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Caller id name for your safety


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									{Everyone wants to know the complete information about the caller who had called
them, from which place he has called you from and, etc. or at least they want to get
the name of the caller. With the cell phone number search, it can be done easily and
quickly. You will be able to get the caller's name, and much more information after
searching the number. Read on to discover how you can do. As mentioned above, it is
possible to know the name of a person along with other details who have called you
on the phone from any point, whether it would be a telephone booth or any private
number. People often install CNAM software on their phones just to know who and
where is the person calling from. Furthermore, a great number of devices also come,
which attach with the local landline just to know from where a person is calling, as
the helps to show the number of the caller and his location from where he is calling.
This has become a very uncommon practice among the people to install such software
or devices on their local landline phones. One of the main reasons for installing
CNAM is just to take over the problems of annoying phone calls along with prank or
harassing calls that others just do for their fun or to avoid any unwanted calls. These
CNAM devices always come in handy when one plans to avoid such phone calls.
Nowadays, it has become one of the best sources of avoiding such things as it gives
you the facility to which call to receive and which to avoid. It is not only used to get
the information about the current caller, but it can also be used for getting information
about the caller whose number appears on your telephone bill. If you see any such
number in your telephone bill then it is evident that you have been facing one of the
biggest issues that may relate to identifying theft or your land line number is being
used by a third party for any of his purposes and is then useful to contact law
enforcement agency regarding this matter, as who knows what kind of calls are going
forward from your number. Therefore, it can be said as that CNAM device is not only
used for avoiding unnecessary calls but are also useful for a number of other things
that may lead you to more social problems and number of legal complications. The
use of CNAM has been increased from the last 10 years, as more and more people are
thinking about their security regarding to the phone. And CNAM device is being in
almost every individual?s home as everyone wants privacy and personal security. So
it?s always a good idea to go for a CNAM device as it helps to protect you from a
number of things that may lead you to harm?s way. The best thing about this device is
that it doesn?t cost that much as well, along with that giving you all kinds of personal
and social security?s with no extra charges in your bills as well!
Cellular phones or land lines are considered to the best ways of communication, as it
is the direct contact of a person to another. Cellular phones and land lines have served
people a lot and are still serving everyone. People can communicate with anyone from
any part of the world. Most of the people go with caller id name devices just for their
personal and social security, as they can protect themselves from a number of things
in that way or at least in this way they can find who is calling them along with his
name and other information. People use CNAM devices on their land line phones,
mostly to avoid prank calls or calls from the people who harass them on the phone in
some way. While others use the caller id name device to avoid the annoying
telemarketing or scam calls. CNAM device is not only used to know the number of
the respective caller but some caller id name devices are also connected with satellite
transmissions, which allow a person to notify all the respective information of the
caller, including his name along with his complete address. They are also used to spy
on their spouses to find out whether they are cheating on them or not, while parents
can keep a record of all the calls to whom their child is talking with and what kind of
discussions are they making on phone calls, this is all possible because these CNAM
devices also come up with the recording tape that automatically records the phone
conversation. People also use caller id name devices just to avoid the calls from the
creditors or just to identify all the unknown numbers. These CNAM devices are
universally in fusion with all types of cellular phones, and they give the facility to
their owner to know from where are getting a phone even it gives knowledge of every
region of the world, while this facility can also be found in other wireless
telecommunication devices. CNAM are in increasing demand from the past several
years, as it is very important in terms of security perspectives of a person as they
might be helpful in protecting you from many legal problems. This caller id name
device is being used by almost everyone who supports a land line or wireless phone as
it is the best way to protect oneself from unwanted calls. These caller id name devices
can be universally fixed with any land line phone that does not have built in caller id
name service, the best thing is that this service cost nothing as it is the facility
provided by the government to its residents so that they can help protect themselves
from any misshapen. CNAM devices are available at every electronic store at a very
affordable price. However, their production has been slowed down or halted since
most of the land line phones that are coming today already have this built in facility so
that people don?t have to look for extra caller id name devices.
