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									So you have decided to put your computer skills to work, well here is a good guideline to fallow.


You want to have the following items; these items will always come in handy, and should always be with
you when you go out to repair a device onsite.

--Basic Tools--

    -   A set of precision screwdrivers, Philip and flathead
    -   A large Philips screwdriver
    -   A large Flathead screwdriver
    -   A pair of normal pliers
    -   A pair of needle nose pliers
    -   Wire Cutters
    -   A Multi-meter - Preferably one with these features
         A continuity test feature
         Low power consumption (runs on a couple AA or AAA batteries, not a 9 volt battery)
         At least be able to test up to 500 volt DC sources
         At least be able to test up to 1000 volt AC sources

    -   A box of paperclips
    -   A ESD bracelet
    -   pair of tweezers
    -    Electrical Tape
    -   3 – prong holder (

--Recommended Tools—

Carry Cases, etc.

       32 Disc Case for discs
       Quick Release for pen drive on keychain
       Carry Case(s) for everything. (A combo case that holds everything, including the laptop is sweet!)


       (1) Compressed Air
       Data Cables: (2) 80/IDE Cables | (2) SATA Cables | (1) Floppy Cable
      Power Cables: (1) Standard Power Cable | (1) Molex Y-Splitter | (1) Molex-SATA Converter
      Small Bag RJ-45 ends and Phone Ends
      (4) ea. RJ-45 and RJ-11 Keystones
      (4) Wall Plates | (4) Wall Mount Boxes w/Keystone
      (3) 10’ Pre-Made network cables
      Anti-Static Bags
      Heat sink Compound -
      (1) Superglue
      (1) Partitioned screw case w/ coarse/fine screws, MB headers, plastic nubs, etc.
      (1) DVI-VGA Adapter
      (1) ATX12V Power Supply Tester -
      Plastic Pry Tools -
      (1) Sharpie Marker
      (1) Brother PT-65 Label Maker
      (1)300w In-Car Power Inverter
      Zip Ties

Hand Tools

      (1) FT812 Toolkit (just Google FT812)
      (1) Torx Driver Set w/T9 -
      (1) Power Screwdriver with Magnetic Phillips and Slotted heads
      (1) Small Flashlight -
      (1) Ethernet Cable Tester -
      (1) Network/Phone Crimper -
      (1) Gerber Multi-Tool -
      (1) Solder Sucker -
      (1) Cheap Digital multi-meter to test DC Voltage and Continuity -

Hardware Tools

      (1) laptop with DVDRW/USB/802.11/Serial/Parallel/Ethernet
      (1) USB to IDE Adapter -
      (1) 2.5” to 3.5” IDE Adapter-
      (1) USB Ethernet Adapter
      (1) USB External Hard Drive, if you want.
      (1) USB Micro Mouse

Software Tools

      Diagnostic Pen Drive
           o 2GB or larger USB Pen Drive
           o - Incredible tools!
           o Malware Tools
          ComboFix
          HijackThis 2.0
          SpyBot 1.5
          RustockB Fix
          SmitFraud Fix
          SpyAxe Remover

o   Generic Tools
        All Windows Service Packs - 2K-SP4,XP-SP3,2K-3SP2,Vista-SP1,98-ServicePack
        BootVis
        WCPUID
        Norton Ghost for DOS and Windows
        Partition Magic
        NetStumbler -

o   Software Packages
         WinRar 3.80
         Internet Explorer 6 and 7
         PrimoPDF and FoxitPDF Reader
         OpenOffice
         Cabs for 9x OSes

o   Diagnostic Tools
         Dial-A-Fix -
         IEFix -
         Windows Support Tools
         Windows Resource Kit Tools
         Msicuu2.exe
         Mail PassView -
         A litany of small .REG and .BAT tools to fix specific issues
         Any Alternate Data Streams tool
         LSPFix -
         WinsockFix (VB WinsockFix by Option^Explicit Software Solutions)
         XP TCP Repair Tool (
         Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder -
         RNAV 2003
o   Other Stuff
         Drivers, Windows Updates that take too long to download, anything you feel is
       CDs and other Disks
           o Diagnostic Boot CD
                    Contains most essential of the Pen Drive items above (Cabs, Tools, Ghost)
                    Is El-Torrito bootable to DOS
           o Windows Installation Disks
                    Win2k Pro/Server Disks, Win2k3 Server Disks, WinXP Home/Pro OEM, Retail,
                       Upgrade, Corp Disks, Vista All-In-One DVD
           o Ultimate Boot CD -
           o Ophcrack LiveCD -
           o Offline NT Password & Registry Editor -
           o Bart PEBuilder CD -
           o Ubuntu LiveCD -

Now that you have the tools, let’s put them to work.

When you receive a computer to work on, you are responsible for anything and everything that goes
wrong! You have to treat it like it is your computer. The first thing to do is document the computer, get
its Model number (m/n), Serial number (s/n), Service tag identifier (if there), And UUID (in the bios)

Next, you want to want to write down the processor speed, amount of ram, size of hard drive, and
optical drive type. Also write down what the client provided with the computer, all of this should be
done with the client present and involved. To insure the cant blame you for something that never

Then, Ask them if there are any files on the computer that they need, any programs, any information
they need backed up, if the computer does a successful P.O.S.T. and the harddrive is good, but the
operating system doesn’t load fully, Boot from a ubuntu live CD and go to the documents folder for the
clients username. Make sure you backup any files they need, any pictures, music, videos, files,
documents, etc. Make sure they understand that most likely, all of the files on the computer will be
deleted and the computers operating system will most likely be reinstalled. Be informative and clear;
ask them if they have any questions, and set a price, the price should be a reasonable price, a price that
is fair for the amount of work that needs to be done.

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