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									    The Future of Food Retailing in the U.S., 3rd Edition
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Food retailers continue to face challenging economic times as the Great Recession, albeit now officially
over, has changed and accelerated changes in consumer behavior and the retail marketplace.
Shopping patterns have shifted as consumers have re-evaluated the price-value equation, and the
lines dividing retail channels continue to blur. Growing competition, emerging and merging retail
formats, price wars, the burgeoning strength of private labels, retailers as arbiters of wellness and
nutrition management, SKU rationalization (or not), and experiments with Internet marketing and
digital technologies are just a few of the trends that promise to reshape food retailing in the near-term
future. More than ever, retailers and marketers of consumer packaged goods need to keep a close
watch on macro and micro trends alike, and adjust their merchandise assortments, pricing, and
marketing strategies accordingly.

The Future of Food Retailing in the U.S. offers a comprehensive examination of the overriding trends
in the market, highlighting opportunities and strategies retailers and CPG marketers can use to
optimize their businesses during the coming years. The report provides detailed analysis of trends in
the key retail channels through which foods and beverages are sold, including Grocery (major and
independent supermarkets, natural food stores, ethnic supermarkets, traditional small grocery stores,
and gourmet/specialty stores), Value (supercenters, mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs, dollar
stores, and limited assortment stores), Convenience (convenience stores), and Alternative
(drugstores, farmers’ markets, online grocery services, vending machines, and other alternative
venues). In-store merchandising and food preparation trends, category sales trends, marketing
trends, and media trends including use of new social media are also covered.

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