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					Microsoft has recently announced a new version of the Cloud Computing Windows
namely Windows Azure. This window lives up exclusively in Microsoft Cloud. This
platform is been given to the people to the developers to host as well as to distribute
the software which is running on the internet. Therefore, it is very clear that it is not a
service that is for the end user. Nevertheless, it will be of use to you only if your areas
of interest include Web services, SOAP and WSDL. For the end users it is helpful but
only to welcome them to an environment of web application.
  Open source cloud computing has given us the foundation for a large no. of cloud
computing implementations. A foundation named Free Software released GPLv3
whose main purpose was to fill up a legal loophole that was about the software that
could run free of cost over the entire network. It released in November 鈥?7 and
named Affero General. The growth of cloud computing depends largely on the open
standards. Numerous open standards are currently under development while some of
the vendors have switched to other APIs.
  However, it is been seen that a majority of cloud providers expose to those APIs,
which are unique in their application, are documented properly and hence are not at
all interoperable. The OCC that is Open Cloud Consortium has been working hard to
develop all standards and policies related to cloud computing.
  Go through the resource given below for cloud computing as I have learned a lot
from this.
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