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Discontinued Compact Flash Memory Cards for CS1_CJ1 PLCs and NS


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									NO:                PC-143
DATE:              October 2002

Discontinued Compact Flash Memory Cards for CS1/CJ1
PLCs and NS Terminals Replaced by New Part Numbers
Effective immediately, Omron will discontinue HMC-EF¨¨1
Compact Flash Cards due to a change in specification by Omron’s
vendor. This will lead to part number changes and the
discontinuation of certain storage size models. Pricing will also
be reduced on all memory card sizes. The new card is not
completely compatible with older “H” versions of CS1/CJ1 CPUs,
the upgrade procedure for these models is listed below. There are
no compatibility issues with CS1/CJ1 CPU models that have no
suffix, “E” or “EV1” at the end of the part number or “H” CPUs built
after January 8, 2002.

Discontinued Models and Replacement Part Numbers
 Discontinued         Size              Replacement     Size        Standard    Discount   List Price
 model                                  model                       Stock       Code
 HMC-EF861            8MB        è      HMC-EF172       15MB           Yes      PL         $139.00
 HMC-EF171            15MB       è      HMC-EF172       15MB           Yes      PL         $139.00
 HMC-EF371            30MB       è      HMC-EF372       30MB              Yes   PL         $350.00
 HMC-EF571            48MB       è      HMC-EF672       64MB              No    PL         $550.00

Notable Differences
                   Discontinued model                          Replacement model (New Product)
 HMC-EF861                                            HMC-EF172
 (blue in color)                                      (purple in color)

 HMC-EF171                                            HMC-EF172
 (pink in color)                                      (purple in color)
 HMC-EF371                                            HMC-EF372
 (teal in color)                                      (red in color)

 HMC-EF571                                            HMC-EF672
 (orange in color)                                    (green in color)

The new Compact Flash Cards will work fine with all CS1/CJ1 PLC versions previous to the
“H” (“No Suffix”, “E”, and “EV1”); however, “H” versions that were produced on or before
January 8, 2002. (lot codes 020108 or before) must have the firmware upgraded to be fully
compatible with the new version of Compact Flash Cards.

Procedure for Upgrading CS1/CJ1-H Firmware to Use New
Compact Flash Cards
              (Please read the whole procedure first before beginning the upgrade.)

Preparing the Compact Flash to be Used for Firmware Upgrade
    1.   Before beginning the update procedure, make sure that the power to the PLC is turned OFF.

    2.   Back-up the program before the upgrade procedure. Even though the user program, system
         settings, IOM or DM/EM data should not be affected, it is highly recommended to make a
         back-up copy of the program as a precaution.

    3.   Prepare one memory card for the update and save all of the update files listed below on the
         memory card. This can be done via computer; however, if you need to format the memory
         card, please use CX-Programmer and the PLC’s CPU. DO NOT USE THE PERSONAL

Update Data Files
§ J1H00110.cpu             These files can be found under the support tab in the software downloads
§ N1h00100.cpu             section under the heading PLC Misc. Software on the Omron website
§ N1h00210.cpu   
§ N1h00220.cpu

Performing the Firmware Upgrade
(1)   •   Check the error states of the CPU and clear all errors.
      •   If currently using a memory card for automatic programming loader or other purpose, be
          sure to check that BUSY LED is off before turning off power to the CPU. If you remove
          the Compact Flash before you turn off power make sure that the BUSY and MCPWR
          LEDs are not illuminated.
      •   Turn off the power to the CPU that will be updated.
(2)   a.) Record the original DIP-SW status of the CPU so you can return the settings after
          updating the CPU.
      b.) Turn off DIP SW 1 and turn DIP SW 2 through DIP SW8 ON (as pictured below)

                    ERR/AL                    ON                                     CJ1
                    M             SW 1: OFF
                                  SW 2: ON                   SW   1: OFF
                                  SW 3: ON                   SW   2: ON
                                  SW 4: ON                   SW   3: ON
                                                             SW   4: ON
                                  SW 5: ON
                                                             SW   5: ON
                                  SW 6: ON                   SW   6: ON
                                  SW 7: ON                   SW   7: ON
                                  SW 8: ON                   SW   8: ON

                                    !! If you are already using a flash memory card make sure
                                      it has been removed before you begin the procedure. !!

(3)   Insert the memory card (CF containing the system update) into the CS/CJ CPUs Compact
      Flash Memory slot.

                     PRPHL/COMM     (This memory card can be the
                                    old or new version and can be
                                           any storage size)

(4)   Turn on the Power to the CPU
      Caution: Do not turn off power during update. If the power is turned off the update will not be
      completed correctly.

 (5)   Automatic update will begin (duration: 30 seconds to 1 minute)

                CS1                           SEQUENCE
                      RUN                     w
                                    RUN, ERR/ALM LED will illuminate
                      INH                            Ü                    CJ1
                      PRPHL/COMM         BUSY LED will Illuminate
                                           BUSY LED will go out
                                            INH will Illuminate
                                     If update is completed correctly,
                                     three LED’s will illuminate RUN,
                                              ERR/ALM, INH

       Caution: If RUN LED blinks at this point, check again that the DIP-SW is set correctly
       according to step number (2)
 (6)   Turn off the power of the CPU
 (7)   Remove the memory card for update
 (8)   Restore the DIP-SW setting that were recorder in step (2)
 (9)   Insert the original memory card (from step 1) if applicable

Confirming Upgrade
After completing the update procedure you can check the CPU version to verify that the procedure
has been completed correctly.

Using CX-Programmer to check the Version of the CPU Firmware
(1) Connect CX-Programmer to the CS1/CJ1 CPU and go online.
(2) Click the right mouse button on the CPU in the I/O table window, and select Unit Manufacturing
(3) Check the Software Revision Number.

 Model                             Software Revision Number
 CS1o-CPUoo H                      oQ or oq
 CJ1o-CPUoo H                      oF or of

Example: Before Upgrade in CX-P (*CJ1*)           Example: After Upgrade in CX-P (*CJ1*)

Note: Depending on which CPU you are using, the results on your screen may differ. The important
change to notice is the second character in the SOFTWARE REVISION NUMBER field. For CJ1 the
second character should be an “F” or “f” after the upgrade and for the CS1 is should be a “Q” or ‘q”.

If you can not see the software revision number as shown above or cannot complete the update
operation as mentioned in this document, please contact OMRON Technical Services Group at


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