Basically, CNAM is an advanced form of caller ID, which led you to the advance
technology in the telecommunication world, which is more effective, reliable and
outclass feature of VoIP with some significance that makes it unique from other
features. First of all, we need to understand VoIP. VoIP or Voice Over Internet
Protocol is one of the great and awesome services provided by our
telecommunication/Internet service provider, VoIP has some remarkable features like;
voice mail, fax, 3way calling, call blocking, call waiting, call forwarding last number
redial, caller ID, caller ID with name, local number portability, 411 directory, 911
directory, etc. CNAM is also one of the best services of VoIP. The basic work of this
feature is to provide the actual name of the person who is registered in his service
providing company. CLI (Calling Line Identification) is an alternate name of Caller
ID. In some countries it is known as CLI. This service is provided by ISDN phone
connection. It has some other name in some countries, which are CLIP (caller line
identification presentation), call display, CLID (caller line identity or call capture) etc.
Most of the VoIP phones have this service enabled and don?t need to purchase another
box to show the CNAM. This feature includes another feature, which Is call waiting
service, when you are on the other call the next call will be shown on the display
screen as waiting call to confirm or deny. It is also a good feature introduced by the
service provider in case of emergency, and you got busy on the other call it will let
you know that another caller is waiting for your confirmation you can just switch your
call there within a second. Usually there is some confusion about CNAM; it is not like
the service which shows the name of the person who is calling you and his name is
registered in your phone book. That?s the name which you saved in your phone book;
it could be right and be wrong too. There is always a suspicion and vagueness for the
unknown caller, and you saved his/her name with a name which does not belong to
him/her. This difficulty has been solved by this remarkable service, which shows the
actual name of the person, I am calling it actual because the name is coming from the
service provider and the percentage of wrongness would be less than 0%. Your service
provider may charge if you want to enable this feature, but as you activate this
advanced and more trustable feature, it would help you to get rid of spam callers,
which will be very helpful to you to identify who is calling and with some appropriate
information. Later if the caller is still being bothered you, you can complain for the
spam calling from the number of his name. CNAM is very useful for anyone, but it is
more effective for those who are suffering from a lot of wrong and spam calls.
Whatever the problem is, this feature assures you to provide good output. It has its
own significance in this advancing world. Where everybody just wants to be relaxed,
and this will surely help you get relaxed.
When you take a look back in the past, you will feel that how the people lived with a
lot of problems didn?t have many reliable sources to make their problems convert to
the solution. However, now days, we have a lot of solutions for almost everything.
Some will be wrong and some will be authentic and reliable, but it?s up to you which
solution you think is best for you. Caller ID is also a great feature introduced by our
telecommunication researcher and scientist, which is also named as CLI (caller line
identification) in some part of the world. This feature is one of the great and
remarkable enhancements in the history of telecommunication technology, but it is not
yet completed. The progress by the researcher in this feature is upgrading it day by
day. The new enhanced and more affective and reliable upgrade tools are introduced
here is CNAM. This is a more powerful and more authentic way to identify the caller
with his name and calling number. CNAM is more power than caller ID though it?s an
upgrade and enhanced version of it, but it provides some more information about the
caller such as the name of the caller and address. It depends on the feature you have
activated by your service provider. CNAM provides you the name of the person who
is calling you, if you have some difficulty with the number or person who is calling
you repeatedly and bothering you, and you don?t know the number then it is very
difficult to identify the number and the person who is calling. The first thing you want
to know about the caller is his name. The previous version did not provide the
appropriate information like name and address. However, CNAM provides the name
of the person who is registered in the service provider record. This feature enables
people to know the number with the name of the person who is calling before pick the
phone up. Basically, the complete name of CNAM is VoIP caller ID or voice over the
internet proper caller identification system. Which means it directly connected to the
server of your service provider and gets information such as name and number then
displays it on your digital VoIP box screen. VoIP caller ID service works like a
safeguard, which protect you from all the spam and harass calls which you don?t want
to receive. Another great feature introduced here, which will be very useful for online
customers are SPIT. SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony) SPIT sometimes named as
VAM (Voice or VoIP spam). It can work as a protector which means you can make a
list or individuals as white list or black list. Blacklist helps you to deny all the calls
automatically without prompting it on your phone which you don?t want to receive.
