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					Diamond is the most precious stone that represents the royalty and class of an
individual who is putting it on, and if we talk about feminine gender they have quite a
magnetic fascination towards diamond jewelry, you would find them reacting like
crazy once they buy it or get as gifts by their loving one, and as everyone knows that
Buying Diamond Jewelry means such a huge money one needs to spend that a
common man don 鈥檛 even earn in years, therefore before buying a diamond
jewelry, do remember the theory of 鈥淔 our Cs 鈥?Color, Cut, Clarity & Caret.
  Color:- on the basis of color, diamonds are graded on scale D(Colorless) to Z (Light
Yellow), so the more color less a particular diamond will be, considered rare and most
valuable, Colored diamonds are often used for making wedding rings and other
diamond sets.
  Cut:- Cut in a diamond means how diamond reflects the light through its surface, a
well cut diamond reflects the straight rays of the light in the viewer 鈥檚 eyes, but it
is considered to be difficult to check for a normal layman, so one should look for the
AGS certificate or GIA which are the standard bodies to approve the quality of
diamonds, Cut of a diamond are categorized into multiple grades as Ideal, Premium,
Very Good, Good, Fair & poor Cut, and ideal cut is the rarest and most precious one.
  Clarity:- Diamond is a stone that naturally owns some inclusions, small Flaws (F),
Air Bubbles, Scratches or other minerals inside, all these factors reduces the value &
beauty of a particular diamond, so the clarity of a diamond is again a big question a
buyer should have in mind, diamond 鈥檚 clarity scale has the following parameters
  Flawless (F) 鈥?Completely inclusion free both internally and externally
  Internally Flawless (IF) 鈥?No internals, but slight external inclusions
  VVS1-VVS2 (Very-very slightly Included)- very minute inclusions, so difficult to
detect even under 10x magnification.
  VS1-VS2 (Very Slightly Included)
  SI1-SI2 (Slightly Included)- Invisible to watch via naked eyes but inclusions can be
seen under 10x magnifications by experienced grader.
  I1-I3 included- Visible to watch via naked eyes, so in result affects the shine &
brilliance of diamond.
  So diamonds fall in category of VVS2 to F are so expensive & rarest ones, so
generally people prefer buying the diamond falling in the categories between SI2 &
  Caret- Caret represents the weight, size of a particular diamond that should be
chosen according to the occasion, designer label, clothing and budget you have, you
will find a number of diamonds having the different-different sizes (carets), so avoid
buying conflicted diamond, GO for the one certified through AGS or GIA.
  So looking at all the aspects one can be smart enough to select the best diamond
jewellery that one doesn 鈥檛 make up mind to buy day to day, it 鈥檚 like
investment of big money for some loved one, so cross check all the Cs in order to
decide one more 鈥淐鈥? of a diamond i.e. Cost.
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