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									Medical Diagnosis: Acute Gastroenteritis (Adult)
Problem: Diarrhea

    Assessment           Nursing Diagnosis                Scientific              Planning               Interventions             Rationale               Evaluation
Subjective:             Diarrhea                   Gastroenteritis is an    Short Term:              1. Establish rapport    1. To gain patient’s     Short Term:
 Verbalization of                                 inflammation of the      After 2-3 hours of       2. Assess general           trust                After 2-3 hours of
   pain with a scale                               stomach and              nursing                      condition and       2. For baseline data     nursing
   of 6/10 on the                                  intestinal tract that    interventions, the           vital signs         3. For presence,         interventions, the
   abdominal area                                  primarily affects the    patient will verbalize   3. Auscultate               location, and        patient shall have
                                                   small bowel. The         understanding of             abdomen                 characteristics of   verbalized
Objective:                                         major clinical           causative factors and    4. Discuss the              bowel sounds         understanding of
Patient manifested:                                manifestations are       rationale for                different           4. For patient           causative factors and
 Hyperactive                                      diarrhea of varying      treatment regimen.           causative factors       education            rationale for
    bowel sounds                                   degrees and                                           and rationale for   5. To allow for          treatment regimen.
 Audible                                          abdominal pain and       Long Term:                   treatment               bowel rest and
    borborygmi                                     cramping. Associated     After 1-2 days of            regimen                 reduce intestinal    Long Term:
 Passage of loose                                 clinical                 nursing                  5. Restrict solid           workload             After 1-2 days of
    liquid watery                                  manifestations are       interventions, the           food intake         6. To allow              nursing
    stools for more                                nausea, vomiting,        patient will             6. Provide for              foods/substances     interventions, the
    than 3 times                                   fever anorexia,          reestablish and              changes in              that precipitate     patient shall have
Patient may                                        distention, tenesmus     maintain normal              dietary intake          diarrhea             reestablished and
manifest:                                          (straining on            pattern of bowel         7. Limit caffeine       7. To prevent            maintained normal
 Poor skin turgor                                 defecation), and         functioning AEB              and high-fiber          gastric irritation   pattern of bowel
 Dehydration                                      borborygmi               passage of semi-solid        foods and so as     8. To decrease           functioning AEB
 Dry lips and oral                                (hyperactive bowel       stools                       fatty foods             stress and           passage of semi-solid
    mucosa                                         sounds).                                          8. Promote use of           anxiety              stools
 Altered LOC                                      Diarrhea is defined as                                relaxation          9. For fluid
                                                   an increase in the                                    technique               replacement
                                                   frequency, volume                                 9. Encourage oral       10. To restore
                                                   and fluid content of                                  fluid intake of         normal flora
                                                   stool. Rapid                                          fluids containing   11. To prevent
                                                   propulsion of                                         electrolyte             spread of
                                                   intestinal contents                               10. Recommend               infectious
                                                   through the small                                     products like           diseases
                                                   bowel results in                                      yogurt and
                                                   diarrhea. (Joyce M.                                   cultured milk

Black, 2008)   11. Emphasize
                   importance of
                   hand washing
               12. Administer due


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