And white list obviously the call list which you want to receive. In this advanced
world where everybody wants to make his technology reliable and fast, we never
ignore telecommunication. It?s now becoming a most important part of our lives.
The Caller ID Name or CNAM is the service which helps the user to get the name of
the caller before he can even attend. In developed countries, U.S.A, for instance, this
is the service that comes along the package which has other services as well like Call
forwarding. In some countries, the CNAM service comes along with Call waiting
facility as well. The CNAM service is provided all over the world. The origin of
CNAM is the local telephone company which operates all the functions related to the
working on this service. In third world countries, there is a strong demand for this
service as it has not yet been able to access there. In developing countries, there is
half-half say regarding it, as in some areas of the country this service has not yet been
provided and in the other parts the users are taking full benefits of this service. The
working of CNAM service starts from its database. All the data that is used for this
service lies in it, since it contains the name of the caller, which is being searched
whenever there is a call made on CNAM subscriber user. This database is called
CNAM database, which is solely used for this purpose. Whenever there is bell ringing
on your phone, and you are some meters away from the phone. The first thought that
would be coming to your mind is that, who might be calling you? And just after that
you would start to think that you would respond to that call depending on the name of
the person who is calling. Here is when CNAM service comes into play. This service
then allows you a get the name of that person or company being displayed on your
phone. So, then you can choose if you like to respond to that call. Your local
telephone company is doing all the hard working behind this process, as it searches
through the CNAM database to get the verification of that person or company. After
the verification process is over, it quickly allows the name to be displayed on your
phone. This whole process that is deep in its findings just takes a few seconds. Some
people make an error of judgment regarding CNAM and Caller ID spoofing. The
latter one means the act of showing a fake number that is never the number you are
calling from. Whenever there is a call that displays for you on the phone the words
like ?Private? or ?Unknown?, you should then beware that this call certainly from the
result of Caller ID spoofing. The caller can have on display whatever number he
wants to, resulting in confusion for you. While the CNAM is nothing similar to that, it
is focused to remove these types of confusions from your mind, and its primal focus is
to let you identify the name of the caller before you respond to it, so that you may not
face any unknown caller.
CNAM (Caller ID Name), which is also known as, Calling Name is a type of the non
Voice over Internet protocol provider (non-VOIP) enables for you a choice for having
a Caller ID that is given to you with a name. This service is actually not totally free;
as a matter of fact, they charge you with a decent amount for this additional service.
However, the majority of people want Caller ID with name free as they deem
technology advancement based on their demand. The people who often demand these
are VOIP users. There are some problems regarding this issue of providing Caller ID
with a name or not. The main purpose of this service is to provide for you the name of
the person or the company, who is calling you, and this call before you even thought
of answering your phone. The CNAM can be best described as the ways letting to you
witness the name of the person who is calling you and that also before you attend his
call. This definition can be used for calls that are coming from any recognized
company so you can know the name of a person or company which might be calling
you. The companies tend to claim that they use Database usually known as the
telecom database for searching the name. After then, the VOIP gathers the information
and stores it in Caller Id database. The service of CNAM is being run by many
companies as they are adding up to the already high level competition. The
competition is basically for who provides the fastest CNAM service at the cheapest of
costs. The people nowadays want to make sure that whenever they receive a particular
call, it would rather have a name for it than having displayed as a private number or
unknown. This is really a concern for people as the security concerns have risen in the
last decade or so. So, in order to satisfy this very desire of people the Call centers
have developed the CNAM service to make people happy and have for them a proper
displaying name so that they can know even before attending the call that who is the
one who is calling. There are varieties of companies that have a CNAM service
available. Of course all of them are at some cost. You can look at the websites of those
companies in case you wish to compare the prices of others. To conclude, it is fair to
say that due to a high level of security concerns in this era. This service is a major
relief to people. It is also a welcome to people who are tired of receiving calls from
unintended persons or from wrong numbers. The fact that the CNAM service is not
free should not become a factor in your decision for not activating it. As the benefits
this service offers are well above the price it is being offered on.
