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					                                                                                                                                                                Appendix A

                                 Audit Commission - Review of Crime Recording 2004 - Action Plan
Action        Issue to be addressed / Recommendation                   Priority  Responsibility                       Comments                                  Date
                                                                       Low 2
                                                                       = Med
                                                                        3 = High
1        The recommendation from 2003 to seriously consider               1     Information       The Force is currently reviewing mobile data        Awaiting outcome
         the potential of mobile data solutions has yet to be fully             Systems &         solutions to data input. The current development    of IS&T review.
         taken foward. We are confident that the Force has                      Technology        plan for IS&T continues to review national progress Review findings
         this issue under consideration and we maintain that                    Department                                                            April 2005
         the force is in a strong position to benefit from this type
         of development. We therefore wish to encourage the                     Criminal          Criminal Justice Research & Development Section       June 2005
         force to continue with feasibility testing of all options.             Justice           to monitor and progress outcomes.
Data Testing
2        Focus improvement on the consistent quality of                   2     Corporate         The Force will adopt the National Standards for          March 2005
         incident log information and the recording of no crime                 Development       Incident Recording (NSIR) putting audit systems in
         decisions, and ensure that both front line officers and                Department        place. The Force will also ensure that appropriate
         control room staff are covered as part of the audit                                      training is delivered to front line officers and control
         process.                                                                                 room staff.

                                                                                Criminal          Training to be given to crime recording staff with    November
                                                                                Justice           regard to crimes created in error and subsequently    2004
                                                                                Department        no crimed.

Management Arrangements
3        The Quality of Service Questionaire should be                    1     Northumbria       The Force and Authority will implement this           December 2004
         extended to cover whether customers have been                          Police            recommendation at the next available issue of the
         dissuaded from reporting an incident as a crime or                     Authority &       Quality of Service survey.
         asked to produce evidence that a crime has occurred.                   Corporate

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