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					                        Client Professional 6.0 Upgrade Notes

Before You Upgrade

     Client Professional 6.0 makes significant changes to the structure of the database. Depending
     upon your hardware setup and network speed – some of the upgrade steps may appear to
     pause, this is not the case – Do not restart your machine once you have commenced the
     upgrade until told to do so.

     As always it is better to perform the first upgrade on the machine that hosts the database. If that
     machine is a dedicated server and does not have the Workstation software installed, then
     upgrade the fastest machine first.

     Finally, It is essential that you have taken a Backup prior to proceeding.

** New For this Release **

Version 6 sees the core of the application as well as some of the components being completely
rewritten from scratch for the first time since the system was created in 1999. This is in preparation
for supporting the Windows Vista Operating System as well as improved support for Terminal Server
Users (see later).

Client Maintenance

The Client Maintenance component has been completely rewritten. It includes the following changes:

1. New User Interface

    The user interface has been changed to utilize a tabbed view, and now provides the following

    (i)     The Search Screen

            This screen is the same as for version 5 with the exception that you can now load
            the Client with either a click of a checkbox (replacing the previous   button) or by

            The system now remembers the last 20 search entries you have performed for each
            Search Type (eg Client Name, Policy Number etc).

    (ii)    The Client Summary Screen

            This screen allows you to view at a glance a summary of all the Client information on
            the one page. It also provides the ability to quickly go to a specific area of client
            information, such as a particular policy, with just a double-click.

    (iii)   The All Details Screen

            This screen is effectively the same layout as the standard screen you currently
            are used to in version 5. The navigation tree on the left hand side now responds to
            a single click on the symbol or a double click on the item label.

            The Campaign Information item has been removed as has all Documents items for
            both the Client and for each Policy.
   (iv)   The Notes Screen

          This screen gives you access to all Notes belonging to the Client regardless of
          whether they are a Client or Contract Note, and also if they are archived or not.
          By default they are listed in created date order allowing a “workflow” view of your
          recorded dealings with the client.

   (v)    The Documents Screen

          In version 5, users were reluctant to store Documents under a particular Product because
          navigation was cumbersome, taking 5 double clicks just to open a folder.

          This new screen provides you with a single area where you can manage all
          Documents and Templates, including externally linked folders.

          Navigation is now a lot quicker and allows us to add support for additional document
          types, such as Claims (see later) related documents.

   (vi)   The Campaigns Screen

          The Campaign facility, provided since version 3, is the least understood and hence
          used part of the application suite. For those Users who came from an ACT
          background, at the very least it can be used to replicate “Groups”.

          Part of the problem in previous versions has been that its importance was
          diminished due to it being known simply as “Campaign Information” in the summary

          For version 6, Campaign Management has been redesigned from the ground up to

                      Easy access to all Campaigns from every Client
                      A list of all Campaign Members from every Client
                      A simple method to add a Client to a particular Campaign
                      The ability to record campaign events on a per member basis.

2. Claims Details

   This version introduces the facility to enter details about Claims the client has made. The
   information captured is the Claim Number, a Description, The Date Occurred, Lodged and
   Finalised, Assessor Information plus more.

   As mentioned above, the system now allows you to store documents (and photographs) on a
   claim by claim basis.

   The Search screen has been updated to allow you to perform a search on the Claim Number.

   This feature is only available on those Databases that have been enabled for General Insurance
   (via the Database Administration component).
3. FSR Document History – Compliance Related

   The following changes have been made:

   (i) Six new entries have been added to the document list, they are:

                DTY   –   Duty Of Disclosure
                OOA   –   One Off Approval
                SPD   –   Supplementary PDS
                VET   –   SOA Vetted
                VFS   –   FSG Verbal Disclosure
                VPD   –   PDS Verbal Disclosure

  (ii)   The Version field has been increased to allow 30 characters to be entered.

  (iii) A Remarks field has been added, allowing you to enter some specific details rather than
        having to create a Note.

4. Email Management

   For Individual Clients, the Email (work), Email (Home) and Website fields have been replaced
   with a list field allowing you to enter an unlimited number of email and website addresses.

   If only one email address has been specified, this is deemed to be the default email address and
   is the one used throughout the system.

   Where multiple email addresses have been entered, you can choose which is the default email

   A checkbox field has been added to indicate if the Client wants to receive emails or not.

   By right clicking on an email address you can opt to send an email to that particular address, or
   perform a search for all emails in Outlook or Outlook Express.

   In version 5, the View – Client Emails menu option was disabled when you had not entered an
   email address. In version 6, this is no longer the case. If no email address has been entered for
   an Individual Client, you can still search for emails that have the Surname in the Subject line.

5. Document Management

   The following changes have been made:

   (i) In version 5, moving of Documents was restricted to only allow Client Documents to be
       moved to another Client folder, and Contract documents to be moved to another folder
       belonging to the same Contract.

         In version 6, documents can be moved to any other folder.

   (ii) When performing a Mail Merge by opening a Document template, you are now given the
        option to save the merged document into a document Folder.
6. Client and Product Notes

   (i) A new field has been added to Notes allowing you to enter a Note title.

