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					Career Change Job Search? Career Coach Training or Entrepreneur
  Retired Career Coach Offers Valuable Insights and Resources
  OK, you are going to have to face a career change or a career transition. That is a
real concern today. Wasn 鈥檛 it President Regan who defined Recession as someone
else loses their job and Depression is when you lose your job?
  Now, the Recession has turned into a Depression for you.
  How are you going to deal with the job loss?
  Do you need a career coach? Plenty of folks have done fine without one. Have you
faced the realities of how this affects you deeply? Do you understand you the product?
What is the market you are approaching? What are the 10 skills you have mastered?
Do you have a clear and sales oriented resume? How are your verbal communications
skills? Can you influence someone you just met to help you? How about cover letters,
can you write one? Who are the targets of your market? Where are hidden jobs? Are
you comfortable negotiating? Who can you rely upon for constant professional
  When you face these questions and honestly answer them, is the answer, I don 鈥檛
want to work for anyone again? Should you act on that impulse? Could you offer your
experience to the open market and hire yourself in your own business?
  Have you any understanding of what 鈥渂 usiness 鈥?is all about? (Aside from, 鈥
淚鈥檒 l never get fired again!鈥? What questions need to be addressed to go into
  Well, you are in luck. Here 鈥檚 some practical down to earth advice from someone
who has been through it all. I have been where you are now. I have learned an
enormous amount about career campaigns. I explored the questions just mentioned,
learned the answers and I am here to share.
  When I was out of work, I engaged a career counseling group to learn how to market
myself. I discovered how to combine my knowledge of sales and marketing with the
career process. Using the self discovery tools and skills I learned the decision was to
strike out on my own. I formed my own very successful career consulting firm.
During the following 15 years I coached hundreds of individuals from every walk of
  My 35+ years of experience includes the entire spectrum of employment;
administrative associates, middle managers and CEOs. The industries span nearly
every type; manufacturing, banking, utilities, construction and many others. The
conclusion: the career development process is quite similar to sales and marketing of
a business or product.
  You master the product 鈥檚 features, advantages and benefits, explore market
niches and create effective methods of introduction tailored to each customer.
Objective description of the product features, how it is advantaged over competition
and why it is most beneficial. All are central to brining a product or service to the
buyer. This is the marketing component. Marketing is the 鈥渨 hat 鈥?part of the
equation. What is the product?
  The selling part applies to techniques of promoting the product in different media
and in face to face presentations. Effective sales literature is essential. Materials are
nothing without sales effort. The human element, sales skills are nothing without the
ability to 鈥渃 lose 鈥?the deal applying effective oral communications.
 So, how do you do all of this?
 For you to objectively know you, the product, emotional strength and power to face
the unknown future is required. The complication is, you are a product that feels,
thinks and talks. The product has emotions; modesty, self-doubt, fears and trepidation
to name only a few of a large group of human responses to being thrust into the job
 This is a chance of a lifetime to re-evaluate and appraise your most important
product, YOU. This the most important issue at hand for the career effort. Your life
goals are a big part of this evaluation and will extend naturally from the review of the
product. As you fully explore the product YOU the markets will be clearer.
 Once the objective product description and market targets are outlined sales skills
are next. The ability to communicate the reasons to buy is based upon the assessment
and conclusions you made in the product analysis. They will affect you for rest of
your life. Consider them well.
 Be as objective as your emotions permit.
 For a more thorough career discussion, To
explore your entrepreneurial spirit,

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