  * Our article manager support Google ads and also advertising management

  * Article script has featured admin panel

  * Article directory software can handle large database

  * Support multi level categories

  * Easy article posting

  * Convenient browsing

  * Simple integration with your website

  * Article manager support multiple browser

  * Highly expressive web applications

  * No programming knowledge required

  * Based ON MVC Architecture

  * Open source technology used (PHP and MYSQL)

  * Highly configurable site parameters

User Side Features

Article ratings

         It is one of the key role in article web directories where only registered members can rate the
articles. Rating of the article helps to analyze and up grade one's efficiency.

Posting Comments

        This feature gives opportunities for the readers to express their feelings and suggestions. By
accepting the real value added comments one can improve and upgrade apt things. The Guest members
can only view , cannot post any article nor they could rate the article.

View Most Popular articles

         For benefit of Users the option of View Most Popular articles is provided. Every member would
like to know about interesting articles so this feature will greatly help to read some of the value added
Articles through this feature.

View Recent articles
The users can avail the facility of viewing the recent articles and make most of the value added

In line Text Advertisement by Google Ad sense

        The provision of In line Text Advertisement by Google Ad sense should be catered by the

         Most individuals making a living and/or earning money via the Internet are familiar with Google
Ad Sense. In line text can attract customer's researching or reading about a keyword relevant to your
article. Websites participating in In line-text advertising programs will have specific keywords displayed
as links. Customer's have a natural instinct to click on words of interest in an article so by this feature
the members are benefited more. Also the application should have a full advertising and banners
management solution.

Process of submitting an Article by the Author

         The author can publish the article by following the procedures like filling up the title of the
article,Article Category, Sub Category,Summary, Content or Attachment through browse help, uploading
the image & any tags.

The author fixes the article settings to be exhibited along with the article. You can avail services like

  * Down loadable option

  * Send article- E-Mail utility

  * Comments

  * Printable format- Print option

  * Ratings

  * Article preview while posting

Advanced Search

         This search is normally used to find articles which has reached in Archive. The member can
easily opt for Advanced Search so that articles in the Archive can be retrieved and collect value added

Advertisement Banner

         Among different features the presence of Ad Banner facility greatly caters the need of the End
Users. This savor helps the user to host the desired Ad Banner. The admin helps to create this Ad Banner
Site Setting where you have three options namely Script Ad , Upload Ad and On line advertisement. The
members can choose any of the above three for hosting the desired Ad Banner. By entering the script in
the setting provided you can host the Ad banner. With URL site you can use the On Line advertisement
for hosting the Ad banner. The Upload ad setting uses the browse search option for hosting the Ad

  * Allows 3 type of advertisement- using script,uploaded images and on line site URL

  * Multiple advertisement banner is allowed

  * In line text ads allowed in article details

Opinion Poll

         In order to have lively and interactive session, the availability of Opinion Poll greatly caters the
needs of the end users. This feature is exhibited in the home page where more interesting topics are
being discussed. The whole control is handled by the admin. There is no restriction for participating the
opinion poll and it is open for all members. The admin follows in filling the necessary details before
exhibiting the Opinion Poll to the members. The criteria like Add Your Poll , Poll Question , Enter your
option , Published Date and Expiry date is all set by the administrator.


        Every one has different taste in reading the articles so for benefit of the members the choice of
Add to Favorites is provided. This Favorites will help in keeping value added articles in their User

Article Widget/Social Bookmarks

         Article Widget helps in sharing the article by posting in any of the site which will be published as
article. The other vital feature is social bookmarking where the member can utilize all important Social

Allow embedded code for Video profile

        The solution should have a new enhancement of Video profile exhibition. With this feature the
members can use embedded code for Video Profile. For better presentation it is always good to use the
Video Profile with the help of embedded code which is meant for them.

Most Commented Articles

         Among several articles that are published one will be always eager to know the most
commented articles to read. So for benefit of the article readers the feature of Most Commented
Articles is exhibited in the home page.

Recommended Authors and Title on searching
        The solution should provide every option for making this product potent. The member can opt
for Advance searching in looking for the recommended Authors and Title of the Articles.

Contact Author

        Among every facilities in the solution there should be a utility of contacting the author. If
someone wants to contact the Author then he can send a private message to concerned Author for
getting apt replies.


         The Guests of this product can view necessary article without any amount. They can use this
product as free member where only draw back is that they cannot post any article nor they could rate
the article.

