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					Sometimes clapham removals will be to a storage unit. A lot of people, not
surprisingly, find they require some form of storage unit at some point in their lives. It
may be a self storage unit or a standard storage unit. Clapham removals may even
have storage units available at their location. Self storage is a big business these days.
Whatever type of storage unit it is that clapham removals is moving your items to it
needs to be a secure storage area.
 There are several things you should consider before you go researching a storage
unit. One is the reason you need a storage unit. What are you going to store? How
often to you think you will require access to the storage unit? How long are you going
to need the storage unit?
 Access is another issue that you have to know about. It should be open when you
think you may want access. Some storage units are only open Monday through Friday
and closed weekends. If this is the case, make sure those hours will work for you. You
also need to think about the access for actually putting your things into the storage
unit. Is there room for a truck to back up? Does the removal company have to carry
your things any distance? Do they have large trolleys available for the removals
company to load your stuff on to get it to your unit? Does the removals company need
to bring any extra equipment with them?
 Once you have the answer to these questions you also have to consider how safe
your items will be at the storage unit. There is sense paying a removals company to
haul your goods to a storage unit if that storage unit could be broken into.
 Obviously the same items a removals company will not haul for you don’t belong in
a storage unit either. So when you are packing your goods for the removals company
pick up you will need to discard items such hazardous materials, perishables, plants,
and propane tanks. If the storage unit is not climate controlled some of these items
could blow up in the perfect circumstances. If you plan to store liquor or wine then
another consideration is that the unit has climate control so you don’t lose those items
because of extreme heat or cold temperatures. No sense storing items that may spoil
just to throw them away.
 Whether you are arranging for a removals company to haul your goods to a new
home or to a storage unit you still have to schedule them and also make sure the
storage unit will be open and available when they arrive. In fact you should make
your rental arrangements before you have the movers come in so they don’t have to
sit and wait for you to rent a unit. There is the possibility that a space will not be
available for your items. Of course the removals company would know you are
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