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                                Cracker Jack                                                                                Issue # 4
                               Take care over the festive season
                               It is that time of the year again, when we are forced to take special care and additional protective
                               measures in order to safeguard ourselves, our families and our belongings against possible harm,
In this issue:                 loss or damage. As your broker, we have taken the time to put together some tips and advice in
                               this issue of Cracker Jack to help you in this regard.
Register for RICA        1
                               Our aim is not just to provide you with the best solution to your insurance needs, but we also
Safety at home           2     strive to educate our policyholders on matters concerning their safety and risk reduction.
                               Whether you plan to take a long overdue family holiday or just stay home and sort out the garage
                               that’s been bugging you all year, it is very important that you be mindful of certain physical and
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                               financial perils.

Safety away from         3     We all recently heard the good news that the worst of the recession is over, and seeing that the
home                           Festive Season is upon us you might be tempted to start spending money from now right up till
                         3     New Year and arrive in January with a hole in your pocket.
Safety on the roads
                               We'd like to suggest financial prudence to survive this season of financial silliness. Let’s tighten
From GC’s desk           4     our belts a little longer and reap the long term rewards by saving. Before going on a major
                               shopping spree, consider using any spare cash towards paying off some debt or putting it into a
                               savings account to prepare for next year and the challenges it will bring. Don't be tempted to
                               buy more stuff you might not need. Credit and credit cards that came along with the era of
                               instant gratification will often cause more problems if not managed properly.

                               Warren Buffet said: “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.”

                               Register for RICA
                               RICA or the Regulation of Interception of               Existing cell phone numbers - to ensure that
                               Communication Act is a new law that has been            your number does not get disconnected.
                               passed by the South African government that
                               makes it compulsory for everyone to register all
  TIP                                                                                With RICA in effect, all new SIM cards will only
                               new and existing cell phone numbers.                  be activated once they have been registered.
  Prepare for an emergency                                                           All cell phone numbers already in use will have
                               RICA affects everyone. It affects customers on all    to be registered before the end of January
  - enter the following
                               the cellular networks in South Africa, all existing   2011, after which they will be deactivated.
  telephone number into
                               and prospective cell phone users, including all of
  your cell phone
  I.C.E - 071 449 6255.        the following:                                        To register your SIM card for RICA, please
                                                                                     take your green bar-coded ID book as well as
  This is Perfect Delivery’s      All data SIM cards used in smart phones, data      proof of residence to any retail store that sells
  after-hours telephone        cards, laptops, modems, etc;                          cell phone starter packs.
  number and is available
                                 Telemetry SIM cards such as the SIM cards used
  24/7.                                                                         Registration is free and takes only a minute or
                                 in tracking devices;
  You could even put your        SIM cards in lease-cost routers and other PABX
  policy number next to the      routers;
  letters I.C.E for easy         New SIM cards in order to have your cell phone
  reference                      number activated;
Safety when at home
   Always lock perimeter doors and close windows that are far away from where the family activity is centred.
   At night always lock perimeter doors and securely fasten windows. When retiring to bed, lock
   inter leading doors of rooms that are not occupied.
   Do not leave curtains open at night as this allows observation into your house.
   Do not go outside alone to investigate at night. Rather switch off all lights and open curtains to
   allow you to see what is occurring outside, once your eyes have become accustomed to the dark.
   Do not open any perimeter door without satisfactory identification of the visitor. If in any doubt,
   do not open the door and consider summoning the police or your alarm company.
   Never admit to a stranger that you are alone.
   If a repair-person is expected, do not allow entry unless identity has been checked through a vision
   panel or door viewer and with the company concerned.
   Do not allow strangers into your home to make telephone calls. Rather offer to make the                   We give you an
   telephone calls for them while they wait outside.
                                                                                                         additional 10% contents
   Install security gates on all exterior doors at home.
   If you note suspicious vehicles, individuals or groups in your neighbourhood, contact the police or  cover over December for
   your alarm company.                                                                                            FREE

Perfect Delivery BGN Fours
Perfect Delivery congratulates D Nell, D Botha, C Janke and P Bailey (jnr) who won the Perfect Delivery BGN Men's Fours on Saturday 15 of
November at Pretoria CC, as well as B V Veenhuizen, D Mitchell, B Le Grange and K Laage who where the runners-up.

The ladies' fours were won by Loraine Victor, Ina Jooste, Esme Kruger and Arlene Neukircher. Mickey Smit, Rina van Wyk, Francis Channer
and Colleen Zeiss were the runners-up. Well done ladies!

