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									Doshisha University Center for Japanese Language and Culture

-Information Sheet for Partner Universities-

                                                          As of September 01, 2010
Name of Institution        Doshisha University
Name of Office             Office of International Education
Mailing Address            Doshisha University
                           Office of International Education
                           Center for Japanese Language and Culture
                           Kamigyo-Ku, Kyoto 602-8580
Manager                    Ms. Hiroko Kitamura
Program Coordinator        Mr. Hiroki Kamata
Ass. Program Coordinator   Ms. Kimika Mori
Tel:                       +81-75-251-3257
Fax:                       +81-75-251-3123
E-mail:                    ji-nbn@mail.doshisha.ac.jp
Website:                   University website (Japanese)
                           University website (English)
                           Center for Japanese Language and Culture website(Japanese)
                           Center for Japanese Language and Culture website(English)

Academic Calendar
                           Semester 1                      Semester 2
Teaching Period            April to July                   mid-September to late January
Application Due            Middle of November              end of March
Enrollment/Orientation     first week of April             mid-September
First Week of Classes      first week of April             mid-September
Last Week of Classes       mid-July                        late January
Exam Period                late July to early August       late January to mid-February
Announcement of            mid-September                   late March
Examination Results

Application Procedures
Number of accepted Students Please see the student exchange agreement between our
and Duration of Exchange    institutions
Expected Date and Method of August of the previous year via E-mail
Sending Application package
Documents required                 Please see the application package that is send out every year in
Application Deadlines              Spring Semester: Middle of November of the previous year
                                   Fall Semester: March 31

Academic information for exchange students
Language Requirements       Exchange students who wish to come to Doshisha University are
                            usually required to have studied Japanese at a college level for at least
                            one year prior to their application.

List of Courses in the          http://cjlc.doshisha.ac.jp/ryugaku/studyinkyoto/front_03/02.html
Nichibun Program (incl.         (Japanese)
courses taught in               http://cjlc.doshisha.ac.jp/ryugaku/english/studyinkyoto/front_03/02.html
languages other than            (English)
Japanese)                       These courses are open to all exchange students.

Courses and Restrictions        Students who show a good command of Japanese language at the
for taking Courses at           placement test will be allowed to take courses at Doshisha’s
Doshisha’s Under-               undergraduate and graduate schools. The courses that can be
graduate and Graduate           taken depend on the student’s Japanese level. Exchange students
Schools.                        are precluded from enrolling in seminar classes and specialized
                                subjects that are only open to students of the respective faculty.

Credit System                   The Center considers a class of the Japanese language Courses
                                and the Japanese/English language Seminars that meets 2 hours
                                (90 minutes) once a week (x 15 weeks) as one credit, and a class
                                of the Lecture Courses that meets two hours (90 minutes) once a
                                week (x 15 weeks) as two credits.

Course Registration             At the beginning of each semester
Status of Exchange              Full-time non-degree student at the Center for Japanese Language
Students at Doshisha            and Culture

Accommodation                   Doshisha University has ten accommodations available. The
                                accommodation application form will be send to our partner
                                universities with the Application package. Due to a limited number
                                of rooms in each dormitory, Doshisha University can not guarantee
                                that students can move into the application of their choice.
                                Rent: 22,000 to 41,000 yen/month

Facilities                      Students can use the same facilities as regular students.
Living Costs                    Depending on each student’s lifestyle. The average monthly costs
                                of living in Kyoto are about 120,000 Japanese Yen, including rent
                                (at the very least 100,000 Japanese Yen).

Scholarships                    Doshisha University Student Exchange Support Scholarship:
                                80,000 yen per month up to 11 months or 500,000 yen (250,000
                                yen per semester).

                                80,000 yen per month up to 12 months and 80,000 yen as a
               relocation allowance upon arrival.
               Documents required: Certificate of Enrolment of the applicant for
               JASSO International Student Scholarship for Short-Term Study in

Pick-up        Pick-up at Kyoto Station on specific days (free of charge)
Visa           Doshisha will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of
               Residence on behalf of the students.

Vaccinations   Vaccinations against Measles and Rubella are recommended.

Insurances     Exchange students who study at Doshisha have to join the National
               Health Insurance Program that covers 70% of medical treatment
               costs. Students have to bring a travel health insurance to cover
               them for the first weeks.

               Students coming to Doshisha are automatically covered by
               “Doshisha’s Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing
               Education and Research” (free of charge). However, this insurance
               only covers the time during classes, other on-campus activities or
               off-campus activities authorized by the university.
               There is currently no compulsory insurance for public liability
               arranged by Doshisha. Students should therefore take out their own
               public liability insurance.

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