Colorado Springs Homes For Sale The Time To Purchase is Today

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					If you have thought about purchasing a new home and have been holding back for
whatever reason, the time to move forward and purchase Colorado Springs real estate
is now! Colorado REALTORS understands the factors that go into a decision to start
the process of buying a new home, and they can help you throughout your real estate
  The Colorado real estate market has shown quite an increase in inventory of new and
existing homes that are priced to sell. There are many advantages of being a home
buyer at this time. For example, many sellers, and their REALTORS, are moving
quickly to reduce prices and offer an array of incentives to lure you, the buyer! These
incentives may include reducing the price of homes further, or even contributing
thousands of dollars in closing costs towards your real estate purchase! The choices
for you, the buyers, are many, from starter homes and condos to luxury and custom
homes. Or maybe even for the investor looking to expand into the Colorado Springs
real estate market. In addition, there are inventories of bank owned properties being
sold under market value to remove them from the banks' portfolios!
  As you might have heard, the mortgage industry has seen many changes. These
changes have led to lenders becoming increasingly scrutinized with some of the loan
products that had been available to most borrowers. There are still many available
mortgage products that you as the borrower can take advantage of, including first time
home buyer programs requiring almost no money down!
  Here in Colorado, many real estate agents offer a no cost consultation with a
financial and mortgage expert to see what you may qualify for with your intended
new home purchase, and help you wade through those programs to find what
mortgage will best suit your needs! The process is easy and quick, and you may be
surprised at the variety of loan programs available to you as a buyer. Currently, rates
are still at all time lows on 30 year fixed mortgages, with rates hovering in the low 5-6
percents. Don't wait for rates and payments to possibly increase in the Colorado area!
The time to buy is now!
  Yes, this is truly a great time to be a home buyer in Colorado Springs, and an
excellent time to look into Colorado Springs homes for sale. Allow an experienced
Colorado Springs REALTOR to use their many years of experience to help you today.
It will be well worth your time to make that decision.
  Interested in learning more about Colorado Springs new homes or other real estate
options here in Colorado? Our real estate agents are here to aid you in any way
possible. Furthermore, consider utilizing a Colorado Springs commercial properties
agent if you are trying to find business offices or related properties.