Outdoor Results 10 by dfsdf224s


        IPSWICH & DIST. BOWLS CLUB, Sat. 24th & Sun. 25th JULY 2010

2 BOWL SINGLES                                (Sponsored by L.J. Wiggins (Trophies))
   21   J Summons (Kes) [Green]               v   D Staff (CWS) [Red]                   16

   14     R Parker (Ald) [Yellow]             v     L Garwood (Stone) [Blue]            21

  Final   J Summons                           21    L Garwood                           14

4 BOWL SINGLES                         (Sponsored by G.P. Leisure (Bar requirements))
   15   C Brewer (Barn) [Red]                 v    J Summons (Kes) [Green]              21

   19     M Bullock (Norb) [Blue]             v     B Middleton (K&F) [Yellow]          21

  Final   J Summons                           21    B Middleton                         11

2 BOWL PAIRS                                              (Sponsored by Clive Baker)
   14   M Giles                               v     C Wiseman                           13
        K BrownWarr (StEd) [Red]                    I Wiseman (Cali) [Blue]

   16     R Knight                            v     G Wright                            13
          M Hurry (Hox) [Green]                     P Baggott (LTN) [Yellow]

  Final   M Giles                                   R Knight
          K BrownWarr                         15    M Hurry                             20

2 BOWL MIXED PAIRS                          (Sponsored by Peter and Margaret Orford)
   14   Mrs A Gladwell                        v    Miss Kirsty Clarke                   20
        J Betteridge (Swef) [Yellow]                S Cook (Thu) [Green]

    5     Mrs Y Harper                        v     Miss E Simpson                      18
          J Bugg (CF) [Red]                         M Euston (Norb) [Blue]

  Final   Miss Kirsty Clarke                        Miss E Simpson
          S Cook                              25    M Euston                            10

SENIOR PAIRS - 2 BOWL                              (Sponsored by Ixworth Bowls Club)
  19    F Seal                                v     P Winter                            13
        B Page (IBC) [Blue]                         D Pearce (Den) [Yellow]

    8     B Hines                             v     R Parker                            24
          D Dodson (CF) [Red]                       M Burley (Wre) [Green]

  Final   F Seal                                    R Parker
          B Page                              14    M Burley                            21

SENIOR MIXED PAIRS - 2 BOWL                               (Sponsored by Joan Carter)
   8    Mrs J Frohawk                         v     Mrs M Thorpe                        19
        M Frohawk (BoE) [Yellow]                    B Thorpe (Thorn) [Red]

   14     Mrs N Rutherford                    v     Mrs J Taylor                        20
          T Gowen (Kes) [Green]                     J Sharman (Bram) [Blue]

  Final   Mrs M Thorpe                              Mrs J Taylor
          B Thorpe                            17    J Sharman                           19

2 BOWL RINKS                                  (Sponsored by Fred and Shirley Spinks)
   23   R Coward                              v    J Parnell                            19
        R Goodchild                                 S Zarkos
        B Caley (Wood) [Red]                        A Rudge (Bram) [Blue]

   21     N Grayston                          v     P Utting                            17
          M Lambert                                 J Hurren
          G Pleasance (Lax) [Yellow]                A Burch (Wre) [Green]

  Final   R Coward                                  N Grayston
          R Goodchild                               M Lambert
          B Caley                             19    G Pleasance                         14
3 BOWL RINKS                                             (Sponsored by Chris McIntyre)
   18   Craig Parfitt                           v    R Crosbie                            14
        S Cook                                       D Beer
        M Cole (Thu) [Green]                         R Judd (K&F) [Yellow]

   16     S Zarcos                              v    R Coward                             25
          M Barber                                   R Goodchild
          J Parnell (Bram) [Blue]                    B Caley (Wood) [Red]

  Final   Craig Parfitt                              R Coward
          S Cook                                     R Goodchild
          M Cole                               19    B Caley                              14

2 BOWL MIXED RINKS                                          (Sponsored by Peter Dixon)
   12   Lauren Finbow                           v    Mrs J Alderton                       16
        S Gaught                                     T Leftley
        C Finbow (Rook) [Red]                        D Cattermole (S&D) [Yellow]

   19     Mrs R Clarke                          v    Mrs J Flegg                          18
          P Clarke                                   L Garwood
          J Akester (Ald) [Green]                    R Garwood (Stone) [Blue]

  Final   Mrs J Alderton                             Mrs R Clarke
          T Leftley                                  P Clarke
          D Cattermole                         22    J Akester                            16

                                    (Sponsored by Sam Saunders (Cliff Lane Electrical))
   20     D King (Bran) [Blue]                 v    M Frohawk (BoE) [Yellow]              21

   21     J Summons (Kes) [Green]               v    B Caley (Wood) [Red]                 15

  Final   M Frohawk                             5    J Summons                            21

                           (Sponsored by Regional Tyre and Exhaust Centre (Ipswich))
   16     Aidan Riches (Rook) [Red]          v     Lee Spraggs (S&D) [Yellow]             21

   21     Liam Stevens (Norb) [Blue]            v    Ben Harber (Wre) [Green]             9

  Final   Lee Spraggs                          17    Liam Stevens                         21

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS - 2 BOWL SINGLES      (Sponsored by Peter Dixon)
  16   K Weston (Rook) [Red]      v   I Parnell (IBC) [Blue]                              21

   21     Lee Spraggs (S&D) [Yellow]            v    A Burch (Wre) [Green]                9

  Final   I Parnell                            21    Lee Spraggs                          17

SECRETARIES CUP - 2 BOWL SINGLES                        (Sponsored by Jack Goldsmith)
  21   D Lyas (I&D) [Blue]                      v    S Mayhew (CF) [Red]                  13

   21     D Cattermole (S&D) [Yellow]           v    A Nixon (Ald) [Green]                7

  Final   D Lyas                                7    D Cattermole                         21

UNDER 25's OPEN PAIRS - 2 BOWL               (Sponsored by Jane Pitcher & June White)
  20    Adam Page                              v    Lee Spraggs                           19
        Matt Debnam (Cali) [Blue]                    Tom Felgate (Den) [Yellow]

   21     Aidan Riches                          v    Miss Georgina Marwood                17
          Caitlin Riches (Rook) [Red]                Craig Parfitt (Thu) [Green]

  Final   Adam Page                                  Aidan Riches
          Matt Debnam                          23    Caitlin Riches                       12

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