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Functional chocolate
    for better health
            The future is now in
            Probiotic Functional Foods

            Today’s consumer is far more sophisticated and knowledgeable
            about food than ever before. They have learned that what they
            buy and eat can provide specific health benefits that go far beyond
            just basic nutritional requirements. The modern consumer has
            discovered functional foods.

    The growing importance of                                       In only four years, the European market for fortified and
    functional foods                                                functional foods has risen from less than € 25 billion
                                                                    in 2002 to € 40 billion in 2006. This massive jump
    Natural functional foods exist in virtually every food group.   includes products aimed at improved digestive system,
    But perhaps most importantly, foods and beverages can           cardiovascular health, improved immune system, a healthier
    now be fortified and enhanced by manufacturers to give          brain and nervous system, bone health and beauty benefits.
    their products added health benefits never before possible.
    New food products are being developed with beneficial           Consumers are using functional foods to increase their feeling
    components that are attracting a significant share in all       of well-being. In the US, 41% of all respondents indicated
    segments of the food and beverage market. The market            that they supplemented their diets with additional vitamins,
    leaders and trendsetters have recognized that consumers         minerals and other dietary supplements. Over the past year,
    are learning to take control of their health through the food   that figure for Europeans increased to 31%. The US market
    choices they make.                                              for nutraceuticals - functional foods and drinks with specific
                                                                    added ingredients - has been forecast to grow at an annual
                                                                    rate of 5.3% between 2005 and 2010. The European market
    Phenomenal growth rates                                         is expected to grow even faster. Consumers now enjoy a
                                                                    sense of guilt-free indulgence accompanied by genuine
    There is a vast evolution - some might even say revolution -    health benefits.
    taking place in functional food trends around the world.
    Probiotics fit perfectly into this rapidly expanding market.    Historically, much of the emphasis on probiotics has been
    Functional foods in general - and probiotics in particular -    found in dairy products. It has been one of the fastest
    hold potentially enormous public health benefits.               growing sectors in terms of launching new products.
    Growing consumer concerns for personal wellness are             Specialty items originally targeting health-conscious
    fostering healthier eating habits and lifestyles. Consumers     consumers are now generating vast appeal with the general
    are looking for natural, organic and environmentally friendly   public as well. Much of this appeal can be attributed to an
    foods. This, in turn, is leading to the emergence of many       increased level of health consciousness.
    more types and brands of fortified and enriched foods.

                                                                    Source: Euromonitor, Datamonitor, Mintel

What are   Probiotics?

              In the simplest terms, a probiotic is a living beneficial micro-organism,
              it can be a bacterium or yeast . Certain micro-organisms living in the
              human intestinal tract are essential for good health.

              The World Health Organization defines probiotics as
              “Live micro-organisms which when administered in adequate
              amounts confer a health benefit on the host.”

              The word probiotic comes from the Greek and means ‘fit for life’ or
              ‘pro-life.’ While much of the progress against disease over the past two
              centuries has involved the discovery and use of antibiotics, public health
              and medical researchers now foresee revolutionary progress on a similar
              scale for probiotics.

              Probiotics, when eaten, induce health benefits by beneficially affecting
              the balance of the intestinal microflora (or microbiota). While interest in
              the health promoting aspects of probiotics goes all the way back to the
              start of the 20th century, scientists have made huge progress in recent
              years in identifying their potentially beneficial roles in health.

              There are three main attributes of a probiotic:

                • The micro-organisms (bacteria or yeast) need to be alive
                • The micro-organisms have to be ingested orally
                • The micro-organisms must be capable of reaching the large
                 intestine alive, in order to have an effect on the microbial balance

    and considerations for health

    Probiotic micro-organisms have to be tough.
    They must be able to resist the acid environment of the stomach,
    have a good bile tolerance, be capable of growing without oxygen and be
    non-toxic. There are only a few bacterial species that can be used in oral
    supplementation and as food additives. These include species belonging
    to the Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, and Bifidobacterium groups or
    genera, along with some other genera of Bacillus and yeasts. These are
    all naturally present in the intestine as well as in certain fermented dairy

    The probiotic bacteria in the intestinal tract generate intense metabolic
    activity and are absolutely essential for overall human health. Besides
    promoting normal gastrointestinal functions and providing protection
    against infection, they also affect metabolism and immune function.

            How do                  Probiotics work?

