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This is reminder list of some of the dance works presented in Australia between 1 January & 31 December 2009.
This list is not exhaustive or exclusive. You may nominate a professional work, company or performer that is not on this list.
 Production Title             Company or Individual               Choreographer / Director              Key performer/s                          Performance venue              Premiere
                                                                  Nils Christe - Sync                                                                                           Y
                                                                  François Klaus - Chant d’Amour
…with Attitude                QLD Ballet                                                                                                         QPAC
                                                                  Kim McCarthy - Nineteen (excerpt)
                                                                  Gareth Belling - Refraction
                                                                                                        Amanda Phillips, Alex Mitchell &         Adelaide Fringe Fest,
3Xperimentia: Live Cut                                            Amanda Phillips
                                                                                                        Damien West                              Mercury Cinema
5 Minute Holiday              Legs on the Wall & ATYP             Dean Walsh                                                                     Sydney CBD streets             Y
A Volume Problem              Presented by Malthouse Theatre;     Choreo: Byron Perry                   Derrick Amanatidis, Sara Black,          Tower Theatre, Malthouse       Y
                              Project Management: Moriarty’s      Composer: Luke Smiles                 Danielle Canavan, Holly Durrant, Laura
                              Project                                                                   Levitus, Kathryn Newnham, Harriet
An Adventure of Don Quixote   Ballet Theatre of QLD (youth co.)                                                                                  Playhouse, QPAC                Y
Anamnesis                                                         Cormac Lally, David Corbet,                                                    Horse Bazaar, Melbourne        Y
                                                                  Bagryana Popov and Simon Ellis.
                                                                  Kay Armstrong, Marnie Palomares,                                                                              Y
Annual Dance Performance      ACPE students                                                                                                      Cleveland St Theatre
                                                                  Jacqui Simmonds
At the Beach                  Buzz Dance theatre                                                                                                 King St Arts Centre            Y
Ballet @ the Quarry           West Australian Ballet                                                                                             Quarry amphitheatre, Perth     Y?
Bedroom Dancing               Restless Dance Theatre                                                                                             Queens Theatre Adelaide        Y
                              Melbourne Ballet Company, Project   Simon Hoy, Sharon Fernandez and                                                                               Y
Believe                                                                                                                                          Chapel Theatre
                              Five                                Robert Kelly.
Beneath the Ancestors         NAISDA student company                                                                                             Riverside Theatre Parramatta   Y
                                                                  international Choreos:                                                                                        Y
Black Marrow                  Commissioned by Chunky Move         Lighting Design: Niklas Pajanti
                                                                  Music composer: Ben Frost
                              Producer: Marguerite Pepper                                                                                                                       N
Blue Love                                                         Shaun Parker                          Shaun Parker & Lucia Mastrantone
                                                                                                        Sofie Burgoyne, Sarah Fiddaman,                                         Y
Blur, The                     Tasdance                            Anton                                 Floeur Alder, Joel Corpuz, Trisha Dunn   Earl Arts Centre, Launceston
                                                                                                        & Malcolm McMillan
Bodytorque 2.2                The Australian Ballet               Various                                                                                                       Y
                                                                  Performer/composer: Weizen Ho                                                                                 Y
Borrowed Language, The        De Quincey Co                       Video design: Pongpassakiorn                                                   Casula Powerhouse
                                                                  Kulthirathum (Kobie)
                                                                  Sound design: Vic McEwan
                                                                  Dramaturg: Tess de Quincey
                                                                  Consultants: Barbara Campbell &
                                                                  Peggy Wallach
                                                                  Dir: Craig Ilott                                                                                              N
Buddy - The Buddy Holly
                             Live Theatre Productions Australia   MD: Peter Laughton                    Scott Cameron                            Her Majesty’s Adelaide
                                                                                                                                                 Gasworks Theatre,              Y
Calling the Shots            Phunktional                          Community & youth dance project
                                                                                                                                                 Melbourne; Mildura
