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(141) Output: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Senator Ludwig (L&C 49) asked in relation to the tent embassy report commissioned
by the ATSIC Regional Council in Queanbeyan, advise whether Mr Tuckey is aware
ahead of time, because he seems to have made some statements – or are they
separate from the consultant’s report?


The Tent Embassy Report commissioned by the ATSIC Queanbeyan Regional
Council is due to be completed at the end of April 2003.

(142) Output: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Senator Ludwig (L&C 49) asked:

In relation to the Indigenous Language and interpreter service:

“Can you tell me how much money has been allocated to Indigenous language
services in the last financial year or the year before that?”


ATSIC support to preserve and maintain Indigenous languages has two elements:

1. Preservation of Indigenous Language and Recordings (PILR) which includes
funding to Regional Aboriginal Language Centres; and

2. The Language Access Initiative Program (LAIP) which was ATSIC's response to
recommendations 12a and 12b of the Bringing them Home Report.

ATSIC also funds community-based language initiatives.

Funding details:

2001-02      $8,040,560 [includes: PILR - $4,361,818; LAIP - $3,143,342]

2000-01      $7,625,865 [includes: PILR - $4,602,484; LAIP - $2,496,419]

(143) Output: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Senator Ludwig (L&C 49) asked, “What types of projects do these funds include?
Perhaps you can take it on notice in terms of each service and the amount that has
been expended on it and that the service is ongoing.”


To date the following organisations have been allocated ATSIC funds in
2002-03 for the preservation of Indigenous Language and Recordings. Although
many of these have received ATSIC funding in the past, future funding is dependent
on continuing outcomes.

Organisation           Activity             Activity Description                        Funds
                                                                                        in 2002-03
Muurrbay               To run the           Operating costs to run the language         $120,282
Aboriginal             language centre      centre. Language - Gumbaynggirr.
Language &             to enable a          Expected outcomes (1) to run a tertiary
Cultural Co-           language revival     language course (2) produce
Operative Ltd          programme            Gumbaynggirr language text (3) run a
                                            language/cultural course for children.
Ulugundahi Elders      Research, collect,   Produce dictionary, language                $64,832
Aboriginal             record and collate   resources, interactive CD Rom of
Corporation            Yaegl/Yaygirr        culture and language, educational
                       language             video of culture and language and
                                            school language kit. Produce program
                                            to utilise these resources as a series of
                                            language workshops.
Wdajri Myiral Elders   Yaegl Language       Continue with recording and                 $32,050
Aboriginal             Maintenance          documenting the Yaegl language for
Corporation            Program              publication and distribution. Employ 3
                                            p/t positions Coordinator, Office
                                            Worker, Casual Assistant. Conduct 3
                                            ongoing workshops throughout the
AIATSIS                Establish a          Ensure the audio recordings currently       $18,977
                       language heritage    held in the AIATSIS archives are
                       project              adequately documented / preserved
                                            and accessible to Indigenous
Brewarrina             Language             Employ 2 positions to interview elders      $30,000
Aboriginal Cultural    preservation         of the community, researching through
Museum Aboriginal                           literature, videos, CD Rom, internet as
Corporation                                 well as audio cassettes and other
                                            recording and display in Culture

Muda Aboriginal        Teach the            Employ 5 people to teach the               $169,651
Corporation            Wangkumara           Wangkumara Language in Bourke
                       Language             Primary School, St Ignatius, Bourke
                                            Pre-School and broadcasted on 2CUZ
Pulkurru Aboriginal    Maintenance of       Employ a Language Worker to develop        $35,660
Corporation            the Morowari and     strategies for the maintenance of the
                       Ualaroi              Morowari and Ualaroi Languages.
                       Languages            Work with the Walgett Language
                                            Program to develop
                                            resources/materials. Work with the
                                            schools to deliver a classroom
                                            program and broadcast on local radio
Walgett Aboriginal     Dharriwaa Project    Continue to collect, catalogue, achieve    $107,670
Medical Service        - collect,           and promote use of Yuwaalaraay and
Co-operative           catalogue,           Gamilaraay language and culture
Limited                achieve and          resources. Support production of
                       promote use of       Yuwaalaraay/Gamilaraay dictionary.
                       Yuwaalaraay and      Provide language activities, including 2
                       Gamilaraay           excursions and 4 community cultural
                       languages            promotion days.

