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									Are you facing a staggering loss of thousands of dollars because your new business
did not take off? Or are you having to pay hefty medical bills as your loved one is in
the hospital for undergoing a surgery? Whatever be the reason, these situations will go
extremely heavy on your pocket. Most people can't cough up the huge amount and
end up taking loans which take months to pay off.
  An easy and quick solution to this is to sell your old and broken jewelry to a refinery.
You will achieve a dual purpose by doing so. Firstly, you can get rid of any antique
jewelry that is lying unused and is cluttering your cupboard. The biggest advantage is
that you will earn solid cash that will care of your money problems completely or at
least partially. Isn't it better than running about here and there and asking others for
  These schemes are usually called "Cash for gold" where your items are appraised by
gemologists and an offer is placed before you. Try to find out the recent trends in the
market so that you are up-to-date about the relevant information. Thorough
knowledge of market trends and prices will go a long way in providing you with the
best deal possible.
  However, you need to be slightly careful while trading your gold to get money. Cash
for gold schemes have resulted in a lot of con artists and phony jewelry buyers
springing up everywhere. They design elaborate scams to cheat people out of their
money. A news channel had recently run a sting operation on gold dealers by using
hidden cameras. The shocking expose states that these dealers were selling pieces of
the metal for over $1,200 when their actual value was lesser than $200! Therefore,
you too must exercise caution so that you don't fall in a trap and lose out on a
profitable deal.
  Various websites are now advertising "Cash for gold" schemes. Here also you must
watch your step as some are operating illegally or facing lawsuits due to violation of
standard policies. Grab the "golden" chance and say goodbye to all your financial
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