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									Stretch marks are a problem that many women experience in some point of their lives.
Almost 90 percent of expectant women as well as a large number of teenagers will
acquire this condition. Stretch marks are not actually caused by the stretching of the
skin. People only assume this in their association of stretch marks with weight gain or
pregnancy; however, hormones are the true cause. Therefore, when searching for
treatment and prevention options, make sure to look for one that addresses this true

 What are Stretch Marks?

 Weight gain causes the production of hormones that are metabolized by fat cells.
Women who are expecting also experience huge fluctuations in hormones. Because
hormones resemble fat and cholesterol, changes in weight mean changes in hormones
which include those in our skin. These serious changes in hormones can cause a
change in metabolism in our skin causing what we have come to know as 'stretch

 To better understand stretch marks, we must better understand the skin. Our skin is
made up of 80 percent collagen and 4 percent elastin fiber network. Elastin proteins
allow skin to stretch, be flexible, and snap back to original forms. Stretch marks are
the result of damage to elastin fibers. Stretch marks are complicated because elastin is
a difficult element to repair.

 Prevent Stretch Marks

  Because stretch marks are so difficult to heal, it is important to try to prevent them
from becoming a problem. The best prevention method is use of topical retinoid and
alpha-hydroxy creams with topical steroids. Steroid creams can help reduce skin
inflammation that can worsen stretch marks. The retinoid and alpha-hydroxy creams
are used to negate the unfortunate side effects of steroid creams. Some natural skin
care products can provide more effective results without having to worry about side
effects. Rid stretch marks from your life before they even develop!

 Stretch Mark Treatment

  If you have already become victim to stretch marks and are searching for treatment
methods to reduce their appearance, there are many types of treatments and
procedures that are known to remove stretch marks. The most popular are laser
treatments that can reduce the redness of stretch marks, soften white marks, improve
the texture and improve overall stretch mark appearance. Laser procedures are known
for smoothing out red or white discolorations and decreasing inflammation. These
procedures unfortunately are painful and necessitate a rather long and uncomfortable
recovery time. Another unfortunate fact is that laser sessions usually go for around
1000 dollars.
 Microdermabrasion and chemical peels are also treatment options, however these
only treat the superficial layers of skin. There are also many stretch mark creams that
are chemical based that could be effective, however, they come with the risk of
various side effects. Doctors might recommend the use of microdermabrasion along
with an effective body cream in order to strip away the top layers of skin and allow
the cream to penetrate deep into the dermis where the skin is damaged.

 Natural Skin Care Solution

 Natural skin care products have developed some promising treatment methods as
well. An incredible new biological ingredient produced by the Helix Aspersa Muller
has bee proven to dissolve dead and damaged cell and prompt new skin regeneration.
This organic complex strengthens skin fibers and helps to decrease the size of the
affected area as well as even out skin tone. It has also shown to greatly improve skin
elasticity. Organic treatment with a product that contains Helix Aspersa Muller
secretions can greatly improve the appearance and gradually diminish stretch marks.
Lose stretch marks fast and naturally with organic skin care products.

 BIOSKINEXFOL is an organic stretch mark remover by Biocutis skin care line. This
strech mark cream combines the action of micro crystals to exfoliate and clear away
the superficial layers of skin in order to clear the way for its comprehensive skin
regenerating serum to better absorb into the deeper layers of the dermis. This is one of
the few stretch mark creams that boasts a list of natural botanicals, including Helix
Aspersa Muller secretions, that have the ability to control inflammation as well as
stimulate collagen growth and cellular regeneration in order to improve skin tone and
restore healthy skin cells to leave you with refreshed skin in place of prior stretch
marks. Treat and prevent stretch marks with Biocutis' BIOSKINEXFOL cream.

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