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					Man is a social animal. And something of that primitive instinct makes him or her
love animals. There are people who pursue this instinct in way of buying stuffs animal
dolls or personal items which are in animal motifs. In the same category come the
clocks. Some people are so obsessed, they would want a soft mew or a mild puppy
bark to wake them up from sleep! Clocks make great gifts and collector 鈥檚 item as
well. Animal themed clocks as gifts Clock maker in recent years have got so creative
and funky that looking at their creations just make you smile. Such gifts will make the
person remember you each day, if not every moment, at least in the morning. A cat
clock has an alarm which says, 鈥淚 t is milk time, be good to me and get me some
鈥? Who wouldn 鈥檛 want to wake up to such a sweet request? The clock will next
add 鈥渋 t 鈥檚 not easy I know 鈥? So the cajoling and coaxing is bound to make
you leap out of the bed and hug this sweet clock. There are loads of animal clocks
each of which comes with an alarm of its own style. A frog clock has alarm that goes
鈥淵 ou snooze, you lose pal!鈥?and 鈥渇 roggy to the beat baby 鈥? Depending on
your type of animal craze, get one for yourself or for a friend. These new age clocks
are very interactive, a style statement and never boring. These make excellent
Christmas and Easter gifts for friends and even kids. Clocks as collectors 鈥?items
Collectors 鈥?are very specific with what they want in their collection. The collection
is many a time based on a theme. Some collect keychain of all possible types, some
collect only metal or wooden key-chains. In the same lines you might gift such an
animal themed clock to a collector who is obsessed with animals, as a whole or a
particular animal. These clocks are available not just as mantle piece or as bedside
clocks. They are even available as clocks on key-chains. These run on batteries that
can be easily changed, come in solid coloured plastic bodies and colourless crystal.
There is no end to human imagination and each day a new fancy clock is released
which appeal to young and old alike. Try these clocks and begin a great day with
heightened moods.