                             Playground Contemporary Dance        Kate Skully, Tess Appleby and         Kate Skully, Tess Appleby and                                           Y
Capture                                                                                                                                          Adelaide Fringe Festival
                             Company                              Rhiannon Davi                         Rhiannon Davi
Chant d’Amour                Queensland Ballet                    François Klaus                                                                                                Y
                                                                                                        Kelly Power, Sarah Bakker and Chris                                     N
Chicago                                                           Choreographer:                        Dair, Caroline O’Connor, Sharon          Brisbane
                                                                                                        Millerchip, Craig McLachlan
Concord                      The Australian Ballet                International choreos                                                                                         Y
Concrete Solace              Phantom Limbs                        James Welsby and Amy Macpherso        James Welsby and Amy Macpherso
Construct                    Sol Ulbrich (Producer)               Tanja Liedtke                         Paul White, Christina Chan &             national tour                  N
                                                                  Harakiri Didier Theron (France)       Sue Peacock, Matthew Morris, Sete
                                                                                                        Tele, Claudia Alessi, Aimee Smith and
                                                                                                        Michael Whaites
Counterpoint                 (with guest from West Australian                                                                                    His Majesty’s Theatre          Y
                                                                  Jo Pollitt - Re-Render                Chrissie Parrott
                                                                  Cass Mortimer Eipper - Soul           Cass Mortimer Eipper
Counting, The                Presented by Malthouse Theatre;      Choreo: Antony Hamilton & Rogue       Derrick Amanatidis, Sara Black,          Tower Theatre, Malthouse       Y
                             Project Management: Moriarty’s       Sound: Pansonic                       Danielle Canavan, Holly Durrant, Laura
                             Project                              Costume: Doyle Barrow                 Levitus, Kathryn Newnham, Harriet
Cradle of the Spirits, The   Tasdance                             Sthan Kabar-Louet                                                              Earl Arts Centre, Launceston   Y

Cross Currents               WAAPA students                       Tim Harbour                                                                    Geoff Gibbs Theatre, Perth     Y
                                                                                                                                                 Main Theatre (AC Arts) Light   Y
Crush, A Solo                                                     Liv Lorent                            Dan Daw
                                                                  Choreo: Sam Williams, Alice Hinde                                                                             Y
Dance Grad 09                QUT student performance              Paul Zivkovich, Vanessa Mafé-                                                  QUT gardens Theatre
                                                                  Natalie Weir, Vanessa Mafe &                                                   Judith Wright Centre,          Y
Dance Makers, The            Expressions
                                                                  Timothy Brown                                                                  Brisbane

                                                                                                 Julia Robinson, Steph Hutchison, Tim
Dancehouse Open Season -
                                                                                                 Darbyshire, Gabby Rose and Caley
                                                          Choreo: Tim Darbyshire, Steph
                                                                                                 O’Neill, Deanne Butterworth, Zoe
Heimweh, White, Tuning In,                                Hutchison, Gabby Rose, Caley
                                                                                                 Scoglio, Sarah Aitken, Annabelle
Buckets and Other Things,                                 O’Neill, Carlee Mellow.
                                Dancehouse                                                       Balharry, Rebecca Jensen, Madeleine     Dancehouse                   Y
Dual Reperage in                                          Filmmaker: Christos Linou
                                                                                                 Krenek, Adriano Mantarro, Phillip
Threes, Flex, Shapeshiftings,                             Composers: Felicity Mangan, Michael
                                                                                                 Pavlou, Rachel Perica, Emily Ranford,
Without Pretence                                          Munson, Paul Dornau
                                                                                                 Carlee Mellow and Jess Wasikowska.

Dancing with the Orchestra      The Australian Ballet                                                                                    QPAC
                                                          Choreo: Jianna Georgiou, Lorcan                                                Restless studios, Adelaide   Y
                                                          Hopper, Dana Nance, Andrew
Debut / 2                       Restless Dance Theatre
                                                          Mentors: Katrina Lazaroff, Glen
                                                          McCurley, Sasha Zahra and Aidan
                                                          Kane Munn
Depth Charge                    Buzz Dance Theatre                                                                                       Playhouse, Perth             Y
                                                          Michelle Heaven with Brian Lucas       Michelle Heaven with Brian Lucas                                     N
Disagreeable Object                                                                                                                      Chunky Move studios
                                                          Set / lighting design by Ben Cobham.
