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					Corporate Development
A different approach to inspiring your people
Develop Training has a comprehensive portfolio of personal, team and management skills training to meet the needs of all
kinds of organisations.

Why are we different at Develop Training?

Through close relationships with our customers, we really understand their individual training needs and are
therefore in a position to:
•	 Use	creative	and	innovative	learning	methods	and	solutions
•	 Use	dynamic	trainers	and	professionals	to	facilitate	innovation	in	training
•	 Provide	a	fully	all	round	“managed	solution”	from	the	booking	to	the	evaluation	
   of a course
•	 Combine	the	elements	of	classroom	training,	people	profiling	and	team	building		
   activities to give our customers exactly what their teams need – in a
   constructive and enjoyable way.
•	 Our	tranquil	venues	offer	first	class	conferencing	facilities	in	peaceful
   locations, ideal for reflection and learning.

‘I have honestly never
been on a course that
I have taken so much
away from as I did
on this one !’
David Mann,
Senior Works,
Anglian Water
‘With Develop Training, we are assured that staff receive training
from industry professionals who understand our needs and can
demonstrate sound underpinning knowledge of the training subjects.’
Colin Stroud, Training Advisor, Haden BML

Management                              Soft Skills and      Personality and                                         Team Building
Development                             Interpersonal Skills Team	Profiling
                                                                               Everyone is fascinated to discover
                                                                               more about themselves, and a little
                                        Developing employees’ personal,        self-knowledge	can	be	a	powerful	
                                        soft or interpersonal skills is an     thing. Add to this the impact you
                                        excellent way to boost morale,         have on those around you and you
                                        increase productivity and              have many compelling reasons for a
                                        improve	profitability.	Soft	and	       personality	profile	workshop.	
                                        interpersonal skills are the generic
                                        tools everyone needs to do their       The Myers Briggs Type Indicator
                                        job,	like	communication,	time	-	       and Belbin’s team roles are
                                        management, assertiveness or           extremely powerful tools for
                                        handling	conflict.	Our	programmes	     understanding the differences         Our	focus	is	on	creating,	building	
                                        help people develop their              between individuals. Harness these    and developing your team using
                                        behaviours and attitudes. We help      differences and you can develop       interactive, indoor or outdoor
                                        people enhance their abilities,        leaders, build teams, improve         activities and programmes. These
                                        which in turn, enhances their          communication and even change         can range from highly challenging
Creating an environment of              performance.                           organisations.                        physical games to simple, yet
performance, strong leadership                                                                                       effective	intellectual	tasks	-	all	
and	efficiency	is	key	to	business	                                                                                   designed to challenge and focus
success. For many organisations,                                                                                     your people, enhance their
achieving	this	is	a	challenge.	Often	                                                                                skills and bring them together.
clients recognise a problem in their                                                                                 Team	working,	problem-solving,	
management process that affects                                                Our	MBTI	and	Belbin	qualified	        communication,	co-operation,	trust	
performance, teams and no doubt                                                practitioners help individuals        and shared experiences are some
profitability	-	but	they	don’t	know	                                           to understand their personal          of	the	benefits	of	Team	Building.
exactly what to do to address it.                                              preferences and the impact
                                                                               on	effective	team	working.	Our	
That’s why Develop Training works                                              consultants work with you to
with	each	client	to	find	out	where	     Develop Training works together        build a bespoke programme
the problem is and then builds a        with clients to understand where       which may include:
bespoke	solution	to	tackle	it.	Our	     your people need support and we        •	 Communication
management skills training portfolio    work to deliver the right solutions    •	 Conflict
is designed to help all levels of       for your organisation.                 •	 Problem	Solving
managers develop the                                                           •	 Management	and	
core skills they need to manage         Perhaps your company is                   Leadership Styles
the following:                          undergoing a restructure, or is        •	 Dealing	with	and	                  We always provide:
•	 People                               having	difficulties	around	your	          Managing Change                    •	 Specially	designed	programmes
•	 Resources                            culture, or maybe you just recognise   •	 Time	Management                    •	 Unique	venues	and	activities
•	 Projects                             through your own observations that     •	 Managing	Stress                    •	 Structured	feedback	to	reinforce
•	 Activities                           your teams or individuals need help    •	 Influencing	and	Selling               key learning points
                                        in certain areas.                      •	 Team	Building

Call: 0800 876 6708 or email:
‘Personally I was hugely encouraged by the degree of energy and
enthusiasm shown by the whole team during our training and this is
in no small part due to your excellent organisation and the skill and
enthusiasm of Develop Staff.’
David Rees, Director, M & A Transactions, National Grid

A dedicated nationwide
training company

Develop Training
Falkirk Training Centre,
Universal Road,                                                  Develop Training
Falkirk FK2 9GA                                                  Glasgow Training Centre,
                                                                 Clyde House, 419 Balmore Road,
                                                                 Glasgow G22 6NU

                                                                 Develop Training
Develop Training                                                 York Training Centre,
Warrington Training Centre,                                      Burn Hall, Tollerton Road,
Chesford Park House,                                             Huby, York YO61 1JB
18 Chesford Grange
Warrington WA1 4RQ
                                                                 Develop Training
                                                                 Whitwell Training Centre,
                                                                 Whitwell, Oakham,
Develop Training                                                 Rutland LE15 8BW
Derby Training Centre,
Ascot Drive, Derby DE24 8GW

Develop Training
Swindon Training Centre,
Frankland Road, Blagrove,
Swindon, Wiltshire SN5 8YF


            Call: 0800 876 6708 or email:

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