   (ii) Archiving Notes:

       New for version 6, is the ability to filter which Notes are archived when using the Archive All
       facility. You can now specify the following criteria: Action Type, The Task For, Date Created
       or Date Modified.

       This is available in the All Details Screen as well as the new Notes Screen.

7. Other Client field changes

   The following additional client field changes have been made:

   (i) The Title field for Individual Clients has been increased to 10 characters.
   (ii) The „Receive Mail‟ indicator has been renamed „No Contact by Mail‟
   (iii) The „Bad Address‟ indicator has been renamed „Incorrect Address‟
   (iv) The „Ok to Call‟ indicator has been changed to become „No Contact by Phone‟.
   (v) A new Marketing Segment field has been added to the Review Information screen.
   (vi) The Company and Relationship Email Address fields have been increased to 70 characters.

8. General Insurance Changes

   The following changes have been made to the General Insurance screens:

   (i) The Admin Details for all General Insurance products has been updated to include:

              An Inception Date field
              A Policy Subtype Picklist – allowing for the selection of “Platinum Essential” or
               “Platinum Plus Essential”

   (ii) The Specified Items screen has had a remarks field added.

   (iii) The Home & Farm Contents screen has been updated to include:

              A Security Description field has been added.
              A Rent Default amount field has been added.
              The fixed checkbox option fields (eg Pet Cover) has been replaced with a list field.
               This now allows you not only enter any number of Options, but also customize that
               List of Options.

   (iv) The Home & Farm Building screen has been updated as follows:

              A Security Description field has been added.
              The fixed checkbox option fields (eg Landlords Fixtures & Fittings) has been
               replaced with a list field. This now allows you not only enter any number of Options,
               but also customize that List of Options.
              The Credit Provider fields have been removed.

   (v) New Building and Contents Screen

       As requested by many Users, a combined Building and Contents Risk screen has been
       added to the Home Insurance Product allowing you to see all information on the one screen.
    (vi) The Vehicle Insurance - Boat Risk has been updated to include the following:

               Racing Cover
               Water Skiers Liability Options.

    (vii) The Vehicle Insurance - Vehicle Risk has been updated to include the following:

               No Claim Discount
               Protection Level

9. Tax Rate Updates

    The Tax Rate file has been updated for 2007 – 2008.

10. Employer Superannuation Change

    The Member Number is now displayed alongside the Member name in the Tree Summary.
    Additionally, the Name is displayed in either Black or Grey based upon the current Member

The Todo List

The Todo List component has also been completely rewritten. In all previous versions, the intention was to
run the Todo List along side Client Maintenance viewing the Client as necessary.

Based upon User feedback, the Todo List has been updated to display detailed information about each Todo
Item in question. To achieve this a tabbed view has been utilized (as with Client Maintenance) with one Tab
per Todo Category (Birthday, Client Review, Tasks and Product Anniversaries).

When viewing a particular Todo Item, display only information is also provided:

1. Birthday Items

    The Client Name, Salutation, Date and Place of Birth, Contact Phone Numbers and the Postal Details
    are displayed.

2. Client Reviews

    The Client Name, Salutation, Status, Rating, Marketing Segment are displayed.
    Additionally, the Review Frequency, Last Done and Reviewer fields are displayed as well as the Review

3. Product Anniversaries

    The Underwriter, Policy Number, Type, Status, Adviser and Start and End Dates are displayed.
    Also, the list of Contacts for the Policy is displayed.

4. Tasks

    For Client Note Tasks:

      The Client Name, Note Title and Note Text are displayed.
    For Product Note Tasks:

        The Underwriter, Policy Number, Type, Status, Adviser and Start and End Dates are displayed.
        Also, the list of Contacts for the Policy is displayed as well as the Note Title and Text.

All of the Todo Details screens provide you with the Option to view the Client, Send an Email to the
Client or to Send a Letter using a Document Template.

Upon exit the Todo List now remembers if you were viewing by Day, Week or Month and also which
Page you were viewing.

In version 5 and previous, generating a Mail Merge Data file from the query results, used the path
specified on the Workstation Settings of the Database Administration to determine where the Merge
File was created. Changing this path meant exiting reports (losing the current result set) going into
Database Administration, updating the Path and then going back into reports and re-running the
enquiries again.

In version 6, the path specified in Database Administration is used as a default setting only. The
User can now select an alternative path with the simple click of a button.

Also included in version 6 is the new output destination – Excel File. This tells reports to generate a
.csv file which once done then asks the User if they want to open the file in Excel.

Information for Terminal Server Users

In all previous versions, many files were workstation based. This meant that all Accounts on a
Terminal Server shared the same set of files including picklists, tax rate file as well as the Diary file
settings for example.

Version 6 is now account aware and each Windows Account gets its own set of files and settings.
For System Administrators, this means that you no longer need to mess around with ini file locations
as in the past.

Note that this information also applies to Users running multiple accounts under Windows XP.

Miscellaneous Information

        Client Professional ships with Crystal Reports Version 9, which does not run on a Windows
         95 machine.

        Office 98 and Windows 98 are no longer fully supported.

        This is the last version that is fully supported to run on Windows Me.

If you have any problems, please contact All2Ezy Support via

                 email: or
                 phone:    (07) 5548 6834

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