Do Avatars Dream of Human       The Physical TV Company   Choreo: Richard James Allen                                                                                 ?
Sleep? A “Mixed Reality”
Dance (Short Sweet + Dance)
Elbow Room                      Lisa Wilson Collective    Lisa Wilson                                                                    Brisbane Powerhouse          Y
Endurance                       Tracks                                                                                                   Darwin Festival              Y
                                                                                                                                         Adelaide Fringe Fest,
Facing Death                                              Mary Walker
                                                                                                                                         Mercury Cinema
Fire                            Bangarra                  Stephen Page                                                                   touring                      N?
                                                          Firebird Choreo: Graeme Murphy                                                                              N
Firebird and Other Legends      The Australian Ballet     Petrouchka Choreo: Mikhail Fokine                                              Adelaide
                                                          Les Sylphides Choreo: Mikhail Fokine
Foreshore Cruisin’              AYDF                                                                                                     Mandurah Terrace             Y
                                                                                                                                         Mandurah Performing Arts     Y
Fragments l and ll              AYDF
                                                                                                 Shelley Lasica, Deanne Butterworth                                   Y
                                                                                                 and Kyle Kremerskothen with guest
Full Colour                     Shelley Lasica            Choreo & direction: Shelley Lasica     performances by Phillip Adams, Helen    Malthouse, Vic
                                                                                                 Herbertson, Joanna Lloyd and Trevor
Future Memory                                             Amanda Phillips                        Gala Moody & Lisa Griffiths             Golden Grove Arts Centre     Y
G                               ADT                       Garry Stewart                                                                  Dunstan Playhouse            N
                                Jambird                   Choreo: Chrissie Parrott               Quindell Orton, Jonathan Mustard,       Moores Bld Contemp Arts      Y
Garden, The
                                                          Composer: Jonathon Mustard             Leanne Mason, Rhiannon Newton,          Gallery, Fremantle
                                                                                                           Jacqui Claus, Tom Penney, Russell
Garnished                        La La Parlour                                                                                                       Judith Wright Centre for Arts   N
Genie(us)                        Buzz Dance Theatre                                                                                                  Subiaco Arts Centre             Y
Ghost Quarters                   De Quincey Co                     Tess de Quincey                                                                   Carriageworks                   Y
Giselle                          WAB
                                                                   Rhys Martin, Chrissie Parrott and                                                                                 Y
Global Nomads                    Link (WAAPA student company)                                                                                        Perth
                                                                   Olivia Millard.
                                 a David Atkins production                                                                                                                           N
Hot Shoe Shuffle                                                                                                                                     SA
                                 presented by Matt Byrne Media
Huit a Huit                      Dancehouse & Russell Dumas        Russell Dumas                                                                     Dancehouse                      Y
                                                                   Choreo: Gabrielle Nankivell                                                                                       Y
I left my shoes on warm
                                 Dancehouse                        Design: Benjamin Cisterne                                                         Danchouse
concrete and stood in the rain
                                                                   Sound: Luke Smiles
Identity                         Tasdance                          Francis Rings and Anton                                                           Launceston, Ulverstone &        Y
Imelda                           Short Sweet and Song 09           Directed and Choreographed by Matt                                                Pilgrim Theatre                 Y
Inert                            Simon Ellis & Shannon Bott        Choreo: Shannon Bott, Simon Ellis       Shannon Bott, David Corbet, Simon         Arts House North Melbourne      N
                                                                   Sound Design: David Corbett             Ellis, Cormac Lally and Scott Mitchell.
