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Rear view of a dragster. The hollow container for the carbon dioxide cartridge can't be

CO2 dragsters are miniature racing cars racing with suspenders powered by a rocket
launcher carbon dioxide cartridge. They are frequently used for purposes like
demonstrating mechanical principles. A set of two hooks (eyelets or screw eyes)
linked to a string (usually monofilament fishing line)at the bottom of the car prevent
the vehicle from losing control during launch. In a race, a laser scanner records the
speed of the car at the end of its run. Often, the dragster is carved out of balsa wood
because of its light weight.

CO2 Cars are a preferred favorite for engineering curriculae worldwide. boys learn
about the forces of gravity, drag, wind resistance, and the motion of air as a fluid. The
project mainly tests the aerodynamic and weight properties of a student's car (see also

A model of a CO2 dragster.

 How the Metric 500 Works

Beginning .100 seconds into a CO2 Dragster race. High Speed camera photo of two
dragsters racing 65.5 feet in about 1.000 second.

A student setting her dragster up for the CO2 Car race.

High speed shot of a race about .750 seconds in.

Students first place the CO2 Car on the filament line, and check to make sure cars are
in good repair and are ready to race. CO2 cartridges are inserted into the powerplants,
and the cars are lined up behind the starting line. The starter boxes (the device that
allows the cartridge to be punctured) is adhered down with velcro at the beginning of
the starting mat. Draggsters may be placed anywhere in the starrting area, so long as
the front of the body (usually the nose) is behind the red line (Adding to this, a shorter
car does not necessarily mean the car is a faster one). The starter boxes can be
adjusted by loosening a lever 90 degrees to accommodate for the height of the
dragster. Once the neck of the cartridge is lined up with the pin, the neck is fitted into
a tube in the starter box. The lever is switched back up 90 degrees to indicate a racer
is ready.

In TSA finals, professional staff will handle all CO2 Cars. repairs (and final touches)
must be attended to BEFORE entry. When both cars are ready, the centrl computer is
on standby to launch the dragsters. The instructr should check everything for safety,
and will order all participants to step away from the track. The timer is activated
(With the Impulse III System) and in 10 seconds both pins will puncture Botha CO2

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