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chennai realestates


									Chennai ,the beautiful city located in the state of TamilNadu,was formerly known as
Madras. It is the main Hub of Information technology .As we all know Information
technology is growing very fast and we are seeing vast changes in every field. If you
are looking to buy, sell or rent a property in Chennai, then it is good news for you
because the rates are mostly based on square feet. Chennai is a highly populated city
with well equipped utilities like 24 hour hospitals, pharmacies, police, hotels,
restaurants, banks and ATM centers in most of the localities.
  There is a huge demand for Real estate in chennai and it is more in case of
residential properties in Chennai. Average buyers concentrate more on the suburbs or
outers as they are very much cost effective and also they are free from pollution and
severe traffic .Business or Commercial property is always on a high demand due to
excellent growth of the Information technology and also in various 'Business Process
Outsourcing' companies. Property prices are less when compared to all metropolitan
cities in India.Every one wants to check all the details of the required property or land
or house through online and As Internet is th fastest media which can able to share
most of the information in minutes to all around the people where ever they are .It
would be easy to select the particular plot or land through online and to buy There are
numerous financing options offered by banks for property loans.
  Every individual will have their own dream to have thier own property with thier
name and they want the best place to reside and hence a lot of care needs to taken
before selecting the property. This is a very lengthy process and it involves a lot of
paperwork and to understand these proceedings, the buyer needs a lot of patience. So
you need to make sure you know some terms before you buy property in Chennai.
  The property card is the most important information you need to know. This card is a
detailed report prepared for the seller by his or her lawyer. You should always choose
a genuine lawyer well versed in real estate dealings. Need to clarify all the things
before doing any transaction and The lawyer should check this report on your behalf.
The seller should posses the all the information regarding property and should also
have the right to transfer the property. Even when you made your transaction online
also same procedure needs to be followed.
  The land/property should be approved by the concerned land development or
planning authorities. Seller should have purchased the property with his or her own
funds and it should never have been mortgaged.He need to get all the things done in
succesful completion of the transaction. A 'No objection certificate' is to be obtained
by the builder or society and all Property tax bills, water bills and electricity dues
need to be cleared. A clear complete decision has to be made by the buyer and seller
of regarding the 'society transfer' charges. You should make sure that you get all the
documents clearly and hand it over to you before the transaction ends.

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