Top Five Tourist Attractions In North India

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					Top Five Tourist Attractions In North India

India has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Indian cities are famous around the world
for their historical monuments. India offers a lot many options for a tourist to choose from.
The snow covered mountains of Himalayas, the majestic deserts of Rajasthan, the sun-
kissed beaches of Goa or the beautiful hills of north-east India is one destination which has
no dearth of amazing tourist destinations.

Famous as the symbol of love Taj Mahal is one of the most famous tourist spot in India. Taj
Mahal was built by Mogul emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his loving wife Mumtaz Mahal.
Tourists around the world come to see the mesmerizing beauty of Taj Mahal. It is built of
white marble with beautiful Persian designing on the walls. It took around twenty two
years to build the grand structure. Taj Mahal has a gorgeous garden in front of the main
white marble structure which is very typical of Mogul architecture. Taj Mahal is best
viewed during a full moon night.

Famous as heaven on earth, Kashmir is a must visit for every tourist coming to India. The
natural beauty of Kashmir makes it an ideal tourist destination. The summer capital of the
state- Srinagar is very popular among tourists. Houseboats on Dal Lake, locally called as
Shikaras are the most preferred accommodation option. The houseboats are elegantly
furnished and it’s an absolute luxury to stay in there.

Shimla is one of the most visited hill stations in India. It is famously referred to as “Queen of
the Hill Stations”. Shimla has an old world charm in itself. It was the summer capital of
erstwhile British Raj in India. The colonial connection is reflected in the grand buildings
and structures of the city. Nestled in snow covered mountains and beautiful green hills,
Shimla is perfect destination for a rejuvenating vacation.

 Jim Corbett National Park, located in the foothills of Himalaya is famous for its wildlife.
Dhikala is the centre point of the park where one can rent accommodation. One can take a
trekking trip and enjoy the flora and fauna of jungle. Elephant safaris are also very famous
for taking a trip of jungle. Jim Corbett National park is home to a wide variety of animals
which include 50 mammals, 580 kinds of birds and 25 reptile species. It’s a tourist
destination suited for the adventure and nature loving people.

Red Fort in Delhi is a symbol of the Great Moguls. It is a grand monument reflecting the
splendid and royalty of Mogul architecture. Built in red sandstone it stands magnificently
along Yamuna River. Red Fort has two main entrances, Delhi Gate and Lahori Gate. There
are museums inside the grand structure which are major tourist attractions. Colorful light
shows are organized in the fort as a recreational event for tourists.

India is an ideal destination for tourists who want to have fun on their vacations. Indian
cities are full of historical monuments and structures which reflect the grand history of
India. Explore North India by visiting these famous tourist spots. All the cities in India are
well connected by airways, railways and roads.
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