                                                                   Environment: Scott Mitchell
                                                                   Video: Cormac Lally
Into the Mouth of the Wolf                                         Kate Harman & Elizabeth McDonnell                                                 Rehearsal Room, JWC             Y
It’s a Jungle Out There          Martin del Amo                    Martin del Amo                                                                    Campbelltown Arts Centre        Y
                                 Fresh Bred                                                                                                                                          Y
                                 (Ausdance SA youth dance          Carol Wellman-Kelly                                                               Main Theatre AC Arts
Juice                            Volcana Womens Circus                                                                                               Performance Space, JWC          Y
                                                                   Art Dir: Ruth Osborne                                                                                             Y
Just a Stage                     QL2 Youth Dance project                                                                                             Street Theatre Canberra
                                                                   Choreo: Dean Cross & Liz Lea
Kelp                                                                                                                                                 Earl Arts Centre, Launceston    Y
                                 Tasdance                          Gail Mabo
                                 Splintergroup                                                                                                                                       N
                                                                   Choreography: Splintergroup
                                 Producer: Brisbane Powerhouse &
Lawn                                                               Composer: Iain Grandage
                                                                   Designer: Zoe Atkinson
                                 Presenter: Mobile States
Let’s Get it Strait              Tasdance                          Beth Shelton                                                                      King Island and Flinders        Y
                                                                                                           Luke George, Kristy Ayre                                                  Y
                                                                                                           Sound: Luke Smiles
Lifesize                         Presented by Dancehouse           Luke George                                                                       Dancehouse
                                                                                                           Video: Martyn Coutts
                                                                                                           Lighting: Banjamin Cisterne
                                                               Michaela Pegum                                                                                             Y
                                                               Sound: Julia Mant
Limina                                                                                               Michaela Pugum                        Arts House, Melbourne
                                                               Viseo: Cheri Green
                                                               Lighting: Jennifer Hector
Little Night Music, A        Opera Australia                                                         Sigrid Thornton                       Arts Centre, Melbourne         Y
                             Susanne Richter + Anmol Mishra    Susanne Richter + Anmol Mishra                                                                             Y
Los Enamorades                                                                                                                             Seymour Centre
Los Tres Rios (The Three     Danza Viva                        Deanna Blacher                                                              DownStairs at the Maj, Perth   N
                                                                                                                                           Gasworks Theatre,
Love Drunk                   Phunktional
Machaam (beauty spot)        Paea Leach                                                                                                    Kulcha WA
Machine That Carries the                                                                             Chafia Brooks, Nerida Matthaei and                                   N
                             Phluxus Dance Collective                                                                                      Street Theatre, Canberra
Soul, The                                                                                            Skye Sewell
Main Event, The              Alison Currie & Solon Ulbrich                                                                                 Adelaide Centre for the Arts   Y
                             Leigh Warren and Dancers & Arts                                                                               Venue: Flinders Medical        Y
Medico Manoeuvres II -                                         Leigh Warren
                             in Health                                                                                                     Centre (Front Foyer)
                                                                                                                                           Gasworks Theatre,
Melbourne Breaks             Phunktional
                                                               Choreo: Jo Lloyd                                                                                           Y
Melbourne Spawned a                                            Costume: Tim Jomartz
                                                                                                     Luke George                           Dancehouse
Monster                                                        Set: Robe McCredie
                                                               Sound: Duane Morrison
Mercury                      Sydney Dance Company              Kenneth Kvarnstrom (not australian)                                                                        Y
                             State Theatre Company South       Matthew Robinson                      Cameron Goodall, Nancye Hayes, Jude
Metro Street                                                                                                                                                              Y
                             Australia                         Choreo: Jo Stone                      Henshall, Debra Byrne
Midsummer Nights Dream, A    Queensland Ballet                 Francois Klaus                                                              QLD touring                    N
MIlpirri                     Tracks Dance Co                                                                                               Lajamanu Community NT          N?
Mine Yours, Yours Mine and                                                                                                                 Main Theatre (AC Arts) Light   Y
                                                                                                     AC Arts Dance, third year dancers,
Ours                                                                                                                                       Square
                                                               Choreo and Direction: Phillip Adams                                                                        Y
                                                               Composers: David Chisholm and
                                                                                                     Luke George, Kyle Kremerskothen,
Miracle                      BalletLab                         Myles Mumford                                                               Arts House Meat Market
                                                                                                     Clair Peters and Brooke Stamp
                                                               Costume Design: Toni Matičevski
                                                               Lighting Design: Bluebottle
Moonwebs and Scorched        Steps Youth Dance Company         Director: Alice Lee Holland                                                 Playhouse theatre, WA          Y
Thongs                                                         Choreographers: Paul Zivkovich,
                                                               Shannon Anderson, Sofie Burgoyne
                                                               and Shannon Riggs.
