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					DoB: 10th Sep, 1973              Status: Single                                Email:

Sheshadri M. Venkatadri
   Academic Record           PGDM, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, 1997-99
                             Major: Systems & Finance.

                             B.Tech. (Civil Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 1993-97

     Work Experience

Infosys Technologies Ltd.
                             Client: Nordstrom Inc.
    May '03 -Current,             Description:
  Designation: Project
                                       Nordstrom is one of largest high end retail chains in the US
Location: Bangalore, India             Nordstrom had implemented Oracle Financials R11i across all of its key
             &                          businesses including Nordstrom Credit and
       Seattle, USA                    Infosys is assisting Nordstrom in
                                        1.   Consolidating its set of books.
                                        2.   Re-designing it’s chart of accounts
                                        3.   Re-developing its Financial Statements
                             Role: Functional Consultant
                                       Leading a team of 3 functional consultants offshore to re-structure the
                                        Chart of Accounts
                                       Responsible for end-to-end re-design and development of financial
                                        statements based on the new COA hierarchies
                                       Responsible for interfacing the Oracle GL data with Essbase, a reporting tool
                                        being used by Nordstrom for drilldown reporting
                                       Project Management including billing, resource and task allocation

     Mar '03 - Apr '03,      Client: Fischer Rosemount Services (FRS), Emerson Process Management, UK
   Designation: Project
                                  Description:
  Location: Leicester, UK              FRS is part of the Emerson Group of companies and has operations in
                                        most European countries
                                       Infosys was assisting FRS in moving to Oracle Applications R11i from JD
                                        Edwards 7.3 across 71 legal entities in western and central Europe
                                       The modules involved were GL, AP, AR, OM, FA and Projects
                             Role: Project Manager & Team Lead
                                       Led a team of 4 functional consultants to study the existing business
                                        processes in FRS
                                       Based on the existing processes, we arrived at a suggested organization
                                        structure for Emerson Europe that would form the basis of the Oracle
                                        R11i implementation
                                       Was the single point of contact for all client interaction and had the
                                        bottom line for all deliverables
                                       In addition to my role as project manager, I was also the functional lead
                                        for the AP module
DoB: 10th Sep, 1973            Status: Single                             Email:

    June '02 - Jan '03     Client: Reuters Plc, UK
 Designation: Functional
                                Description:
  Location: London, UK               Reuters was in the process of rolling out Oracle Applications R11i across
                                      all its entities in Western and Central Europe, North Africa, Israel and the
                                     Infosys was assisting Reuters in rolling out Oracle Applications R11i
                                     The modules within the scope of the implementation were GL, AP, AR,
                                      PO, i-expenses and Projects
                           Role: Functional Consultant, Process-to-Pay
                                Performing Requirement Analysis, Gap Analysis and Process Design, where
                                 deviating from the standard process or new process required.
                                System Design involving analysis and design of interfaces and reports.
                                 Significant designs include EFT programs, which integrate with Citibank’s e-
                                 banking systems, for several countries in the EMEA region and development
                                 of Expense Report Interface in Germany.
                                System testing, to ensure that the solution designed is up to specifications
                                Data migration, involving requirement analysis, migration specifications,
                                 testing and co-ordination with various IS groups.
                                UAT and Production support, involving on-hands training, to Reuters key-
                                 users at their Business Service Centres in Amsterdam and Nicosia
                                Developing knowledge and integration with Oracle of several peripheral
                                 systems used by Reuters, such as Optio, 170 Systems and Citibank’s E-
                                 Banking and Citidirect platforms.

