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									                                                                        Technology & Services

                                                                              Philips Medical Systems

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Philips offers a robust portfolio of medical systems        company’s customer care services maintain this
and the goal of each product is clear; faster and more      collaborative relationship with a post-installation
accurate diagnosis and treatment. The product line          service package designed specifically for each
includes best-in-class technologies for X-ray,              department. Customer care services provide the
ultrasound, magnetic resonance, computed                    power of choice in a complex healthcare
tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, positron                 environment. With Philips’ expertise, in both clinical
emission tomography (PET), radiation oncology               applications and information technology, the
systems,     patient    monitoring,        information      company are ready to collaborate with customers on
management and resuscitation products. The                  an integrated, multi-modality, healthcare IT
company also offer a wide range of services;                environment, which transforms data into knowledge.
including, but not limited to, training and education,
business consultancy, financial services and e-care         X-Ray – General
business services.
                                                            The company’s general X-ray division develops,
Healthcare Informatics                                      manufactures and sells X-ray systems for radiography
                                                            and fluoroscopy, as well as mobile C-arms for surgery.
Philips’ healthcare informatics portfolio includes a
wide range of products and professional services.           The radiography portfolio includes conventional and
Each one offering customer tailored image and               mobile radiography solutions. In the field of digital
information management solutions for the cardiology         radiography Philips provides computed radiography
and radiology environment. Worldwide installations          and direct digital radiography (DR) systems. The
in both these areas have given the company                  company’s latest image processing technology,
invaluable experience in the market.                        Unified Image Quality Enhancement (UNIQUE),
                                                            provides outstanding image quality for both flat
The technological innovations Philips deliver are a         detector technology and Philips computed
direct result of the work done with all their               radiography (PCR).
customers. This insight has helped to develop IT
products and services that help healthcare                  Philips R/F X-ray systems assist in faster, more
professionals improve their productivity, efficiency        confident diagnoses for a wide application range: The
and ultimately the quality of care.                         DuoDiagnost systems, as well as the Eleva family of
                                                            products, all reflect the company’s commitment to
Customer Support, Healthcare                                delivering the highest image quality at the lowest
Consulting and Financial/Leasing                            possible dose, while enhancing quality of care and
Services                                                    increasing productivity.

Philips understand that for every institution, one of the   The Philips BV family addresses all mobile fluoroscopy
customer’s most pressing concerns is how to maximise        imaging applications as required, for example, in the
the value of the medical technology they already have.      operating room (OR). All BV family systems offer
                                                            integrated Digital Images and Communications in
The comprehensive professional services will help to        Medicine (DICOM) functionality and Vequion
improve patient outcomes and reduce the overall costs       compliant workstations.
of healthcare delivery with integrated solutions that
effect change. With Philips’ comprehensive customer         X-Ray – Cardio/Vascular
care services, the goal is to help increase the speed of
patient throughput, increase uptime, improve                Innovative technology is one of the reasons why
productivity and lower the cost of ownership. The           Philips have been called a world leader in cardiac and

E-HEALTH & MEDICAL IT SOLUTIONS 2006                                                                                 1
              Technology & Services

    vascular imaging for diagnostics and intervention.         • Philips’ CV ultrasound systems include the
    The reason lies in the accomplishments made through          SONOS 4500, SONOS 5500, and ‘ImagePoint
    collaborative work with customers committed to               Hx’ systems.
    changing cardiovascular (CV) care for the better. The
    results include innovations like the Integris Allura –     • The ‘EnConcert’ system has been touted as the
    the world’s first interventional X-ray system for three      world’s leading integrated, digital solution for
    dimensional (3-D) reconstructions.                           acquisition, review, measurement, reporting and
                                                                 archiving of ECG images and data
    CV Care
                                                               Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Philips Cardiovascular Care Segment is dedicated to
    providing full-line support across the CV care             Because of their client’s input, Philips are striving to
    continuum. The depth and breadth of the CV                 change how the world looks at MR in radiology,
    portfolio includes:                                        cardiology and interventional applications. The
                                                               customers have shown the company how MR
    •   X-Ray angiography;                                     products improve speed, create higher-quality
    •   CV CT;                                                 images and expand the breadth of applications, while
    •   CV magnetic Resonance (MR);                            reducing the cost of ownership.
    •   nuclear Cardiology;
    •   echocardiography (ECG);                                Philips’ state-of-the-art line of Achieva scanners
    •   diagnostic ECG;                                        includes the Achieva 1.5T and the Achieva 3.0T, the
    •   cardiac care unit (CCU) monitoring;                    world’s most compact ultra-high field MR system.
    •   healthcare informatics defibrillation; and             The Panorama 0.6T and Panorama 0.23T represent
    •   service and Support.                                   the company’s commitment to the open MR
                                                               market. Featuring a true C-arm design, the open
    The company are also committed to advancing                scanners offer outstanding convenience to both staff
    molecular imaging research (MIR) for the future of         and patients.
    CV care. Philips are collaborating with leading
    researchers and drug designers worldwide in the            In addition, all of the MR products are delivered
    development of new contrast agents and other               with Philips’ unique Sensitivity Encoding (SENSE)
    pharmaceuticals for the future of CV                       technology, an advancement that has proven itself
    molecular imaging.                                         in a clinical setting to provide revolutionary
                                                               enhancements in magnetic resonance imaging
    Philips understand the challenges their clients face on    (MRI) speed.
    a daily basis, and through their ‘Collaboration
    Methodology’ they work with the client to                  Computed Tomography
    understand their needs and provide the specific
    solutions that are required. The company’s goal, for       Philips Medical Systems has always been an
    both administrators and clinicians alike, remains the      explorer and has always supported the pioneering
    same: To continue to help deliver world-class CV           spirit in clients. There is perhaps no better example
    care routinely to all patients within the constraints of   of this than Philips CT. Customers are able to
    hospital economics.                                        choose from a range of systems that provide a
                                                               breadth of capabilities from routine clinical exams
    Ultrasound                                                 to advanced applications in cardiology, oncology
                                                               and PET/CT imaging. Their appeal is powered not
    Philips offers a broad range of Ultrasound products,       only by intelligent technologies, but also by
    which consist of high-definition (HDI) and compact         intuitive human interface advancements.
    systems, as well as general and cardiology focused
    systems. Current successes in this area include:           Philips offers an entirely new line of multislice CT
                                                               systems under the name of Brilliance ™ CT.
    • The company have grown to an installed base of           Brilliance systems are specifically designed to help
      over 14,000 digital broadband HDI systems.               sites leverage the full value enabled by multislice
                                                               imaging through smarter technologies and
    • The second-generation SonoCT real-time                   advances in user-friendliness. Users can expect
      compound imaging ultrasound technology                   superior results across a range of routine and
      allows for advanced signal processing, such as           advanced applications including neuro, body,
      Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI), 3-D and                   pulmonary, CV paediatric, interventional and
      panoramic imaging.                                       trauma studies.