                             Presented by Artshouse (Dance                                                                                                                N
Morphia Series                                                 Helen Herbertson & Ben Cobham         Helen Herbertson & Ben Cobham         Arts House, Melbourne
Mortal Engine                Chunky Move & Malthouse Theatre   Gideon Obarzanek with Frieder Weis                                          Club Malthouse, Melbourne      N
                                                                     Laser and Sound Artist: Robin Fox
                                                                     Composer: Ben Frost
                                                                     Costume Designer: Paula Levis
                                                                     Movement: Gareth Hart                                                                                  Y
Move me Closer                 Gareth Hart                           Sound: Jo Robinson                                                          Guildford Lane Gallery
                                                                     Costume: Loz
Necessary Games                                                      Sophie Hyde, Kat Worth, Tuula                                               Adelaide Film Festival,    Y
                                                                     Roppola, Paul Zivkovich                                                     Picadillly Palace
                                                                     Moths: Co-direction & choreo. Paul
Necessary Games (films)        Restless with Sophie Hyde and         Sixteen: Co-direction & choreo. Kat
                                                                                                           Restless Dance Co                     Adelaide Film Festival
                               Bryan Mason of Closer Productions     Worth
                                                                     Necessity: Co-direction & choreo.
                                                                     Tuula Roppola
Nerve Ending (Film)                                                  Michelle Ryan                         Michelle Ryan                         Dancenorth Theatre,        Y
                                                                     Choreo: Emily Amisano, Craig Barry,
New Breed                      SDC & ADT                                                                                                         Y
                                                                     Connor Dowling, Larissa McGowan
Night of Solo Performance                                            Andrew Morrish                                                              Woodward Theatre, QUT      Y
Nineteen                       Kim McCarthy                                                                                                      Brisbane Festival, QPAC    Y
                                                                     The Fondue Set                                                                                         N
                                                                     Lighting: Julie-Anne Long
                               Presented by Artshouse                                                      Emma Saunders, Elizabeth Ryan &
No Success Like Failure                                              Design/Production: Neil Simpson                                             Arts House, Melbourne
                               Producer: Rosalind Richards                                                 Jane McKernan
                                                                     Collab Designer: Agatha Gothe-
Nowhere Fast                                                         Ross McCormack                                                              Dancenorth Theatre,        Y
                                                                                                           Lucinda Dunn, Marilyn Jones, Robert                              N
Nutcracker                     The Australian Ballet                 Choreographer: Graeme Murphy
                                                                                                           Curran, Paul Knobloch
Nutcracker                     Youth Ballet WA                                                                                                   Perth Concert Hall
Nutcracker                     Australian Conservertoire of Ballet   Christine Walsh                                                             The Arts Centre            N
Nyuntu Ngali (You We Two) -                                                                                                                                                 Y
A post-apocalypse love story                                         Writer/Director :Scott Rankin,                                              Space Theatre - Adelaide
Windmill                                                             Choreographer: Gina Rings                                                   Festival Centre

                               Concept: Meryl Tankard                                                                                                                       Y
                               Producer: Vicki Middleton             Choreo: Meryl Tankard and Paul
                               Creative Dev. Producers: Chris        White
Oracle, The                                                                                                Paul White                            SOH
                               Latham & Rosalind Richards            Set & Video design: Regis Lansac
                               (Commissioned by SOH &                Lighting: Damien Cooper & Matt Cox
                               Malthouse Theatre)
                                                                     Sandra Parker                         Carlee Mellow, Clair Peters and Mia                              Y
Out of Light                                                                                                                                     Gasworks Theatre
                                                                     Projection Designer: Rhian Hinkley    Hollingworth.