          VESA (The Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa) is the only body in South Africa that
          regulates the manufacturing standards, installation standards and certification of vehicle security
          Always make sure that your vehicle is fitted with a VESA approved level 3A or 4A immobiliser
          (preferably) or VESA approved gear lock as required by your insurance policy.

          You can obtain a certificate proving the authenticity of the unit in your vehicle.
          Contact us on 0860 999 888 and we will facilitate your request
          or go to www.vesa.co.za

          Being in possession of your VESA certificate will give you peace
          of mind and help to speed up any stolen vehicle claim.

Page 2                                "Players win games, teams win championships."
Safety when away from home
 Do not leave notes on the door, underneath the carpet or in the post box to indicate that you are away.
 Do not leave hidden keys.
 Leave your house key with a trusted neighbour or the key holder (as registered with ADT) so that access can be gained in an
 Do not leave only the outside lights on as this is usually an indication to would-be intruders that the house is not occupied.
 Leave lights on inside your home and the radio playing as this gives the impression that your house is occupied.
 Arrange that your pets are cared for daily by a trustworthy friend or family member.
 Stop all newspaper deliveries for the period you will be away and ask the neighbour or a friend to
 empty your mailbox regularly.
 Switch off all unnecessary appliances, as well as the geyser before leaving your house.
 If you are planning on taking a long holiday, manage your perishables in such a way that you have
 the minimum left in your freezer by the time you leave, in case of a power failure.

Stay alert to the risk of crime and you're halfway to a safe arrival.

  Keep your car in good running order with regular services             Check your vehicle's tyre
  to avoid breakdowns in risky areas.                                  pressure regularly and set to
                                                                       manufacturer's recommended
  Trust your instinct when you’re in unfamiliar areas. Turn            pressure. Also, have tyres
  back if you feel unsafe and rather continue on familiar              balanced and aligned regularly,
  routes.                                                              especially if you’ve towed a heavy item, like a caravan, boat
  Always carry your identity document and driver’s license             or trailer. Regular checks and adjustment increase the
  with you as well as a pen and notebook to take notes if              mileage you get from your tyres.
  necessary.                                                            Check that the spare wheel is in good working order and
  If your vehicle is nudged or bumped from behind and you              make sure the wheel spanner and jack are in the boot of
  feel uncomfortable about stopping, rather indicate that the          your vehicle before starting on your trip. If you are travelling
  person should follow you to the nearest police station or a          alone, make sure that you know how to change a wheel.
  busy public area for help.                                            Keep your family and friends informed about your planned
  Don’t open your vehicle window or                                                     route and let them know where you are
  door to strangers, including                                                          travelling.
  hitchhikers.                                                                                Keeping a first-aid kit, warm blanket
  Don’t approach your empty vehicle if                                                     and water in your vehicle is always a good
  a suspicious-looking person is hanging                                                   idea in case of an accident.
  around in the vicinity.                                                                      Store any loose items in the car boot
   If you encounter obstacles on the                                                       for safety and insurance purposes.
  road such as rocks and tyres, don’t                                                         Always put your handbag under the
  get out of your vehicle to remove                                                        passenger seat or in the boot - never
  them. Turn around and drive away in                                                      reach for it if you've been ordered out of
  the direction you came from.                                                             your car. The hijacker might assume you're
  Don’t stop to rest or make a phone call on deserted roads.                               grabbing a firearm.
  Don’t leave your vehicle unlocked and unattended at a                Remember that by law you may not tow a caravan without
  petrol station.                                                      the appropriate driver’s license.
  Carry your cell phone on your person but not in plain view.          Ensure that you have a valid vehicle licence displayed on
  Criminals won’t allow you to remove your valuables from              your windscreen and always carry your driver’s licence with
  your car and if attacked. You’ll need your phone to call for         you.
  help.                                                                Check that you do not have any outstanding traffic offences.