2                                                                        E-HEALTH & MEDICAL IT SOLUTIONS 2006
                                                                                   Philips Medical Systems

The Brilliance family of products is intended to         patients to see beyond the scanner. Philips’
meet the needs of a wide variety of customers;           Expanse™ technology provides easy patient access
systems are available in a breakthrough 64-slice         through separation of the PET and CT gantries.
configuration, as well as 6-slice, 10-slice, 16-slice
and 40-slice, and 16 power configurations. In            Knowing that the customer wants to make secure
addition to the Brilliance CT portfolio, Philips         investments, the PET/CT systems are ‘designed for
offers a Mx8000™ Dual multislice CT scanner,             life’. The company’s commitment is to develop
AcQsim™ CT scanner for oncology studies and              products that provide competitive advantages for
GEMINI™ CT/PET multislice systems.                       the present, while providing the ability to grow as
                                                         new applications emerge.
Nuclear Medicine
                                                         Radiation Therapy Planning
Philips’ market-leading nuclear medicine imaging
product portfolio offers a complete line of gamma        The Pinnacle radiation oncology system computers
cameras for general nuclear medicine applications,       help oncologists plan, deliver and evaluate precise
as well as a cardiology market leader in office-based    radiation treatments for cancer patients. The
applications. CardioMD is a compact, dedicated           systems combine third-party workstations and
gamma camera for nuclear cardiology and is               printers using Philips’ proprietary application
specifically designed to meet the requirements of        software. They offer 3-D volumetric image
outpatient facilities.                                   processing and dose computation capabilities,
                                                         which enable physicians to plan the precise
Philips also recognises the potential for improving      application of high-energy radiation to a patient’s
patient care and reducing costs through the use of       specific targeted area for the treatment of cancer.
hybrid imaging systems. The hybrid imaging line
continues to expand and now includes, Precedence         Cardiac and Monitoring Systems
SPECT/CT, the latest breakthrough in functional
and molecular imaging, and GEMINI™ PET/CT,               The Cardiac and Monitoring Systems division
the world’s first and only open PET/CT.                  offers an extensive and recognised portfolio of
                                                         patient monitoring and cardiology products;
Positron Emission Tomography                             including automated external defibrillators and
                                                         related professional services, supplies and support.
Philips are looking to set new standards in imaging
with their PET and PET/CT product offerings by           These solutions are designed to provide better and
focusing on performance, productivity and                faster patient care. They are here to support the
reliability. Driving all of these accomplishments is     needs of healthcare providers in demanding
the revolutionary Pixelar ™ detector design,             environments. In addition, they are here to address
combined with true 3-D acquisition and                   an international trend of treating chronic medical
reconstruction – targeted at setting a new               conditions      outside    the    hospital.   Key
benchmark for PET image quality.                         products include:

These products can help provide diagnostic               •   patient monitoring systems;
confidence. They can help customers make more            •   point-of-care diagnostics;
informed decisions and encourage shared                  •   clinical information management systems;
confidence by eliminating departmental technical         •   diagnostic cardiology device technologies;
boundaries. An example of this is Philips’ Syntegra      •   manual automated external defibrillators;
workflow solution. It provides automated 3-D             •   electrocardiographs;
image registration algorithms that are fast and          •   electronic stethoscopes;
reproducible and available in full fidelity for multi-   •   data management systems;
modality display and review.                             •   600 medical-supply products; and
                                                         •   financial, integration and professional consulting
Philips are continually focusing on developing               services.
products with the customers and patients in mind.
An example of this is the unique and open design         Philips’ focus is on everyone – from the healthcare
of the PET/CT products. They can reduce anxiety          consumer to the healthcare providers, from the
during the imaging examination by allowing               home to the hospital. s

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