            The human gastrointestinal tract contains an extremely         other drugs, excess alcohol, stress, disease and exposure to
            complex and diverse population of bacteria. While the          certain toxic substances. When this happens, harmful
            majority of these micro-organisms are either helpful or        bacteria have an environment in which they can thrive,
            benign, some have the potential to cause disease. In healthy   leading to a proliferation of undesirable or disease causing
            individuals, there is an optimal bacterial balance in the      bacteria. This increases the risk of clinical disorders such as
            intestinal tract. However, a wide range of circumstances can   inflammatory, infectious and other diseases.
            upset this balance. These include the use of antibiotics and


            small intestine

            large intestine

                                                                              bad micro-organism           good micro-organism

            Probiotic bacterial cultures in food or as supplements assist the body in re-establishing the proper
            balance necessary for optimal intestinal function and good health.

    Probiotics by the numbers

    The sheer number of probiotic bacteria at work in the intestinal tract is almost beyond
    imagining. In fact, there are ten times more bacteria working in the human gut than there
    are cells in the entire human body.
    • The adult intestinal tract is home to approximately 100 trillion micro-organisms
    • More than 400 different bacterial species have already been identified in the intestinal tract

       Barry Callebaut’s strong connection to
       scientific and consumer
Barry Callebaut & probiotics: a unique combination

In recent years, Barry Callebaut has been a world leader in the scientific exploration of
the health benefits of the many previously untapped properties of cocoa and chocolate
products. Our researchers are now bringing the full force of their scientific and innovation
skills to bear on probiotics. Numerous stability and clinical studies have been conducted or
are underway.

There are major challenges to incorporating probiotics into liquid chocolate and chocolate
related products on an industrial scale.
• One of these is that products need to be maintained at a temperature that does not kill
 the probiotic. This requires a narrow temperature range that is lower than that normally
 used, making it difficult to achieve effective mixing and proper probiotic dispersion.
• Our new large scale process has the advantage that machines can be easily cleaned. This
 eliminates the carry over of probiotics when the same machine is used for making other

This unique probiotic process is a proprietary method developed and
patented by Barry Callebaut.

Market research

A majority of new products launched within the functional
food segment focus on digestive claims.                                         New products launched within Functional Food:
                                                                         weight of different type of subclaims (%-2006). (source: Mintel)

Simultaneously with its laboratory research, Barry Callebaut
has carried out exhaustive consumer research programs.            35

Using equally advanced scientific and statistical tools,          30

marketing experts have done their utmost to determine the         25
most relevant benefits from the consumer’s point of view.
In relation to chocolate, it turns out that digestive health is
one of the most important drivers of consumer acceptance.
Key dimensions such as purchase intent, believability and
uniqueness have been thoroughly investigated. Various              5

concept evaluations have also been conducted across a              0
                                                                       Beauty Benefits Bone Health       Brain & Cardiovascular   Digestive   Immune    Other
range of chocolate products. Ask us to show you detailed                                             Nervous System                            System


                                                                                                                       Scientific research

                            1,00E+09                       Storage - at room temperature - of moulded samples          Researchers in the Barry Callebaut laboratories together with
                                                            with a combination of Lactobacilli & Bifidobacteria
                                                                          for the duration of 1 year                   Belgian universities are investigating probiotic strains and
    Concentration (CFU/g)

                                                                                                                       species that can remain alive and active in the intestinal tract.
                                                                                                                       These probiotic bacteria must not only be able to survive, they
                                                                                                                       must also remain active in this intensely harsh environment.
                            1,00E+07                                                                                   Current scientific investigations are focusing on digestive
                                                          Dark, milk and white chocolate are proven to be
                                                          stable environments for Lactobacilli & Bifidobacteria        health. In this regard, our researchers are concentrating on a
                            1,00E+06                                                                                   combination of two different strains, Lactobacillus helveticus
                                                 Month 0 Month 2 Month 4 Month 6 Month 8 Month 10 Month 12
                                                                                                                       CNCM I 1722 and Bifidobacterium longum CNCM I-3470.
                                                   Dark                         Milk                 White

                                                                                                                       We tested the viability of a mixture of coated Lactobacillus
                                                                                                                       helveticus CNCM I-1722 and Bifidobacterium longum CNCM
                                                                             Chocolade matrix
                                                                                                                       I-3470 embedded in a chocolate and milk matrix during
                            1,00E+08                                                                                   passage through the stomach and small intestine.
    Concentration (CFU/g)