Reverse call look up service is one of the facilities that you will be getting in the
caller id name device, as the caller id name will help to protect you from a number of
things, including the spam, harassing and prank callers as this is the source of most of
the stress and anxiety. People use caller id name service just to protect themselves
from such calls or callers as with the help of that they can report their calling numbers
to their respective law enforcement agency so that they can handle the situation in
their own way. Reverse call look up service not only helps you to get the number of
the respective person but will also help you to get other related information from him
as well including his real name and address. People use CNAM service for a great
number of reasons, some use to keep the call records which include the dialed,
received as well as missed calls while others use the CNAM device just to protect
themselves from harassing or spam calls. However, t is also the best way to avoid
calls from telemarketers or calls from your respective banks that often call you and
demand their loan back (if any). CNAM devices can also e used to keep the call track
as most of the caller id name devices come up with the built in voice recording facility
which helps one in knowing what the conversation in the previous calls was. This is
most effective when it comes to keeping a close eye to their children as you can
record the conversation of your kids and listen afterwards that with whom were they
talking and what was the subject of their conversation, whether it was vulgar,
educational or social. So we can say that the CNAM service can also help you in
protecting your child?s social life. The best thing about these devices is that there are
no monthly or yearly charges this service is provided to you by your respective
telecommunication service provider and is 100% free of charge. CNAM device is not
just used to keep the track of the caller, but it can also be used for getting vital
information about the caller whose number most often appears in your
telecommunication bill. With the help of CNAM device, you can get his address along
with his present location. This will help you to notify that whether your number is
being used for any wrong purpose or not, as most of the illegal calls are done from
local residential numbers of other people, who doesn?t have any idea, whether their
number is being used for any illegal purpose or not. Therefore, it helps such people to
take over this issue, so they can report the problem to their local police or sheriff and
help their selves to protect one from any other legal issues. Therefore, it?s always a
good idea to place a CNAM device at your home or your workplace so you can avoid
any such problems and enjoy all other benefits of stress free life.
CNAM or Caller ID Name, whichever way you use it means the same. That is
providing you with this facilitated service that enables you to know the caller name
before you even accept the call. This advanced service is not all free instead the
company charges you some amount for subscribing onto this facility. Before, as in
Non VOIP calls, they never gave you this service of Caller Name alongside Caller ID,
but after they provided an option for you, in case you wanted to subscribe on to caller
Name service. The CNAM service can easily find its happy users from VOIP (Voice
over Internet Protocol). After all it is a complete new and exciting feature to have on
your receiving phone calls. In this era, there are many Caller ID systems that are
being used just for this purpose. By using the CNAM service, you can always get to
select the calls which you wish to respond to and the ones which you do not. This
CNAM facility is a major welcome by the persons who tend to have calls from mostly
the wrong or unintended numbers. The CNAM service is also designed to keep your
call secure on the international level. Since the security concerns over the past years
or so have been up most high, so to keep up with that challenge the Telephone
companies which are providing these facilities are really focused on maintaining a
secure system. There are a lot of companies that are on the verge of joining the
competition in this field alongside the ones who are already established themselves. In
the case of CNAM, the person who is being called is allowed to take the note of the
number along with the name of the caller. This whole process is done if you have the
ideal equipment to get the all the information about Caller ID. Your local telephone
company, who works on the database part of this service, provides you this CNAM
service at a fixed amount. You must be able to pay this sum to get continuous access
to this service. If you fail to do so then you would not be getting the name of the caller,
hence only the number, whenever there is a call at your phone. You can even refuse to
give your Caller ID on your outgoing calls. This is done by a special code which is to
be dialed before a particular number. Hence, we can all but say that the CNAM
service should be the top priority for those who have security concerns, or they
contain a history of having mostly been ending up with wrong numbers. As this
service provides you with the choice of attending calls on your own will. We can
fairly say that the amount your local telephone company is charging you for this
service is less to what the assistance you have with this service. All in all, CNAM
works wonderfully to help you out in filtering your calls.
The term CNAM holds the meaning of Caller Name, which is preferred usually. The
feature regarding caller Name and Number is widely used throughout the globe.