Mr Stan Grant          Development of       Development of language skills by          $118,400
                       Language skills in   using locally affirmed language
                       Communities          facilitators to work independently with
                                            the local groups, each encouraging
                                            their own communities but with support
                                            from the Wiradjuri Language
                                            Development Centre.
Victorian Aboriginal   Retrieval and        VAC for Languages is to assists local      $435,440
Corporation (VAC)      revival of           Aboriginal communities to achieve the
for Languages          Victorian            retrieval, teaching and revival of their
                       Aboriginal           languages so they are used in the
                       Languages            community. A State Language Centre
                                            has been set up and will continue to
                                            provide services to the local Language
                                            Programs where possible and to
                                            consult with the local communities
                                            regarding their needs and aspirations
                                            of their languages.
Kombumerri           Revive and           This activity will revive and maintain      $107,000
Aboriginal           maintain             traditional languages through
Corporation for      traditional          community initiated projects. It will
Culture              languages            promote the distinct identity of
                     through              Indigenous Australians by recognition
                     community            of traditional languages of each region.
                     initiated projects   It will enhance the opportunities for
                                          Indigenous peoples to identify their
                                          traditional lands, with accuracy,
                                          through research of family histories
                                          and identification of their language
                                          boundaries. Aboriginal communities in
                                          language region 1 will increase their
                                          use of language and publicly promote
                                          it through arts, music and other cultural
                                          activities. Aboriginal languages will be
                                          recognised as an essential unit of
                                          study in schools and Aboriginal
                                          language workers will gain social and
                                          economic benefits through
Korrawinga           Butchulla            Facilitate weekend and children’s           $69,688
Aboriginal           Language classes     Butchulla language classes and
Corporation                               classes for Vacation Care and
                                          Playgroup programs. A total of 30
                                          class sessions for each learning group
                                          (beginners and advanced) per year
                                          and 5 public/social demonstrations
                                          from the group. Archive and produce
                                          new teaching material.
Wondunna             Central              To distribute funds to community            $85,000
Aboriginal           Queensland           groups or individuals who have a
Corporation          Aboriginal           commitment to maintenance and
                     Language             restoration of their local language.
Girringun Elders &   Regional             Girringun to act as the sponsor body        $95,000
Reference Group      Aboriginal           for recurrent operation of the Regional
(Aboriginal          Language             Aboriginal Language Management
Corporation)         Management           Committee (RALMC) in the ATSIC
                     Committee in the     Cairns & Townsville regions. It is
                     Cairns &             proposed that Girringun administer the
                     Townsville           ATSLIP fund as devolved grant
                     regions.             through the RALMC, with individual
                                          grant application being considered and
                                          approved by the RALMC.
Magani Malu Kes      Develop and          Continue to develop and distribute          $95,000
Townsville Limited   distribute           resources and run language classes to
                     resources and run    support the maintenance, revival and
                     language classes     reclamation of TSI languages, and to
                     for Torres Strait    promote the use and development of
                     Islander             TSI languages.
Lockhart River       Retrieve,           Facilities and support provided to           $19,000
Aboriginal Council   preserve and        assist elders to retrieve, preserve and
                     promote the         promote the traditional languages of
                     traditional         Lockhart River. Recording Elders and
                     languages of        making popular song and story tapes
                     Lockhart River,     available in the community and for
                     Qld                 broadcast on BRACS, increase the
                                         use of traditional language in the
                                         community. New archival material has
                                         been created in the community.
                                         Opportunities for people to learn