    Sep '01 - Mar '02      Client: Nordstrom Inc.
 Designation: Functional
                                Description:
 Location: Seattle, USA              The client is one of the largest high-end retailers in the US.
                                     Nordstrom decided to implement Oracle Financials R11i across all of its
                                      key businesses including Nordstrom Credit and
                                     Infosys was the implementation partner and was involved in the
                                      implementation of Oracle Financials 11i (AP, FA and GL) for Nordstrom
                           Role: Functional Consultant
                                Scoping out of reporting requirements from Oracle R11i of Nordstrom
                                Prioritization and rationalization of reports. The total number of reports were
                                 rationalized from 1500+ to less than 400 as a result of this effort
                                Development of Functional requirements for custom as well as FSG (Financial
                                 Statement Generator) Reports
                                Developing and conducting test cases for integration and User Acceptance
                                Driving changes to the configuration & design in case of any modifications
                                 required on account of reporting requirements.
DoB: 10th Sep, 1973            Status: Single                           Email:

                                Key-user training

     Nov '00 - Aug '01     Client: Workadia (A JV between American Express, TIBCO & Infosys)
   Designation: Business
                                Description: Setting up of an application service provider (ASP) to serve as a
  Location: Phoenix, USA         one stop shop for all Travel, Financial and HR related services to small and
                                 medium enterprises (SMEs). The highlights of this portal are
                                     Sold as an "intranet in a box" to SMEs,
                                     AmEx provides the back end legacy systems for delivery of all financial
                                      and travel services
                                     Other than AmEx, the portal will eventually interact with 65 other
                                      service/content providers
                           Role: Module Leader (Business Planning & Product Selection)
                                     Preparation of the project standards and project charter documents
                                     Development of Business Processes for the new entity including
                                      workflows for content management, e-learning, online meetings, single
                                      sign-on, online surveys, and user registration/maintenance
                                     Development of use cases for each of the workflows
                                Product Evaluation and Selection of the following
                                     Content Management (Vignette Vs. InterWoven)
                                     Online Survey Tools (EZ Survey Vs. SurveySolutions)
                                     Third Party Data Feeds (iSyndicate Vs. Screaming Media)
                                Developing and conducting test cases for unit and integration testing

Procter & Gamble
                           My responsibilities in this position were
     Dec '99 - Jun '00          Forecasting Selling, Research, Admin and Production (SRA & P) Expenses for
  Designation: Financial
                                 9 markets across ASEAN, Australia and India (AAI) and regular tracking of
   Location: Singapore           SRAP spending
                                Managing cost center creation / maintenance and mapping of these between
                                 SAP and the Company Data warehouse
                                Performing a portfolio analysis of new initiatives across AAI and tracking of
                                 these initiatives

     May '99 - Dec '99     My responsibilities in this role were
  Designation: Financial
                                SAP Sales & Distribution Implementation for India-Greater China: My role
 Location: Mumbai, India         in this project involved mapping the business processes for Accounts
                                 Receivable and Credit Management in the existing legacy OSB system onto
                                 SAP. This project was discontinued after we had finished the Matching &
                                 Prototyping Exercise
                                SAP-COPA Implementation: This project involved building interfaces
                                 between the SD module of SAP and the Company Data Warehouse for
                                 upload of shipment/ Customer Revenue related data into the data warehouse
DoB: 10th Sep, 1973             Status: Single                          Email:

                                 Y2K Business Continuity Plan: Developed a Business Continuity Plan for
                                  Finance & Accounting as part of P&Gs Y2K compliance efforts

        Co-Curricular            Was among the 40 select students to represent India at the McKinsey
        Achievements              International Management Symposium, St. Gallen, Switzerland in 1998
                                 Published a paper on “Modern Retailing trends in India” in Strategic
                                  Marketing (an Economic Times Publication)
                                 Ranked in the top 1% of all those who wrote the IIT Joint Entrance Exam in

        Positions of        IIM Calcutta
     Responsibility held     Coordinator-Hospitality, National Business Schools Meet ’98
                             Counselor-HDFC Loan Cell
                            IIT Madras
                             Member-Board of Academic Courses
                             Secretary, Civil Engineering Association

Bangalore, Feb 18th, 2004
                                                                                        M. V. Sheshadri