Car Insurance - Myths by gyvwpgjmtx


									You are planning to get your car a car insurance (in Danish the word is Bilforsikring
sammenlign) because you need to prepare for the safety of your car. You are also
aware even if you are a reckless, too fast or slow and safe driver, car accidents always
happen to anyone regardless of status, gender or age.
 You are also fascinated of how much car insurances (Danish word is K 酶 b bil
forsikringer) cover for the expenses of your car. But you must be aware that not
everything of your car is insured. It entirely depends on what kind of policies you
have agreed with your car insurance provider. Also you must have heard about
different policies that do not even exist in any car insurances provider 鈥?common
misconceptions when you hear the word insurance.
 The rate of your car insurance or bilforsikring is affected by the color of your car
 The car color does not affect the rate of your car insurance whether that is blue,
silver, black, white or green. Car insurances or bilforsikringer are affected by the
model, engine size, year of the car, the type of the body, and the make of it. Included
in it are the history of your credits and the record of your driving.
 Not your fault because it is No-fault insurance
 When it comes to no-fault insurance it means the one who provided your insurance
will be the one paying all the expenses no matter who is at fault.
 If you let your friend borrow your car and he or she is in an accident, his or her car
insurance provider will be the one who will pay for the damages.
 If you are the owner of your car it is your own responsibility. There maybe times that
the car insurance of your friend may pay the excess in case it reaches beyond the
policy you agreed with your car insurance.
 Even without the comprehensive car insurance, your car is insured for natural
accidents such as hail, storm, vandalized or stolen.
 There is collision coverage for insurance wherein it covers specifically for car
accidents such car collisions or accidents involved during driving. Most of the car
owners think that even without the comprehensive coverage natural accidents such as
storm, or being stolen is covered. That is wrong. You must both include
comprehensive and collision coverage to safely insure your car.
 You never got into a car accident so your car does not need any car insurance.
 A common thought of people because they are already used to it and it has already
been over a decade and not even a single accident happened to them. All car owners
should purchase car insurance even if they have not been involved in a car accident.
 Accidents always happen regardless of who the people are. It is always safe to
ensure yourself with a car insurance or bilforsikringer.

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