                                         introductory recording, editing and
                                         archival skills, these activities assist
                                         the inter-generational transfer of
Hopevale             Support to the      The overall activity is to continue          $162,030
Community            maintenance,        delivering support to the maintenance,
Learning Centre      retrieval and       retrieval and revival of Indigenous
                     revival of Cape     Languages in the region. It is also an
                     York & Gulf         objective to fulfil the ATSIC grant
                     Indigenous          responsibilities (financial and reporting)
                     Languages           represent the Cape York and Gulf
                                         region on National forums and to
                                         research and collate data about the
                                         languages of the Cape York & Gulf
Porppuraaw           Develop and         Establishment of a support system to         $30,000
Aboriginal Council   preserve local      develop and preserve local Indigenous
                     Indigenous          language. Increased use of Indigenous
                     language            language in school activities,
                                         recruitment of consultants to guide
                                         project and development, preservation
                                         and maintenance of Indigenous
                                         language, increased awareness and
                                         appreciation of Aboriginal languages
                                         and increased number of activities
                                         relating to oral language and
Mapoon Aboriginal    Completion of       This activity will continue and extend       $20,000
Council              Dictionary of       the existing program with a view to
                     languages from      produce a publication of a dictionary.
                     Mapoon region       The current program will only achieve
                                         some of the research required to
                                         preserve and promote the languages
                                         within the Mapoon area. This activity
                                         aims to provide further research to
                                         complete the initial project and ensure
                                         the publication of the dictionary.
Yaitya Warra Wodli   Fund Aboriginal     YWW receives and assesses language           $458,822
Language Centre      language projects   submissions from around the state and
Inc                  in SA               provides funding to projects for
                                         community language activities.
Federation of        FATSIL              FATSIL National Languages                    $22,400
Aboriginal and       Conference and      Conference & AGM
Torres Strait        Annual General
Islander Languages   Meeting (AGM)
(Corporation) -
Federation of         Preservation and      Preservation and protection of             $153,416
Aboriginal and        protection of         language and cultural heritage.
Torres Strait         languages             Funding for this activity will enable
Islander Languages                          FATSIL to conduct meetings of the
(Corporation) -                             Governing Committee, to employ an
FATSIL                                      admin officer and to meet the
                                            administrative costs of the association.
Federation of         Production of         This is the only newsletter produced       $59,721
Aboriginal and        FATSIL                regularly which covers the
Torres Strait         newsletter "Our       maintenance and revival of Indigenous
Islander Languages    Languages are         language programs throughout
(Corporation) -       the Voice of the      Australia. It profiles community-based
FATSIL                Land"                 language projects, promotes
                                            Indigenous languages, provides
                                            information about language issues (at
                                            a regional, state and national level)
                                            and about language conferences and
                                            meetings happening around Australia.
                                            FATSIL members contribute the
                                            information. Newsletter is produced
Noongar Language      Implement the         Enter into discussions with all parties    $95,000
Institute (previous   Noongar               involved in the preservation and
body funded was       Language              promotion of Noongar languages and
Noongar Language      Strategy              take the lead in formulating a joint
and Cultural Centre                         strategy. This will include the
Aboriginal                                  collection and recording of language
Corporation)                                material, development of curriculum
                                            and provision of language courses.
Wangkanyi Ngurra      Contribution to       Continuation of language operations        $141,749
Tjurta Aboriginal     Language              within region. To establish community
Corporation           Maintenance           based archives, revive, maintain and
                      Operational Costs     reclaim endangered languages.
Yamaji Languages      Research and          Employ 5 people to continue the            $223,164
Aboriginal            disseminate           ongoing activities with the Wajarri,
Corporation           language material     Badimaya, Malgana, Warriyangka and
