Media Server Update Procedure

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					Media Server Update Procedure

LinkStation with firmware 1.20 or later
    Connect the LinkStation to the Internet.
    Turn the LinkStation off, then turn it back on.
    The LinkStation will update the media server automatically.

Alternativ, you may update the media server manually.

    From a computer connected to the same network as the LinkStation, open the LinkStation's
     web-based administation interface.
    Navigate to [Extensions]-[Media Server] and click [Update DTCP-IP].
    The LinkStation will update the media server.

DTCP-IP functionality update: Release Notes
Release data: 2010/12/06(Mon)
DTCP-IP version: DTCP-IP_1.40-20101129
[Firmware Release Note]
Media Server Update Ver.1.40 (DTCP-IP:1.40-20101129)
- Media Server problems fixed: Movies recorded by HDV or AVCHD Camcorders are now
available to be viewed with some playback devices.

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Description: Media Server is an important next-generation network equipment. The device control device (soft-switching equipment, application server) under the control of the IP network to provide various services to achieve the required media resource function, including the business of providing sound, meetings, interactive response (IVR), notification, unified News, and other advanced voice services. In the application server, using MSML (Media Server Markup Language, an interactive media server dedicated to the special xml) to the media playback and other commands sent by the server. Media server can be cut with a good nature, the flexibility to implement one or more functions