Christian louboutin shoes are like poison

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					You, man, maybe can`t understand why Women are so crazy about high heels such as
christian louboutin shoes,don`t ask them the reasion,they cann`t answer you, too.
Women like high heeled shoes just like somebody like poison, who know it is harmful
for their health, but man or woman cann`t give up,woman cann`t give up the graceful
beauty. Victoria Beckham is also the fan of christian louboutin red sole high heels.
She will do her best to buy the mostnew style christian louboutin shoes when christian
louboutin design a new style. Beckham is one of Spice Girls and was subbed Posh
Spice, who owns the most andsome husband in the world whichenvy many women.
Search Victoria Beckham on google, you can see her picture standing on red carpet
with red sole high-heeled shoes, which make her charming and sexy; you can also
find some news about her such as she has become a famous fashion designer,what she
design is appreciated by women in the world. Beckham has become better recognised
as an international style icon, rather than a musicartist. Michael Ball commented "She
not only understands fashion and trendsbut has been a trend-setter and fashion icon
for years."
Bsides Victoria Beckham,you can find many world famous stars, who love wearing
christian louboutin shoes to take part in important action,aslo like the red sole high
heels. Blake Lively is famous for the hot TV play Gossip Girl. She have become the
first beauty of American fashion world.Blake Lively once act a small role in her
farthers'film Sandman. She is the actress of Elvis and Anabelle in 2006, and be the
important role of Simon Says and accepted. She got the role of Gossip Girl in
2007.Blake Lively wearing a pair of golden Christian Louboutin shoes attending the
first showing of film Spy Sherlock Holmes holding in NewYork lincoln center.
From famous women to ordinary fashionista,all of whom are crazy for christian
louboutin shoes as they have taken drug,so just like but no reasion.It is successful for
Christian louboutin that the red sole high heels he diesign make these women all over
the world love and crazy.Are you or have you been crazy for christian louboutin
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the world of shoes,Christian Louboutin is the favorite of European stars. The red
outsole, high heels and shining color
  becomes the unique logo of Christian Louboutin pumps.
  Christian Louboutin Sandal is your first choice.