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  Coal mining equipment Coal mining is to economically remove coal from the
ground. Coal mining consists of the removing or extraction of the earth’s coal which
is utilized as fuel. Coal mines are in conjunction also known as collieries. There are
diverse methods of coal extraction and sophisticated coal mining equipment is utilized
in the process. So, coal mining includes underground coal mining and surface coal
mining. SBM just supplies some surface coal mining equipments used in coal
processing as follows:
  Coal crusher Coal crusher is a type crusher of ore crushing equipments used for
crushing coal. Coal crusher is acknowledged well in coal processing industry for a
long time. It is used widely in coal mining and coal processing because of its
advantages. SBM is a major coal crusher manufacturer and supplier for power plants,
coke ovens or other related coal crushing company. As the largest exporter in the
design and manufacture of coal crushers and spare parts, SBM coal crushers are used
in a wide variety of material reduction and processing applications in 100 countries
around the world.
  Coal mill Coal mill also called coal pulverzier or coal powder mill is that
grinding mill used in coal mining industry, such as vertical coal mill. And in general,
vertical mill includes mineral series and coal series. The first series grinder can be
widely used in cement making, power, metallurgy, chemical, ore industries. And the
vertical coal mill also called coal grinder is the most used machine for coal grinding
according to our mining experience. In some cases, coal mill is not just one grinder
mill, it will include some optional equipment such as vibrating feeder, vibrating
screen, belt conveyors and so on to finish the coal milling process. So, coal mill is
also used widely in many industries besides coal mining.
  Coal conveyor Coal conveyor means a belt conveyor used for conveying raw coal or
coal ore stones. It’s applied widely in coal mining industry. When we transport raw
coal to the ground or transporting coal on the ground, coal conveyor can do savings in
manpower and improve efficiency greatly. SBM is a famous conveyor company and
conveyor belt manufacturer in the world. SBM coal conveyors consist of standard
parts and they have the advantages of large transfer quantity, simple structure, easy
maintenance and standard parts. They are widely used in mining, metallurgy and coal
industry to transfer sandy or lump materials, or packaged materials.
  Coal washer Coal washer is an important washing machine in coal washing process.
We know, when the raw coals are mined from underground, they need to pass some
coal working procedure so that coal can be used in our modern life. Coal washing is
an essential pre-process of coal cooking. Coal can divide into raw coal and clean coal.
Raw coal is generally used as fuel for energy, clean coal or fine coal is used for coal
cooking. Clean coal should be washed with water to sulfur, to impurities and other
industrial processes, in order to achieve the criteria used coke. So, coal washer also
called coal washing machine plays an important role in this coal processing.
  Coal mobile crusher Coal mobile crusher means a mobile crusher special for coal
mining or coal processing. Also, we can call it mobile coal crusher or coal portable
crusher. Maybe they will be named different names, but they have the same function.
This coal crusher concept is fully adaptable to all mobile crushing needs; it sets up a
new range of business opportunities for contractors, recycling and mining applications.
It can eliminate the obstacles of the crushing places and circumstances, and offer the
high efficiency and low cost project plants for the clients. To the client, SBM coal
mobile crusher is the best choice.
  Coal crushing plant The general hardness of coal is 1-4. After coarse crushing by jaw
crusher, fine crushing by impact crusher, and sieved by vibrating screen, coal can be
processed and crushed into different sizes of the requirements. SBM jaw crusher,
impact crusher for coal crushing have been widely used in the coal industry and
mining industry, for its high and unique quality.
  Coal milling plant Coal milling plant is also a part of coal crushing plant and always
works with coal crushers and coal mills. It is used widely in coal processing plants
and coal mining industry.

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