                      to raise public       Ngarlawangga language, including
                      awareness for         publishing word lists, dictionaries,
                      Wajarri,              teaching materials, undertaking
                      Badimaya,             research, dissemination language
                      Malgana,              material, raising public awareness and
                      Warriyangka and       work with schools to teach language.
Wangka Maya           Language              The objectives of this service are the     $157,690
Pilbara Aboriginal    maintenance           delivery of language maintenance
Language Centre       services to the       services to the Pilbara speech
                      Pilbara speech        communities and the management of
                      communities.          languages and resources archive
                                            established over the last twelve years
                                            of successful operation.
Kimberley             Documentation         The KLRC will provide a language           $141,020
Language              and preparation of    service to surrounding communities
Resource Centre       language              and organisations within the Kimberley
Aboriginal            materials for up to   region. Activities include ongoing work
Corporation           28 Kimberley          on the documentation and preparation
                      languages             of language materials for up to 28
                                            Kimberley languages.
Mirima Council        Recording of        Operational costs for language centre      $116,630
Aboriginal            Miriwoong and       and funds to continue the ongoing
Corporation           Gajirrawoong        recording of Miriwoong and
                      Aboriginal          Gajirrawoong - which also benefits
                      languages.          Jaminjoong, Ngarinyman, Ngaliwurru
                                          and Murrinh-patha speakers.
                                          Transcribe tapes and videos, develop
                                          resource material to be used in
                                          community and school.
Loongabid             Language            To promote and record Nyool Nyool          $30,000
Aboriginal Inc        Maintenance:        language from elders living in and
                      Nyul Nyul           around Broome. To produce a
                      Language            language book which will be made
                                          available as a resource to the
Tasmanian             Retrieve, revive    Palawa kani Language Program               $242,154
Aboriginal Centre     and maintain the    retrieve, revive and maintain the use of
Incorporated          use of Tasmanian    Tasmanian Aboriginal Languages
                      Aboriginal          within Tasmania. The work involves
                      Languages           researching, analysing and
                                          reconstructing vocabulary and
                                          grammar, producing language
                                          information materials, developing
                                          curriculum, training language workers
                                          and teachers, teaching language,
                                          promoting language use in family and
                                          community life state-wide, and
                                          promoting general awareness of
                                          Aboriginal language. The Objective is
                                          for Tasmanian Aborigines to speak
                                          Tasmanian Aboriginal languages. This
                                          is to be achieved through the
                                          reconstruction and teaching of
                                          languages and widespread promotion
                                          of language use.
Batchelor Institute   To collect and      To collect and record languages:           $120,834
of Indigenous         record languages:   dreamings, oral histories, bush tucker
Tertiary Education    dreamings, oral     and bush medicine. All recording to be
& Wadeye              histories, bush     digitised with copies located in
Aboriginal            tucker and bush     community archives, language centre
Languages Centre      medicine            and community library, with the
                                          authority of the elders.
Kardu Numida          Record language     Continue to employ a local language        $75,600
Incorporated          and produce         specialist to record dictionaries and
                      dictionaries and    lists of bird names, plant and family
                      videos of local     names. Record, translate and
                      languages of the    transcribe oral history. Produce videos
                      Wadeye,             of bush foods for education purposes.
                      Palumpa & Daly      Teaching videos have been produced
                      River areas.        in the past for schools in the local
                                          region - Wadeye, Palumpa & Daly
                                          River. Map and record place names
                                          and record traditional stories for these
                                          places. Produce oral history videos at
                                          selected sites. Part time consultant
                                          linguists to be engaged to conduct six
                                          workshops throughout the year to work
                                          with local Aboriginal teachers to
                                          develop a standardised system of
                                           spelling for each language group.

