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									There is nothing quite adorable as a Bulldog puppy. With their extra heavy wrinkles
and pushed in snouts, Bulldog puppies are the epitome of cute. In the plush toy world,
while there are many Bulldog plush to choose from, there are few you will find that
can equal the sheer appeal of a puppy. Then again, what real-life puppy isn't one of
the most darling things you will ever see?
 Even though Bulldogs, once all grown up, can look quite intimidating, they are
actually one of the gentlest breeds around. They are known as very affectionate
animals, that are quite gentle with children. Bulldogs are also known as a very
courageous breed with excellent guarding abilities. And, like any breed of dog,
Bulldogs have their negatives too. Besides their stubborn nature, they have some
physical issues which can be both difficult to tolerate as well as expensive to treat.
Because Bulldogs have small windpipes, they are prone to breathing problems. They
don't do particularly well in hot weather and are also sensitive to cold. And finally,
due to their wrinkled necks and faces, they are prone to skin problems which can
result in seeing the vet much more than you might want to.
 If not for the health issues alone, sometimes it's just more practical to buy a Bulldog
plush toy instead of actually having the real thing. While Bulldog plush don't have the
warm beating heart of the actual dog, they are just as easy to love and cozy up to.
Some online shops have some truly spectacular Bulldog plush that can very easily
stand in for the real thing. Some have a 21 inch tall Bulldog plush that has been
designed in a permanent sitting position. You simply won't find a lovelier stuffed
animal. This Bulldog plush's face even matches the breeds coloring and markings to
perfection. Another Bulldog plush is a five foot floppy stuffed animal. Cuddling was
never made easier than with this incredibly cozy plush dog.
 Bulldogs have courage that is legendary and they are a breed that will rarely, if ever,
fuss or whine. Bulldogs are not a demanding dog, and their tenacity has made way for
loving patience. At the end of the day, however, a Bulldog plush toy is simply easier
and less expensive to care for. They will always need the same love and attention as
the real thing, but without the fuss or liability 鈥?that's a win, win for everyone.
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