                                                               Composer: Steven Heather
                                                               Lighting Designer: Jenny Hector
Out of the Dark            Jade Erlandsen                      Jade Erlandsen                                                                  Adelaide Fringe Fest           Y
Overture Series            Sydney Dance Company                various                                                                                                        Y
Paris Match                The Australian Ballet
Performance Anxiety        Brisbane Powerhouse                 Brian Lucas                                                                                                    Y
                           Curator: Lucy Guerin                                                                                                                               N
                                                               Choreo: Fiona Bryant, Ben Hancock,
                           Producer: Sarah Rodigari
Pieces for small spaces                                        Alisdair Macindoe, Luke Smiles and                                              Lucy Guerin Inc Studios
                           Production & Light: Bluebottle 3,
                                                               Brooke Stamp
                           Frog and Rose
                                                               Created and directed by Lisa O’Neill                                                                           Y
                                                               with writer Peter Berkahn
                                                               illustrator: XTN
                                                               sound composer & designer: Guy
Pipe Manager, The          Lisa O’Neill                                                                                                        Brisbane Powerhouse
                                                               dramaturg: Kathryn Kelly
                                                               video production: Jaxzyn
                                                               costume design: Glen Brown
Poupee                     Trudy Radburn                       Trudy Radburn                          Sally Smith & Trudy Radburn              Forty-five downstairs,         Y
                                                               Composer: Madeleine Flynn                                                       Melbourne
                                                               Design: Emilt Barrie
                                                               Lighting: Afterpi Soropos
Powdermonkey               Steps Youth Dance                                                                                                   Kalgoorlie                     Y
                                                                                                                                               Perth Institute of             Y
Prime Cuts                 Strut                               various
                                                                                                                                               Contemporary Arts
                                                                                                      Derrick Amanatidis, Sara Black,          Tower Theatre, Malthouse       Y
                           Presented by Malthouse Theatre;
                                                               Choreo: Rogue                          Danielle Canavan, Holly Durrant, Laura
Puck                       Project Management: Moriarty’s
                                                               Costume: Doyle Barrow                  Levitus, Kathryn Newnham, Harriet
Questions without Notice   Performing Lines                    Sue Peacock                                                                     Playhouse Theatre, Perth       Y
                                                               Anandavalli & Ramli Ibrahim                                                                                    Y
Rasa Unmasked              Lingalayam Dance Company                                                                                            Sydney
                                                               Composer: Alex Dea
Refraction                 Gareth Belling                                                                                                      Brisbane Festival, QPAC        Y
Remembered of Us           Tasdance                            Frances Rings                                                                   Earl Arts Centre, Launceston   Y
Restless                   Cadi McCarthy & Company             Cadi McCarthy                                                                   Courtyard Studio, CTC          Y
                           Link (WAAPA student dance                                                                                                                          Y
Ripple Effect                                                                                                                                  Melbourne
                                                                                                      Sally Richardson, Stefan Karlsson,
Rites                      Performing Lines
                                                                                                      Danielle Micich
Rock Show                  Gavin Webber with Regurgitator                                                                                      QPAC                           Y
Run a performance engine   De Quincey Co                       Tess de Quincey                                                                 Carriageworks                  Y

Score                   Expressions                  Maggi Sietsma                                                                   Judith Wright Centre,     Y
                                                     Artistic Director: Ruth Osborne                                                                           Y
Select Option           QL2 Centre for Youth Dance   Commissioned choreographers:                                                    Canberra Theatre Centre
                                                     Marko Panzic and Reed Luplau