Yirra Bandoo         Larrakia              Activity will ensure completion of         $131,300
Aboriginal           Language Project      dictionary database, production and
Corporation                                publication, writing of a descriptive
                                           grammar, Develop teaching materials
                                           for a Larrakia Language Program,
                                           Involvement of other Aboriginal
                                           groups, Educational outreach.
Nambara Schools      Key Activities of     One of the core goals of Miwatj            $15,000
Council - Miwatj     Miwatj Language       Language Management is the
Language             Maintenance           establishment of projects in local
Management                                 languages that have been negotiated
Committee                                  with community elders and which are
                                           undertaken by Indigenous Project
                                           Workers within their communities.
Diwurruwurru-Jaru    Operation of          Employ 5 people, plus operational          $282,982
Aboriginal           Language Centre       costs for the language centre and
Corporation          to enable             capital (vehicle and video editing
                     language              equipment)
Mabunji Aboriginal   Borroloola            Employ 2 people, operational funding       $100,000
Resource             Language and          from Borroloola Language group, plus
Association Inc      Culture               capital to undertake renovations to the
                     Preservation          existing building and to purchase office
                                           equipment and furniture.
Papulu Apparr-Kari   PAK Operational       To provide the necessary infrastructure    $188,552
Aboriginal                                 and administrative support for the
Corporation                                Organisations activities.
Institute for        Language              This activity covers both the Alice        $143,000
Aboriginal           Maintenance           Springs and Central Remote Regional
Development          activities in Alice   Council boundaries. This activity
Incorporated         Springs Region        empowers aboriginal people to
                                           preserve their language and maintain
                                           program development at a community
Institute for         IAD Press -           Increase community access to                $114,732
Aboriginal            development of        language and cultural knowledge
Development (IAD)     materials for         through the development of materials
Incorporated          publication           for publication. Improve awareness
                                            and appreciation of Aboriginal
                                            languages amongst the wider
                                            Australian community. Develop
                                            language and literacy materials for use
                                            in community language programs
                                            (quality language resources are
                                            urgently needed for early childhood
                                            language literacy programs). Promote
                                            the maintenance, use and
                                            development of Aboriginal languages
                                            by publishing language materials.
Institute for         Interpreter           To provide translations of posters,         $70,500
Aboriginal            Service               pamphlets and information in order for
Development                                 Aboriginal people to understand new
Incorporated                                rules/regulations and or general
                                            information, provide Aboriginal
                                            interpreters to all govt, non govt and
                                            Aboriginal organisations on any issue,
                                            where people believe that there is a
                                            miscommunication, general lack of
                                            understanding of Aboriginal people
                                            asserting their rights and requesting an
Institute for         Kaytetye &            The final stage of the project will         $71,054
Aboriginal            Anmatyerr             involve: Employment of approximately
Development           Dictionaries (Final   sixty Kaytetye and Anmatyerr
Incorporated          Stage)                language speakers on a casual basis
                                            to check the language in the draft
                                            dictionaries and provide further data
                                            for the dictionaries. These Anmatyerr
                                            and Kaytetye speakers will work
                                            intensively with the linguists to ensure
                                            that the dictionaries are
                                            comprehensive and contain accurate
                                            and appropriate information.
Yarnteen Aboriginal   Awabakal              Analysis and correlate data already         $25,000
& Torres Strait       Language              received, research data that has been
Islander              Preservation          identified but not already collected.
Corporation                                 Conduct further workshops in relation
&                                           to Orthography and the Awabakal
                                            Language. Promote the Awabakal
                                            Language to the wider community.
Cultural Resource
                                            Revive the use of the Awabakal
Association Inc
                                            Language in the Local Community.
                                            Educate the youth of the Community in
                                            relation the Awabakal Language.
Trustees of the       Teaching              Objectives - pride in Aboriginal identity   $83,000
Roman Catholic        Yuwaalaraay           & better literacy and attitude to school
church of the         Language
Diocese of
Western Desert      Martu Language       Provision of support for the community      $57,000
Puntukurnuparna     Maintenance          initiated projects aimed at
                    Program              maintenance, revival and reclamation
                                         of Martu Languages and promote the
                                         use & development of Martu
                                         languages. Increase community
                                         access to existing language and
                                         cultural knowledge by developing
                                         material for publication & broadcasting.
Jarlmadangah        Cultural Program     Recording of oral history, maintenance      $48,500
Burru Aboriginal    Language             of cultural practice & developing of a
Corporation         Maintenance          cultural dictionary.
Kimberly Language   Language             Provides language services in               $86,000
Resource Centre     Maintenance          response to community requests from
                    Program for          senior speakers or representatives of
                    Kimberley            29 Kimberly Languages.
Wangka Maya         Juluwarlu Archive    The objectives of this activity are to      $20,500
Pilbra Aboriginal   Development and      develop a professional approach to
Language Centre     Management           archiving and storage of culture
                    Program              material including utilisation of multi
                                         media technology for
                                         Nguluma/Yinjibarndi cultural material
                                         and intellectual property.
Wangka Maya         Promotion and        The services to be provided through         $10,000
Pilbra Aboriginal   marketing plan for   this activity are the presentation of a
Language Centre     the Pilbara          promotion and marketing plan for the
                    Aboriginal           Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre.
                    Language Centre
Wangka Maya         Vehicle              Purchase a new Nissan Navarra. The          $19,500
Pilbra Aboriginal                        existing vehicle will be traded in on the
Language Centre                          new vehicle to enable travel for
                                         language recording.
Wangka Maya         language             Delivery of language maintenance            $50,000
Pilbra Aboriginal   maintenance          services to the Pilbara speech
Language Centre     services to the      communities and the management of
                    Pilbara speech       languages and resources archive
                    communities          established over the last twelve years
                                         of successful operation.
Kimberly Language   Language             The KLRC will provide a language            $168,820
Resource Centre     Maintenance          service to the following communities
                    Program              and organisations, but not limited to
                                         them: Puranyangu-Rangkafs Kerrem,
                                         Kundat/Jaru, Mulan, Billiluna, Balgo,
                                         Kalumburu, Warmun, KLC, Halls
                                         Creek Art Centre, Catholic Education
                                         Office, WA Education Department,
                                         KALACC, Magabala Books, TAFE
                                         Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing, WA
                                         Health Department, Independent
                                         Schools and Shire of Halls Creek and
                                         Derby-West Kimberley, Marra Worra
                                         Worra, Mowanjum, One Arm Point,
                                         Junjuwa Community, Fitzroy Crossing.
Korrawinga    Butchulla     Continuation of Ghundus weekend   $21,629
Aboriginal    Language      Butchulla language classes and
Corporation   Classes for   classes for Vacation Care and
              Ghundus       Playgroup programs

