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The concept of having my English 10 Honors students research scientific elements and then write their resumes was an exciting idea that I intended to try* I decided to go a step further to share the idea with my good friend Lauren Dixon, science teacher extraordinaire* I asked if she would "interview" my "elements" for a job* She thought the idea was magnificent and quickly agreed to the plan* Students were told that a local science teacher was looking for a few elements to spice up her classroom* They were given the instructions for the resume and told about the interview process* They had to "be" their elements* The results were even better than I could have imagined* We gathered in the conference room on Interview Day - my class, Mrs* Dixon's science class, administrators, and guests* Mrs* Dixon's students used this time as review for their state tests* My students were ready for their interviews* "Au"tumn Gold was dressed in a gold sequined dress and gold high heels* Sulfur was head to toe in a yellow rain slicker and pants* Others had made t-shirts, dressed in the appropriate colors, etc* Karly Krypton wore a Halogen light bulb on her head* All wanted to "get the job" Mrs. Dixon proceeded to ask them about their job skills - how well did they work with others (bonding), what were their most exciting characteristics, what made them special, how long had they been around* For the older elements, Mrs* Dixon commented on ho w "good" they looked for their "age" It was an exceptional day for both our classes* Both groups of students had fun and learned a great deal, not only about elements, but also about resumes, job interviews, and self-presentation* The administrators all commented on what a great project it was and complimented the students profusely* Our daily news show filmed the interviews and did a story for the entire school to see* There is no doubt that I will do this project again* Mrs* Dixon intends to "steal" the idea for her classes as well* There will

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