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									 Competitive Shopping
 Finding the best deal

How to use your PC to find the best
       price for your goods.


            RRAVS – Shopping
              Alan Buxton
      Before you start browsing on line
Make sure your computer software is all up to date,
This includes
Your Anti-Virus software
Your Anti-Spyware software
Your Firewall
And your pop-Up blocker if you have one

       It is better to be safe than sorry.
                           RRAVS – Shopping
                             Alan Buxton
           Where to Look
• There are many comparison websites,
  some specialise in insurance
• Others cover all sorts of shopping
  including insurance.
• Getting the website address correct is
  absolutely critical
• Searching for comparethemarket gives a
  different site to a search for
                RRAVS – Shopping
                  Alan Buxton
               Some Sites
• – insurance and
• – insurance and goods
• – money, insurance and travel
• – money, insurance and
• – mainly electronics and other

                   RRAVS – Shopping
                     Alan Buxton
         Some More Sites
• – mainly electronics
• – insurance, money
  and utilities
       And three that do lots of “stuff”

                RRAVS – Shopping
                  Alan Buxton
If you want to find more sites do a search on

           Comparison Web Sites

using your web browser.

                  RRAVS – Shopping
                    Alan Buxton
      Before paying for your goods
 Do not give any of your details away unless
the website begins with

https:// the s is there to denote a secure site

There is a padlock showing on the webpage
 also to denote a secure site

                   RRAVS – Shopping
                     Alan Buxton
• If you can – pay by credit card – so if
  anything does go wrong you have some
  comeback via your credit card company.

• Your credit card company may contact you
  if you spend over £500 – this is perfectly
  normal. They should just check that you
  have authorised the spend – they should
  not ask you any details about your card.
                 RRAVS – Shopping
                   Alan Buxton
• Warn your credit card company if you are
  going to make a big purchase.

• It helps them to know if you usually warn
  them about this sort of thing. It helps them
  spot unusual spending patterns.

                  RRAVS – Shopping
                    Alan Buxton
• I will now try to get onto the Web and
  demonstrate how to buy a TV cheaply.

• Thank you for listening.

                  RRAVS – Shopping
                    Alan Buxton

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