                                                                                                                           Page 3
    Perfect Delivery              From GC’s Desk
         8th Floor                From recent media reports, it seems as if the                * The cost of the major service parts excludes the
      Atrium Building             recession is over, or that it at least reached the           parts used in the minor service.
     41 Stanley Avenue            lowest point. Vehicle manufacturers are positive and
                                                                                               ** The Accident costs are comparing the replacement
          Milpark                 they started preparing for better sales volumes. It also
                                  seems as if the property sector is lifting its head. It is   of similar parts.
                                  truly good news and although the positive impact will
       T: 0860 999 888            only be experienced at some time in future                   Typically, the costs of the minor and major services
                                  (probably only the second half of 2010), it is               are paid by the vehicle owner, while the accident
       F: 011 482 3651
                                  wonderful to receive a bit of good news!                     costs are paid by an insurer. This comparison makes it
E: info@perfectdelivery.co.za
                                                                                               clear that potential vehicle purchasers should look at
                                  I recently read a news report indicating that                more than the purchase price of vehicles.
 Financial Services Provider
                                  maintenance on properties, vehicles, etc, is one of the      Maintenance costs could present a material expense
          FSP 10771               first things that is abandoned when disposable income        for owners, based simply on the costs for a minor
                                  is under pressure. However, it reduces the lifespan of       service of R2 616 in case of a Hyundai and R9 227 for
                                  these assets dramatically, or means that one has to          a major service in case of a Daihatsu. This does not
                                  spend astronomical amounts later to restore them to          even include labour charges. Of course, other aspects
                                  the required level. The average age of motor vehicles        such as dealer networks should also be taken into
                                  on our roads today are a few years older than those          account. One does not want to be stranded in the
                                  on our roads three to four years ago. This, in               Karoo with a broken down vehicle if the closest
How was your bowling              conjunction with poor vehicle maintenance, means             agency is 1 000 kilometres from where you are.
game, dear?” asked Jim’s wife     that vehicle owners will start buying new vehicles in
Tracy.                            the foreseeable future. This brings me to a very
                                  interesting report issued annually by one Malcolm            From an insurance point of view, the costs of parts,
“Well, I was bowling well,                                                                     including availability of parts, play a material part of
                                  Kinsey. The information he compiles must be taken
but my eyesight’s gotten so       into account when you are looking at buying a new            the costs of a claim. The unavailability also increases
bad I couldn’t see where the      vehicle. I can assure you that insurers take these facts     the repair period unnecessarily. This frustrates vehicle
bowl went.”                       into account and that insurance premiums will also be        owners and increases the costs of a claim.
 “But you’re seventy-five         based on makes of cars in the near future.
years old, Jim!” admonished                                                                    I feel that future insurance premiums will be based on
his wife, “Why don’t you          The Kinsey report compares the costs of similar              more than the mere age and experience of the driver
take my brother Scott             vehicle parts. The costs do not include labour charges.      of the vehicle and the area where the vehicle will be
along?”                           He divides it into different categories, including entry     used. Premiums will also be based on the make of the
                                  level (purchase price lower than R110 000),                  vehicle. You are welcome to read the full Kinsey
“But he’s eighty-five and
                                  B segment (purchase price between R110 000 and               report at www.kinsey.valueweb.co.za
doesn’t even bowl                 R160 000) and C segment (purchase price between              (click on the Kinsey Report 2009) and look at the
anymore,” protested Jim.          R160 000 and R260 000). The report also expresses            comparisons, based on vehicles that fall within your
 “But he’s got perfect            the costs as a percentage of the purchase price of the
                                  vehicle. If one were to look at the entry level              price range. It really makes interesting reading!
eyesight. He could watch
                                  comparison, the costs of similar parts used for a
your bowl,” Tracy pointed
                                  minor service, a major service and a comparable              I wish all our Perfect Delivery policyholders a
out.                              accident, the results published reveal the following:        wonderful festive season. Thank you for your support
The next day Jim bowled                                                                        over the past years and I hope that 2010 will be a
with Scott looking on. Jim                                                                     wonderful year for us all.
                                                        Cheapest              Most Expensive
bowled to a long jack. “Do
                                  Minor service         R914.24              R2 616.21
you see it?” asked Jim.
                                  % of purchase price   0.98%                2.47%             Good bowling
 “Yes,” Scott answered.
                                  Purchase price        R93 170              R105 900          GC
“Well, where is it?” yelled
                                                        Chev Spark 1.0       Hyundai i10 GLS
Jim, peering up the green.
“I forgot.”                       Major Service *       R2 790.00            R9 227.27
                                  % of purchase price   2.99%                8.79%
                                  Purchase price        R93 170              R104 995
                                                        Chev Spark 1.0       Daihatsu
                                                                             Charade Classic
         Created by:
         Maggie Smit              Accident **           R15 349.33           R32 772.30
                                  % of selling price    18%                  42%
                                  Purchase price        R86 400              R77 900
                                                        VW CITI Storm 1.4i   Chery QQ 0.8TX

        Should you have any stories to tell or have some useful tips for us please contact Maggie Smit at crackerjack@perfectdelivery.co.za

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