Registered member

         The registered member can use this service of the product as free. The features like posting the
article and rating is possible for the registered member. Some of the value added articles cannot be
viewed by the Registered members since it is predefined and controlled by the sub-admin. If in case the
registered members want to view the value added article then he had to become a subscriber user. For
a registered member whenever he signs the alert message of choose the plan will be exhibited. If the
registered member choose the plan set by Admin then he will attain and become Subscriber . Both
Registered Member and Subscriber has option of becoming the Author.

  * User can view some kind of articles

  * Allow comment posting for an article

  * Allow rating for an article

  * Allow vote for polling

  * Allow to send author request


        The guests and Registered member can very well become Subscriber by accepting the Choose
Plan set by the Admin. There are several plan set according to the members which is based on validity of
duration and amount. For paying the amount and to become Subscriber the member has three option in
paying the required amounts namely through Pay Pal ,Google Checkout & If the member
does not have required pay pal then he can opt for Off Line payment like Bank payment. The Subscriber
has every privilege in posting the article, rating utility, can view value added articles and much more.

        Subscriber can look out for Top Articles , Our Authors, Editor's Pick & Archive list. The member
can opt both for Search and Advanced Search to find out the apt article. Most Popular , Recently Added
and Top Searches articles can be analyzed by the Subscriber members. You can also look out for
Featured Author's and their Video Profiles. More over the member has privilege to view the Featured ,
Most Recent and Most Commented articles.

  * User can view all valuable articles

  * Allow comment posting for an article

  * Allow rating for an article

  * Allow vote for polling

  * Allow to send author request

  * We can upgrade their plan


         The Registered Member and Subscriber has option of becoming the Author. Whereas it is also
possible that even the Admin and Sub-admin can become authors. To join as a author he has to enter his
name, his Bio-data, any URL blog site of his presentation & Profile video with self presentation. Apart
from entering the above details he has to sign up the Terms & Condition and then submit. The admin
verifies with the help of sub-admin or by Editor. Only after verification from editor /sub-admin the
member becomes author for publishing the necessary articles.

        The author has following utilities like Publish Article, Top Articles , Our Author's , Editor's Pick &
Archive. In the home page features like Search and Advanced Search helps in finding out the apt article.
Most Popular , Recently Added and Top Searches articles can be analyzed by the Author's. You can also
look out for Featured Author's and their Video Profiles. More over the member has privilege to view the
Featured , Most Recent and Most Commented articles. There are three setting where View Live
Author's, View Rejected Author's & Author Requisition are present. Utilities like Author name,
Requisition date,Author Bio -data, Featured & options exhibited in the Author setting.

       The Admin can suspend any author at any time if he is not satisfied with the article. The admin
can even convert it to Featured article.

  * Author can view all articles

  * Author can post new article and manage their articles

  * Edit their author profile
  * Allow comment posting for an article

  * Allow rating for an article

  * Allow vote for polling

  * Allow to send author request

  * Upload video profile


         View Article is SHOULD include following criteria like View Article, Categories, Featured Articles
& Editor Pick Articles. In the View Article you can utilize and look for the Published Article, Unpublished
Article & Archive Articles. The data's for both Published & Unpublished feature include Article Titles,
Category, Author, Published On, Expired On, Status, Viewer Type & View options.

         The Viewer Type consist of Public Users , Registered Users, Subscribed users & Author. The
Editor plays an important role in deciding the article to be published or unpublished it. The Archive
articles are those where member can view the articles of prescribed month which no longer published.
The admin has option of moving the article to Archive according to period in month and years.

        The articles based on mostly recent cannot be searched in normal search where as the member
can sort it out through advanced search. The published article can be deleted which goes to Archive. You
can share the new feature of deleting options where the member can utilize it either for complete
deletion or move option to publish category.

  * Recently Viewed Articles

  * Most Popular articles

  * Featured articles

  * Send article link to a Friend by Email

  * Allow Social Bookmarking

  * User can view the Today's editor pick articles

  * Article download

  * We can take print out the articles

  * Creating a article through file

  * Article Rating

  * User can post Abuse for an article
 * Google Analytics Integration

 * Article sharing using widget

Customer Accounts Features

 * Manage the my favorites articles

 * Manage the account with address

 * User can change the photo

 * Subscribed user can allow to upgrade the plan

 * Author can view and edit their profile

 * Author can manage his articles

Content Management Features

 * 100% browser based

 * Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor

 * Contact Us on Pages

 * terms & conditions separately (Registration, Common and Author request)
Admin Side Features


        It is often followed that the Editors are created by respective Admin. The editor plays an
important role in filtering the articles for successful publication and attracting prospective viewers. The
editor can only analyze whether the concerned Author is good or sub-standard quality. There are two
process in creating the editors. Create editor and View editor are two settings involved in editor
template. The following are the data's required for processing the editor namely the Editor name, Editor
User name, Password, E-Mail Id and Article Access manage. The article access manage exhibits lists of
Main Categories where the editor has option of selecting the necessary categories. The editor thus
manages and controls effectively the Author's for publication of good value added articles. The editor
has also responsible job of picking the top articles and feature as Editor Top Picks.

