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					          Dame Ellen
        Pinsent School

  Personal, Social and
  Health Education and

         July 08
To be reviewed July 2010

Sheila Thornton, all staff April 08 and
          Governors July 08
Status         This is a statutory policy.
                     To raise the awareness of PSHE and Citizenship with parents,
                      staff, governors and pupils.
                     To provide a caring and health promoting school environment
                      based on courtesy, good manners, and a respect for self and
                      others and an understanding and tolerance towards the
                      various races, religions and cultures present in our society.
                     To develop a healthy lifestyle and keep themselves and others
                      safe and to provide pupils with the necessary skills to become
                      confident, healthy and active individuals.
                     To help them develop effective and fulfilling relationships and
                      learn to respect the differences between people.
                     To help pupils to develop lively enquiring minds, the ability to
                      question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to
                     To teach skills of personal decision-making, problem solving,
                      and self-confidence, self-esteem and self- worth, in the context
                      of social relationships.
                     To create an appropriate learning environment in which pupils
                      can develop an understanding of PSHE and Citizenship
                      enabling them the opportunity to become responsible citizens
                      and to emphasise the importance of consideration for others
                      as the most important principle of any community.
                     To ensure that pupils will be made aware that alternative
                      modes of transport can be used to get to school.

Relationship   The policy supports, promotes and reflects the school ethos, aims
to other       and vision.
               Equal opportunities policy.
               Race equality policy and scheme
               Gender equality scheme
               S4E disability access scheme.
               Health and Safety policy
               Drug Education and Drug Abuse policy
               Sex and Relationships Education Policy
               Child Protection Policy/LAC
               Healthy Schools Status documents
               Behaviour policy
               Home/School Liaison policy
               All other curriculum policies
               PCT South Birmingham targets
               The Children’s Plan, DCSF, 2007
                 School Travel Plan
                 Community Cohesion policy

Equal            This school is committed to working towards equality of opportunities
Opportunities/   for all pupils regardless of their gender, race, disability, and social
Principles       PSHE/Citizenship promotes the respect of others, particularly in
                 listening and appreciating their opinions
                 PSHE encourages:
                       pupils to develop relationships – through work and play whilst
                        identifying the needs of themselves and others.
                       privacy, dignity and respect.
                       equal access and opportunities for all.
                       pupils to take responsibility for their actions – within the school
                        environment and the wider world.
                       high quality learning experiences.
                       empathy – to identify with the different cultures, customs and
                        opinions and draw parallels with their own.
                       participation – to take an active and responsible approach to
                        decision making.
                       pupils to make choices – forming balanced opinions based on
                        gathered information.
                       pupils to seek out information and advice.
                       pupils to prepare for change.
Procedures       PSHE is taught from an objective point of view, drawing parallels
                 where appropriate to personal experiences.

                 The content will be linked to pupils’ own personal development

                 Skill development is achieved through the provision of
                 experiences, which may be direct subject teaching or may
                 facilitate investigation, exploration and sensory awareness in
                 areas that incorporate relevant opportunities aimed at each pupils
                 developmental/ability level.

                 PSHE will be taught, both through a thematic approach, which will
                 link into other areas of the curriculum, and where relevant as a
                 specific subject (this will include circle time).

                 PSHE will also be taught within the “informal” curriculum
                 consisting of a wide variety of techniques:
                     Relationships between staff and pupils.
                     School values and ethos.
                     Links with parents and the community.
                     Assemblies
                     Use of outside visitors/agencies
                     School Council

             All staff are expected to:

                 actively and positively promote self-advocacy, respect and
                  dignity for individual, self-help and self-worth.
                 plan lessons carefully, varying activities and pace to meet the
                  needs of all pupils.
                 ensure content and teaching approaches match the needs and
                  maturities of all pupils.
                 create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment
                  where everyone will be inspired to do their very best.
                 offer opportunities to revisit areas of study and make the pupils
                  learning relevant to their lives.
                 promote skills that will give greater independence, control and
                  understanding in their lives and the world around them.
                 monitor pupil’s progress and ensure continuity and recognise
             All Students will:

             be given opportunities to develop:
                 an understanding that we are all special individuals of equal
                 the concept of rights and responsibilities.
                 an understanding of the effect that our friends and families
                    have on our actions.
                 an understanding of their own feelings and the feelings of
                 an understanding of choices.
                 an awareness of, and an interest in, themselves and their
                    immediate surroundings and environment.

Use of ICT
                   ICT will be used to motivate pupils, to reinforce skills and
                    awareness and as an important tool for display purposes.
                   ICT is an important tool to enable full participation of all pupils
                    in an inclusive classroom.
                   ICT will form an integral part of pupils learning in PHSE.
Planning         Units of work will be taken from a whole school overview for PSHE
                 and Citizenship. The overview will show which activities will be
                 undertaken in any given school year and the experiences that the
                 children will receive through these activities.

                 There is a two year topic cycle due to the nature of the classes in
                 school i.e. split year groups. This ensures a broad and balanced
                 curriculum catering for both progression and revision of experiences
                 for children who study in the same year group two years running.

                 As there are fundamental issues which are pertinent to the children
                 at Dame Ellen Pinsent School e.g. self-help skills, social skills and
                 issues around sex and relationship education and drugs education,
                 these learning experiences are constantly revisited throughout a
                 child’s school years. The second year of the topic cycle is a revision
                 of the experiences of the first year with a different emphasis due to
                 the content of the topics.

                 At Year 5 and 6 the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum is weighted
                 toward sex and relationship education and drugs education and all
                 work in these areas throughout the school i.e. from early years is
                 consolidated here.

                 Personal and Social Education at Dame Ellen Pinsent School is
                 underpinned by the aims of the school i.e. to provide breadth and
                 balance in the child’s education, to improve educational standards
                 to help children grow into effective adults and to provide a climate
                 which recognises and responds to the special needs of individuals.

                 Personal and Social Education is highly valued in our school as
                 many of our children have difficulty in developing skills and grasping
                 basic concepts in this area. Social skills and self-help skills along
                 with language and communication difficulties are often highlighted
                 as being areas of need on the children’s educational statements.
Monitoring and   Teacher assessment.
Evaluating       Informal evaluation.
                 B Squared and target setting
                 Project work
                 Teacher observation
                 Recorded comments by pupils about their work.
                 Performance management observations.
                 Individual records.
                 Annual reports.