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									Although you can ask your friends, family members to teach you driving, an approved
driving instructor (ADI) would have the experience, knowledge and training to teach
you properly. Choosing a driving instructor plays a vital role as professional training
can contribute significantly in success or failure in your practical driving test.
Some driving instructors are a part of bigger driving schools such as the AA, BSM or
Red and some are impendent. Whichever driving instructor you choose to go with,
make sure you directly communicate what you expect from them.
Make sure that driving instructor is full qualified
Driving instructors called Approved driving instructor (ADIs) are registered with
Driving Standard Agency (DSA). Two types of badges are issued by the Driving
Standards Agency (DSA) for display in tuition vehicles.
These badges will help you to visually identify instructor's qualification Green,
octagonal badge - The instructor is fully qualified and approved. Pink, triangular
badge - The instructor is licensed under training and is not yet fully qualified
It is suggested that at least compare two or three driving instructors or driving schools
before you make a final decision.
You must ask the instructor How long have you been teaching? Will you get a full
hour's tuition? Will it always be in the same car? Do they carry other pupils as
passengers while teaching you?
Don't go for the cheapest option while choosing the driving instructor. You can ask
your friends and family who have recently passed their driving test.
Driving instructor should always Come on time Appear in a clean well-maintained
car Must prepare and plan lesson based on the DSA syllabus
If you are unhappy with the service provided by your driving instructor, make an
effort and talk about it tactfully to resolve any matter. Then too if everything remains
same, you may choose to find a new driving instructor. Driving instructor should
make you feel secure and confident while you are learning to drive.
Driving instructor would judge your abilities and would guide you when you should
appear for your full practical driving test.
It is always good to perform a mock test before appearing for the final test. In this
driving instructor will act as the examiner and for the learner to take instruction and
execute a number of procedures that will be given, such as turning the car in the road.
After doing this mock test, learners will get a good example of what exactly is
expected on the actual test, so that he can be prepared and perform well in the final
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