; Child Support Guidelines-The Essentials of Child Support Enforcement
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Child Support Guidelines-The Essentials of Child Support Enforcement


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									Child support is a thorny issue for parents who have fought a pitched battle over
custody of their child when their once loving relationship has ended.
  Child support guidelines in any individual state must conform to certain criteria set
down by the Personal Responsibility And Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, 1996
which requires all states to adopt uniform criteria in deciding child support payments.
  This act also established various tough sanctions to be enforced in states against non
paying parents such as the power to withhold certain professional and personal
licences and providing for strong enforcement procedures.
  The main thrust of PWRORA is to force individual states to follow certain principles
in enacting state legislation in relation to child support. These general principles
  1. both parents to share equally in providing for their children in proportion to their
ability to pay;
  2. child support must cover the child’s basic needs
  3. generally no matter how badly off a parent is, there will seldom be occasions
when a parent’s obligation is set at 0
  4. child support is due and owing to the child regardless of the marital status of the
  5. the state in framing their child support laws must encourage the involvement of
both parents in the child’s upbringing.
  In summary, the state must ensure that the income of both parents is taken into
account and must be objective, fair and provide for the basic needs of the child,
particularly his health care needs.
  The Family Support Act, 1988 creates a presumption that the state’s decision in
relation to the amount of child support to be paid over is correct but this presumption
can be rebutted by evidence showing that the award is inappropriate or unjust. Learn
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