                                                                                                                       The chocolate matrix was found to offer superior protection.
                                                                                                                       The probiotics in the milk matrix were negatively affected
                            1,00E+06                                                                                   by stomach acidity (4-times lower end-counts), whereas
                                                                                                                       hardly any negative effects were observed in the chocolate
                                                                                                                       matrix. The survival rate in milk has been found to be

                                                                                                                       3 times lower than in chocolate. This offers opportunities
                                                    start situation            after passage        after passage
                                                                                  through              through         for chocolate as a superior carrier for intestinal delivery of
                                                                                  stomach           small intestine

                                                          Survival (%) after passage through stomach                   In addition to the techniques employed in both their previous
                                           120                    and small intestine (in vitro)
                                                                                                                       tests and ongoing research, our teams of scientists continue
                                                                                                                       with their groundbreaking work using the Simulator of the
                                           80                                                                          Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem (SHIME). This system is
                            Survival (%)

                                           60                                                                          an in vitro simulation of the gastrointestinal tract to evaluate
                                           40                                                       3 times lower      the effect of probiotics in the large intestine. SHIME is being
                                                                                                    in milk than in    used to evaluate the efficacy of specific probiotic treat-
                                           20                                                       chocolate matrix
                                                                                                                       ments. It determines if probiotics reach the large intestine
                                                           Start situation            After complete passage through   and how effective these are when they arrive. The test also
                                                                                        stomach and small intestine
                                                   Chocolate matrix             Milk matrix                            indicates changes in the intestinal flora such as an increase
                                                                                                                       in the amount of friendly bacteria. First analysis of probiotics
                                                                                                                       embedded in a chocolate matrix show excellent results.

               Product                    specifications

            Health claims and benefits

            Scientific studies are being conducted to demonstrate that cocoa and
            chocolate products combined with probiotics can:

              • Help to keep your digestive system healthy
              • Help to maintain a healthy intestinal balance

            Product references
            Chocolate with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium

                 Dark             CHD-Q811PRO
                                                     • Liquid: max. 2 weeks at max.
                                                       temp. of 42°C
                 Milk            CHM-Q823PRO
                                                     • Solid: max. 12 months at temp.
                                                       between 12-20°C

                White              CHW-Q2PRO


            Numerous applications combining probiotics and chocolate have been
            developed in our Institute, including:
            • Chocolate confectionery: pralines with specialty chocolate or fillings
             or small tablets
            • Biscuits and bakery: coatings for cookies and cakes, chocolate layers
             on doughnuts, éclairs and croissants and injecting chocolate fillings      The staff at Barry Callebaut is eager to help
            • Cereal bars and breakfast cereal: chocolate drops in bars and cereal      manufacturers develop new product recipes.
                                                                                        They are happy to share their discoveries and
                                                                                        their wealth of experience.
                                                                                        Several factors should be considered when
                                                                                        developing new applications, including:
                                                                                        • A daily intake of 109 probiotics is required to
                                                                                         obtain the health benefits.
                                                                                         This corresponds to a serving size of 13.5 g
                                                                                         of probiotic chocolate.
                                                                                        • Daily intake is necessary
                                                                                        • Products should not be heated over 42° C
                                                                                         after application of the chocolate in order to
                                                                                         retain maximum probiotic activity
                                                                                        • Avoiding contact with water

     Major           advantages

     Products combining probiotics with Barry Callebaut
     chocolate offer major advantages for the health-
     conscious consumer:

     • Probiotics have no influence whatsoever on the taste,
       texture or mouth feel of the end product. Your
       product will have the same great taste Barry Callebaut
       has always been famous for.
     • A long shelf life - up to 1 year - depending upon the
     • Products do not have to be refrigerated
     • Encapsulation for maximum resistance against
       stomach acid and better activity in the intestinal tract
     • Chocolate is a stable environment for probiotics
     • Only a minimum quantity per day (13.5 g) is required
       for optimal activity
     • A wide range of applications is possible

                         The future is now for probiotic functional foods.
                         A strong and rapidly growing base exists for
                         probiotics in the current global food market.

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Additional information

For more information about any of the
subjects discussed or for specific scientific
documentation or assistance with the
development of recipes, please contact
us at www.barry-callebaut.com or
contact your sales representative.

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