Especially in North American countries like The United States, Canada, etc. In such
countries the service of CNAM (Caller ID) is being provided alongside other services
such as Call waiting as well as the Call forwarding feature. Caller ID service is
provided almost all over the world. Although in some developing countries this
service has not yet been fully available. There is a database used for CNAM,
especially that is called CNAM database. This database is where all the information
lies as it contains the name of calling persons that is then utilized when there is an
identification required. It is a premium feature that has its own premium facilities.
CNAM's working starts as a desired phone call is being accepted or received. If the
person who receives that call happened to be CNAM service user than on his phone
both Telephone numbers as well as the Caller name will be demonstrated. This service
is not free for the user. The subscribers who want to use this facility have to pay for
this service. It is a misconception among users as to who provides the Caller Name,
that is displayed. Some user sees memory of phone to be a source for this information
and some think otherwise. It is your Telephone Company that provides the caller
name that is being put on display. The telephone company passes on this information
through the Caller ID subscriber. Whenever that telephone company gets a call that is
intended for CNAM user, it is they who search up the name of the caller in a database
that is usually called central CNAM. Then the CNAM is being displayed on the call
receiving person. There is also a big confusion between Caller ID spoofing, which
means showing a false number on the display for a recipient. It is basically an act that
makes the network to demonstrate a false number which is not really originated
anywhere. The person who uses Caller ID Spoofing can choose whatever telephone
number he wishes to desire, to appear on the phone of the recipient, whenever he
intends to. It is therefore, specially recommended for people who are at most
concerned for their security to get for themselves the service of CNAM activated as
quickly as possible. Hence, we can conclude things up by saying that CNAM is a
latest service provided by your local telephone company for the intention of
facilitating you. As it is a basic desire of people to know who they are talking to when
their phone rings around. The cost of activating service is not much compared to cost
of your security. So, therefore, it is recommended by the experts on that this facility
should be activated by people which are for their own good and especially for their
security. Try it and you will be glad that you went ahead with the option.
CNAM is known as an intelligent system which recognizes the calling name of the
calling party which is a digital readout by the number of the person who is calling. We
are all aware of the caller id system aren?t we? Exactly like the caller id system we all
know that it is a revolution of the caller id system; it displays the name of the caller
calling with his number. In the caller ID system to remember to save the id of the
person by saving his number instead of his number but the revolutionary CNAM does
not have a requirement of saving a person?s name with his number the new device
read the number and recognizes the name from the yellow pages or the phone server.
CNAM is usually a popular used feature in the United States of America. Half of the
population uses this new device, although the users have to first subscribe for this
feature and then every user has to pay for using this service. However, the question
arises in every persons mind that it must be a service which would cost them a lot.
However, it is not so because this service is not at all that expensive that is why it is
widely used around the globe. There is no special company, which is specified to
provide this service many people think that CNAM is only provided by special
companies to special people who are elites and are top class. It is not so because it is
almost a dirt cheap product available for every person who wishes to use it. CNAM
has a sophisticated database to support its frequent service, imagine thousands of
people using it and calling each other and each and everyone is receiving the dialers
name isn?t it cool? Now you don?t have to stuff your cell phone memory with
numbers and names just to know who is calling you, obviously it is impossible for
anyone to remember every single number saved in his cell phone directory, this
system CNAM has relieved its users from this troublesome Issue of remembering.
This new revolutionary System CNAM has replaced the caller id system and now
many less countries around the globe still use the caller ID system. Many telecom
companies which offer post paid connections to the elite class businessmen include it
as a complementary service on their behalf to the user. This is a new era of gadgets,
and software?s, CNAM is also software, which was made after the success of the
caller id system and was thought to replace the caller id system one day. This was
only thought 10 years back but now genius software engineers have made it possible
this is a system which has benefited many people and the feedback has also been very
good. It is highly recommended by the telecom companies to their valuable customers
to use this sophisticated revolutionary system CNAM, which in short means caller
identity with the name and this service is also booming to other countries and here
would come a time when all the people would be using this service, and it would be as
common as the caller ID system is nowadays.}
 For more information on Caller Id with name, please visit our website.

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