Children's Furniture That Becomes Adult Furniture

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					It 鈥檚 a fact that as children grow so does their need for more space and storage
solutions. Unfortunately, that ordinarily means that you spend more and more money
on children 鈥檚 furniture throughout your child 鈥檚 lifespan. That can get
expensive, but there is another way!
  Several children's furniture companies understand that parents don't want to break
the back for furniture, year after year. That 鈥檚 why these companies have designed
furniture that transforms in functionality to meet your child 鈥檚 needs through every
stage of life. Believe it or not, you can pay once and get furniture that will last a
  Below you 鈥檒 l find info on four amazing pieces of children 鈥檚 furniture that
offer lifelong usefulness and beauty for your child 鈥檚 room. . The companies that
make these furnishings also offer other items that will last for decades as well. If you
value the mighty 鈥渂 uck 鈥?and want to keep your bank account thriving then you
鈥檒 l unquestionably want to shop around for children 鈥檚 furnishings that are
made to last.
  Let 鈥檚 start with a bed.
  The Atlantic Furniture Windsor Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed can be used as two twin
bunks or separated and used as two free standing twin beds. If you get this bed when
your child is young, you can separate the bunks and put a toddler rail on one twin to
use as a toddler bed. Use the other bed in a guest room or as a bed for another sibling.
Through teen years, put the bunks back together, so your child can have some fun
sleepovers, or your children can bunk together when they feel like it. When your child
is off to college, separate the bunks again and send one along with him/her and use
the other as a free standing bed in your home. This bunk bed is crafted with top
quality wood and comes in many gorgeous finishes, so you can match it to any room
of your choice.
  Every room needs storage options, so next is a dresser.
  The Beatrice Combo Tower with Hutch by Storkcraft is designed to last in form and
function. When your child is a baby, you can store the hutch in the attic and put a
changing pad on the dresser top for the perfect diaper and dressing station. After the
diaper phase, remove the changer pad and take the hutch out of storage and place it on
top of this two-tiered dresser that comes with three roomy drawers and cabinet. The
hutch offers more storage options for displaying favorite photos, trinkets, trophies and
more. This solid piece comes with cam-lock construction for added durability, plus
each drawer is on metal guides for easy open and close motion. This dresser and hutch
come in several stunning finishes to make it simple for you to match them to current
furnishings in your home.
  All children love crafts and do homework, so a kid 鈥檚 desk is a must!
  The Young America Basecamp Student Desk offers simple beauty that will provide a
lifetime of convenience in your child 鈥檚 room. As a child, this desk will provide
the perfect place for doing crafts or drawing pictures. As a teen, your child can spread
out his/her books and have the ideal space for study time. As an grownup, this desk
can be enjoyed in a college dorm or apartment. It 鈥檚 small enough to fit anywhere,
but roomy enough to be used as a fun space or work space to get things done. It 鈥檚
available in many attractive finishes and has a coordinated hutch that is optional.
  Every child sits, so the last item is a lifelong chair!
  The Scandinavian Child Svan High Chair can be used from 18 months to adulthood.
This amazing, modern seat can start off in high chair form with attached tray. As your
child grows, this chair can transform into a youth seat by adjusting it both vertically
and horizontally and also lowering the footrest. Through adulthood this chair can
continue to keep your child comfy by adjusting it to its full size. It 鈥檚 available is
several finishes and its modern design makes it gorgeous in any setting. It 鈥檚 also
light weight and easy to fit in any space with its smaller stature. Use it at the kitchen
table or at a desk or as a free standing seat for visitors. This adjustable chair will
provide years of sitting comfort for your child.