Seven                   LWD                          Leigh Warren                                                                    touring                   N
                                                     Collaboration between Kate Usher,                                                                         Y
                                                                                             Kate Usher, Liz Whelan, Natalie
Shift F7                Producer: Kate Usher         Liz Whelan, Natalie Phillips, Miranda                                           Metro Arts
                                                                                             Phillips, Miranda Zeller, Liesel Zink
                                                     Zeller, Liesel Zink
                                                     Chrissie Parrott, Sue Peacock, Paea                                                                       Y
                                                     Leach, Deborah Robertson, Brooke
Short Cuts              Strut Dance                                                                                                  WAAPA
                                                     Leeder, Jacob Lehere and David
                                                     Tracey White, Travers Ross, Miranda                                                                       Y
                                                     Zeller S arah-Vyne Vassallo, Paulina
                                                     Quinteros, Angela Hill , Chris
                                                     Mayhew, Lorena Oates + Damien
                                                     Grima, Ash Bee, Ela Ray Markstein
                                                     Tamara Tossey, Alison Gunton, Jeni
                                                     Sutton, Melissa Cooper, Richard
                                                     James Allen, Emma + James
                        twentypastfourproductions    Batchelor, Martin Del Amo, Jodie
                                                     McNeilly, Imogen Cranna, Victoria
                        Phluxus Dance Collective     Chiu, Mariana Baltidano & William
                                                                                                                                     Seymour Centre
                                                     Centurion, Elizabeth Whelan,
                                                     Gabrielle Jade Lyon, Sean Marcs
                                                     Phluxus Dance Collective with Brian
                                                     Lucas, Cecilie Farrar, Jason Winters
                                                     + Jacqui Howard, Natalie Abbott,
                                                     Chelsea Funnell, Yolande Brown,
                                                     Nerida Godfrey, Marnie Palomares &
                                                     Kevin Privett, Katelyn Boshell,
                                                     Catherine Hourihan, Bianca
                                                     Gallifuoco, Cloe Fournier, Kathryn
                                                     Sagar, Thomas Egan
Sleeping Beauty, The    The Australian Ballet                                                                                                                  N
Sleeping Beauty, The    Queensland Ballet            Francois Klaus                                                                  Qld Perf Arts Centre      N
                        fLiNG Physical Theatre                                                                                       Riverside Theatre,        Y
Sol’s Way                                            Lee Pemberton
                        (youth dance co)                                                                                             Parramatta
                                                                                                                                     Gasworks Theatre,
Sound of Silence, The   Phunktional
                                                     Lucy Guerin with Luke Smiles (Zero);                                                                      Y?
Spin                    WAAPA students                                                                                               WAAPA
                                                     Natalie Weir (Proofsheet),
Stink Box Blabber Mouth            AC Arts grad students          Peter Sheedy                                                                 AC Arts                        Y
                                                                                                        Amelia Waller, Keian Langdon, Alex                                    ?
Streetcar Named Desire, A          Queensland Ballet              Francois Klaus                                                               Playhouse, QPAC
                                                                                                        Wagner, Rachael Walsh
Structure and Sadness              Lucy Guerin Inc.                                                                                            Merlyn Theatre Vic.            N
                                                                                                                                               Theatre Rehearsal Room,        ?
Swan Lake                          Queensland Ballet              Francois Klaus                                                               Playhouse, QPAC                Y
Swan Lake                          Melbourne Dance Theatre Inc.
Tales from a Small City            Stompin (Youth Dance Co)                                                                                                                   Y
Telstra Ballet in the Gardens      Australian Ballet, The                                                                                      Brisbane River Stage
Tenebrae lll                       The Song Company               Shaun Parker                                                                 Carriageworks, Sydney          Y
Teula Postcards                    Polytoxic Dance Company                                                                                     Tandanya Adelaide              ?