(144) Output: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Senator Ludwig (L&C 49) asked, “Is there any information that you have or that you
have been exploring as to whether or not it is helpful in reducing juvenile detention?”


Although ATSIC has not recently explored this issue, the following reports have
identified that language has the central role in the retention of culture, the rebuilding
of cultural strength and addressing social dysfunction. The loss of language has
been identified as a major contributing factor to the loss of culture and associated
social problems. The reports that identify this are:
      Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (1990);
      Recognition, Rights and Reform: Report to Government on Native Title
          Social Justice Measures (1995);
      Bringing them Home: National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and
          Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families (1997);
      Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society (1998); and
      Commonwealth Grants Commission: Report on Indigenous Funding (2001).

The Bringing them Home and Aboriginal Deaths in Custody reports recognised that
the ability to speak or to use words and phrases of Indigenous languages was much
more than a cultural indulgence. They recognised that language is a critical factor in
cultural identity and, therefore, in individual and community well-being.

(145) Output: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Senator Ludwig (L&C 49) asked, “Has that been the same amount that you have
been funding in the last couple of years or has there been an increase or decrease in
the amount that you have set aside?”


See response to question number 142.

(146) Output: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Senator Ludwig (L&C 50) asked:

In relation to the framework agreement with the government of Western Australia:

Which states have not signed such agreements?


ATSIC has signed similar agreements with the State Governments of New South
Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

Negotiations are continuing with the Tasmanian State Government and the Northern
Territory Government. It is anticipated these agreements will be finalised in the near

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