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									If you are considering to get a home coffee maker, then this review on three selected
Bunn-O-Matic coffee makers may help you decide which one is best for you.
  First of all, did you know that the company that manufactures this brand of coffee
machines has been around for more than half a decade? Bunn-O-Matic Corporation
was founded in 1957, and was actually the first to introduce paper coffee filter for
commercial use. Today, the company offers consumers a range of home coffee
brewers, varying in design, capacity and functionality, but all with one purpose - to
enable consumers produce great tasting coffee quickly, simply and consistently at
  Now, let's review three Bunn-O-Matic coffee makers.
  Bunn-O-Matic BTXB Thermofresh Home Brewer
  This coffee brewer is made to brew 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes. It has an
internal thermostat installed to keep water at a temperature ideal for brewing good
quality coffee. Its spray-head design is said to enhance coffee flavor extraction during
the brewing process.
  It is generally agreed that this Bunn home coffee maker makes great coffee quickly,
but has flaws in its insulated thermal carafe. Some consumers said that it doesn't keep
the coffee hot for more than 20 minutes, while some said that the carafe is very drippy,
causing coffee to drip all over the place when pouring.
  unn-O-Matic Pour-O-Matic VPR
  This is Bunn's 12-cup Pour-over brewer. It has a brewing capacity of about 8 pots of
the beverage per hour. The advantage of using this model is that you just have to add
cold water in the top and it starts to brew instantly. It also has a stylish design.
  According to consumers' feedback, this Bunn-O-Matic coffee maker can make 12
cups of outstanding cuppa in approximately 3 minutes as well. It is recommended for
its ease of use, and is also suitable for office use.
  Bunn A10 Pour-O-Matic Coffee Brewer
  This model of Bunn Pour-O-Matic coffee machine claims to quickly brew 2 to 8
cups of coffee each round. The plus point of this model is that it has a keep-warm
function. You can even use it to preheat water for tea or other beverages. But you have
to fill the tank with water and preheat it to brewing temperature. That takes about 15
minutes. After that, it immediately starts brewing whenever you add water (at least 2
cups), and it only takes 3 minutes to give you a fresh pot of delicious coffee.
  This home coffee machine is also built to last. Some consumers said that it continues
to brew good coffee even after several months of heavy use. You really receive good
value with the price tag on this Bunn A10 Pour-O-Matic machine.
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