                                                                  Director: Dein Perry                                                                                        Y
The Next Step                                                     Choreographers: Jason and Kris                                               Big Top, Luna Park
                                                                  Director: Kay Armstrong                                                                                     Y
This Way Up (part of Dance
                                   youMove                        Choreos: Vicki Van Hout, Anton,                                              Parramatta Riverside Theatre
Bites 2009)
                                                                  Emma Saunders & Jody McNeilly
Three to Tango                     Rosetta Cook                                                                                                St Bernard Studios             Y
Tighter You Squeeze, The           Lina Limosani                  Lina Limosani                                                                ADT studios                    Y
Tipping Point                      Dirty Feet                     Martin del Amo & Vicki Van Hout                                              Cleveland St Theatre           Y
TranscenDANCE                      Aimee Smith (AD)                                                                                            Y
                                                                  Dianne Reid and Stephanie             Dianne Reid and Stephanie                                             Y
                                                                  Hutchison Grace Walpole and Shaun     Hutchison Grace Walpole and Shaun
Trio of Duets, A                   Dancehouse                                                                                                  Dancehouse
                                                                  McLeod Ann-Maree Ellis and Nicola     McLeod Ann-Maree Ellis and Nicola
                                                                  Edding                                Edding
                                                                                                        Lighting designs: Peter Thwaites &                                    Y
                                   Dancehouse & Weave Movement    Michelle Heaven, Kate Middleweek,
Triplicity                                                                                              Oscar Seaburgs                         Dancehouse
                                   Theatre                        Gerard Van Dyck
                                                                                                        Costumes:Christina Logan-Bell
True Stories                                                                                                                                                                  N
                                   Bangarra                       Elma Kris & Frances Rings                                                    Her Majestys Theatre, Perth
(Emeret Lu and X300)
Tuning Fork                                                       Jondi Keane & James Cunningham                                               SEAM symposium, The Drill      Y
                                                                  Dance: Andrew de Lotbinière                                                                                 Y
Un peu de vie dans ce monde                                       Harwood, Jacob Lehrer & David
mourant... A little life in this   Jacob Lehrer & David Corbet    Corbet                                                                       Dancehouse Melbourne
dying world                                                       Music: Barry Hill
                                                                  Video: Paula Zacharias
Untrained                          Lucy Guerin Inc.               Lucy Guerin                           Ross Coulter, Antony Hamilton, Simon   Arts House Meat Market         Y
                                                                                                        Obarzanek and Byron Perry              Melbourne
Vanquishing For Openings           Deakin University student      Sheridan Lang and Phoebe Robinson                                            Deakin University              Y
                                                             Shelley Lasica                                                                                              N
                                                             Music: Milo Kossowski, Morgan
                                                                                                   Deanne Butterworth, Jo Lloyd, Timothy
Vianne                         Presented by Dancehouse                                             Harvey, Lee Serle, Bonnie Paskas        Dancehouse
                                                             Set: Anne-Marie May
                                                             Costume: Shelley Lasica, Kara Baker
                                                             Lighting: Ben Cobham
                                                                                                   Stacey Carmichael, Julianna Garcia,                                   Y
                                                             Director: Lyndel Freeman                                                      Courthouse Youth Arts Cenre
Violin                         room2move                                                           Tara Lynch, Kirsty Reilly and Rachel
                                                             Playwright: Daniel Keene                                                      Geelong
Virus                          Aiden Kane Munn               Aiden Kane Munn                                                               Adelaide Fringe Fest          Y
Voyeur, The                    Clare Dyson                   Clare Dyson                                                                   Gardens Point Theatre, QUT    Y
We Unfold                      Sydney Dance Company          Rafael Bonachela                                                                                            Y
Weight of the thing left its                                                                       Paul Romano, Sophia Cowen, Olivia
                               Dancehouse & Shaun McCleod    Shaun McCleod                                                                                               Y
mark, The                                                                                          Millard and Luke Hickmott.
                                                             Brown Council, Rosie Dennis, Brian
                                                             Fuata, Agatha Gothe-Snape,
                                                             Gabriella Mangano and Silvana
What I Think About When I’m
                                                             Mangano, and Rosemary Butcher                                                 Campbelltown Arts Centre      Y
                                                             and Cathy Lane with Jane McKernan,
                                                             Tamara Tossey, Victoria Hunt,
                                                             Michelle Outram and James Brown.
When will I be famous          Urbane Ignition Youth Dance   Claire Marshall                                                               Brisbane Powerhouse           Y
Where Our Edges Meet           Dancehouse                    Alice Cummins & Anita Hustas                                                  Dancehouse                    Y
                                                             Choreo: Richard James Allen (The                                                                            Y
                               a Paul Greene Music Video
Work Love Dance Trust                                        Physical TV Company)
                                                             Director: Jakub Jacko (Superduper)
                                                             Larissa McGowan                                                                                             Y
Zero-sum                       Larissa McGowan                                                     Rachel Fenwick, Larissa McGowan         Womad Adelaide
                                                             Music: Jethro Woodward
Zilch                          WAAPA student works                                                                                         PICA                          Y


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