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					                              Testimonials for Carter Ferrington

“Being a first time home buyer is a daunting experience, especially
in the complex Washington DC market. I was extremely fortunate to
work with Carter Ferrington, who is especially adept at guiding the
neophyte through the maze of procedures leading to settlement.
Carter's significant legal and realty experience, his vast knowledge
of the DC market, as well as his intimate familiarity with a range of
neighborhoods, greatly simplified my search. He is ever-patient,
prompt in his response to questions and attentive to detail. Beyond
his impressive professional qualifications, he displayed an intuitive
grasp of my needs and comfort level at each step in the process.
Carter's unique combination of competence and consideration minimized
stress and maximized enjoyment in the accomplishment of buying a
first home. Carter's genial nature made working with him a delight,
and I recommend him highly to all buyers, whether first time or

Dr. B.A.S.
Adams Morgan, Washington, DC

“I couldn’t believe how quickly Carter sold our home, and for how much money! I was blown
away. I thought my house was worth less money, but Carter found its true value. Basically, with
the higher price, his commission was free.”

Chevy Chase, MD

“Our home sold with 3 offers while other homes in the neighborhood are still on the market. It
was the highest price realized for a similar-sized unit. Carter’s negotiation skills netted us
thousands of dollars that we wouldn’t have received otherwise. This success speaks for itself.”

Ft. Washington, MD

“When I was looking for a small investment property in Washington, D. C. for our grandson's
future, we attended an open house on 16th Street which was being held by Carter for Vogel
Realty. At that time, our real estate agent had sent us to see the apartment.
Our real estate agent was very "pushy" and we were waiting for our three month's contract to
expire. We met Carter that day, and I decided to call him once our contract expired, and I did
after two months. He was so kind, considerate, and caring when we visited his open house and
we knew he was a man of integrity.
He helped us locate a condo which we purchased from him. In this world today, I was stunned to
find such a real estate agent. He is directed by his integrity, honesty, and knowledge to make sure
his clients are treated with respect and concern.
I can assure you that he is one in a million ....... ”

Van Ness, Washington, DC

“We contacted Carter Ferrington about a home he had advertised on Craigs List. We were from
out of town and didn’t know much about Washington, DC neighborhoods. Carter answered our
questions honestly and showed an impressive knowledge of the city and the real estate industry.
It became apparent, even before we visited his listing, that the home wasn’t what we were
looking for. However, we realized that Carter was exactly the type of agent we wanted, and
asked him to help us find the right home. He did a wonderful job.”

Silver Spring, MD

“Carter sold my five unit building for all cash and as is condition. He then helped me with my
1031 exchange. It’s great to deal with such a sophisticated agent when selling investment

Dr. I.S.V.
Petworth, Washington, DC

“I can’t get over how some agents take a laid back attitude. Carter worked for us the whole time.
He found us a great house and took care of all of the details. Thanks, Carter!”

Columbia Heights, Washington, DC