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Canon Telephoto Lens Vs Nikon Telephoto Lens by gyvwpgjmtx


									The Telephoto Lens has been a great asset to photographers over the years. It has
made photography easier and interesting. This can be attributed to the way the lens
has been constructed. The long focal length of the photographic lens is its flagship
feature. The other one is the optical centre, which is kept outside the physical
construction. Then there is the angle of view in the telephoto lens. This angle is the
same as the one created by an ordinary lens of similar specified focal length. The
arrangement is such the entire lens assembly lies between the focal plane and optical
  The Telephoto lens has always been a favorite with photographers ever since it got
launched. Its ability to make distant objects look magnified has always endeared
photographers. This advantage has been identified by companies over the years,
which have come up with their own version of the telephoto lens. Two such
companies are Canon and Nikon, having launched the Canon Telephoto Lens and
Nikon Telephoto Lens. These are not just blatant rip offs with some cheap
modifications here and there, but bona fide lenses with their own strengths and
  The Canon Telephoto Lens and the Nikon Telephoto Lens erase the need to move
closer to the object. The subject itself is made to look closer to the photographer. This
is a commonality that both share. Both of them have been made by their respective
companies to lay focus on a specific detail of the object. The subject can also be
isolated from a distracting background. This makes the details more precise. Whether
it is the Canon Telephoto Lens or the Nikon Telephoto Lens, the head and shoulder
portraits always come out crisply. They cannot be more precise than through these.
  Both these lenses offer high shutter speed and film speed. They magnify the image
beautifully. Subsequently, the effect of the camera movement gets magnified as well.
Because of this high shutter speed, the pictures that come through these lenses have
that innate sharpness. These attributes may vary in the Nikon Telephoto Lens and the
Canon Telephoto Lens, but the variations too are miniscule and negligible. The image
stabilization they provide is satisfactory as well. The aperture is another feature
provided well by the Canon Telephoto Lens and Nikon Telephoto Lens.
  The points mentioned above have rarely pitted these lenses against each other. Most
of the salient features remain the same. There are slight variations that can be felt
when the lenses get used.
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