  * Editor can manage(delete,active and inactive) the articles under their alloted categories

  * Select the today’s pick articles

  * Select the archive articles

  * Select the feature articles

Sub-Admin Management

         The admin creates the sub-admin and monitors them effectively. The following are some of the
data's required for creating the sub-admin namely Sub-admin name , Sub- Admin User name, Password
& E-Mail Id.

       The sub-admin holds all important roles in management of Article & User. It also controls Site ,
Payment , Google API and Ad Settings. The Sub-Admin monitors following features like View Article,
Categories, Featured Articles & Editor Pick Articles in Article management.

Admin Dashboards using Google Analytics & Google Visualization

         the option of graphical member statistics where in it analyzes thoroughly about various statistics
in detail perspective manner. This feature is added with application of using Google Visualization &
Google Analytics.

       The features pertain to Articles like Top Ten Categories , Top 5 Authors & Published Articles
which were posted Last Week are thoroughly examined with the help of Google Visualization
application. While other features like Country Wise , Browser Vs Visits & New Visitor /Existing Visitor are
examined by the Google Analytics application for sake of the members.

Subscription Expiry alert for administrator

         It is one of the vital feature where if member nears any expiry date for the subscribed article
then he can utilizes the feature by reminder of alert message so that member can keep the subscribed
article without any expiry loss.

Multiple E- Mail Templates

       The application should come up with new feature like introduction of different E- Mail
Templates for benefit of the End Users. They are namely

  * Registration info

  * Your new password

  * Your author requisition

  * Your author requisition approved

  * Your author requisition is rejected

  * Your payment for subscription is success

  * Request for subscription is rejected

  * Your article successfully posted

  * Your article is approved

  * Your article is rejected

  * New Plan introduction in list

  * Your plan is activate

  * Plan expire alert mail

  * Your plan has been expired

Bad word Filter
         The application should be provided with efficacious Bad word Filter that automatically scans
articles or comments as they are submitted and automatically changes. Administrators may configure
the word filter to replace the annoying words. The admin or Editor sends necessary information through
a mail asking to correct the content otherwise the admin has every privilege to delete the article

Reserved names block

Every one who create any article want to publish with any good popular name so there is every chance
of selecting similar popular names of present world scenario. In order to prevent this situation there is
cogent option called Reserved names block by which certain popular names can be blocked.

Block IP

        The application should have effective option for creating this product successful. This feature
helps to block unwanted IP so that it does not give averse condition for the members.

Full Catalog Browsing Features

  * Recently Viewed Articles

  * Filter by Article Tags

  * Breadcrumbs

Site Management Features

  * Administration Permission System Roles and Users (Sub Administration,Editors)

  * Content Management System for Informational Pages

Design Features

  * You can easily modify your site logo

  * Possible to Edit email templates from Admin Control Panel

  * Works in all popular web browsers

  * Web-based control panel

Export Features

  * Export users and authors details.

Reporting and Analytical Features

  * Admin Dashboard for Report Overview
  * Search Terms Report (Most Popular Keywords)

  * Top 10 Categories

  * Payment Transaction Report

  * Top 5 Authors

  * Performance reports in Admin Dashboard

Salient Admin Features

  * On line article management console

  * With the article manager, admin can create category

  * On line article directory software allows admin to manage category

  * Our article directory script allows admin to approve category

  * With our PHP article directory software, admin can also create and manage articles

  * With our article directory software, editor/admin can ban articles

  * Article manager provide functionality to sort article by status (active, banned, approve) also can
approve by categories ( this will speed up the process of approving many articles quickly)

  * Article directory software provide functionality to sort article by type (regular, featured)

  * With our article directory software, admin can easily create & manage accounts

  * PHP article software allows admin to view & manage comments

  * With our article manager, admin can easily manage huge database

  * Our article directory software provides keyword based search option

  * Change admin area password

  * Our article directory software support featured ads listing (Google Ads)

  * With our PHP article manager, admin can set options and preferences for articles

  * Password recovery mail option for admin

  * Encrypted password for security

  Solution should have a newsletter management system

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