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					PAYPAL ROCKET                                         

                 PAYPAL ROCKET
    The Fastest And Cheapest Way To Have A Legal
   Verified Business Paypal Account For Everyone

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PAYPAL ROCKET                                 

Problems you face:
     - Your country isn’t in Paypal’s support list.
        - You don’t have credit/debit card or US bank account to verify
           Paypal account
        - You can’t receive money from other Paypal account. So you
           can’t start your online business.
        Why US verified Paypal account?
        Because US is #1 in ecommerce (very well-developed), 80%
online business is in US. So it’s very convenient to do online business in
this country. By have a US verified paypay account you will get full
advantages from Paypal for send, receive and withdraw money. With this
account you can receive money from other, and can withdraw to US
        And, even if you are not citizen of US you still can open a US
Paypal account as we guide in detail below:
        Now, we will show you the fastest and cheapest way to have a US
verified Paypal account.
        It will only take you 5 minutes and $5 to have this. Amazing!
        Step #1: You need search or imagine a valid mailing address in US
        (to signup an US Paypal account. You can use fake address US
        address as long as is in valid format)
        Step #2: You signup and US Paypal account use the valid US
        mailing address as above. Now you have a US Paypal account with
        status is not verified.
        Step #3: Now you login to Paypal and click link “Add Bank

PAYPAL ROCKET                             

    Step #4: After that, you need to buy a US Bank Account for verify
    this Paypal account. You can a guy by his Yahoo IM:abundant2u.
    I trust him because I have deal with him many transactions
    successfully; price is only $10 / 1 bank account (wow best price
    Step #5: Now, you add this US bank account information into
    Paypal (at step 3).
    Step #6: After 2 days that you added this US bank account
    information into Paypal, you will need 2 small deposit amount
    which paypal made to your US bank account (each less than $1).
    Use this info to verify your Paypal account. And you can ask
    abundant2u online for this 2 small number and add into Paypal.
    Now, your Paypal account instantly have status is verified.
             Enjoy your US Paypal account, and start your online
    business plan.

    1. Can I use this US bank account to withdraw money from
    No, This US bank account is for verification purpose only.
    2. It’s OK if I don’t have a US mailing address?
    Yes. You can search Google or image a valid US mailing address.
    You don’t need rent this address.
    3. It’s safe when I add this US bank account although I online
    not in US.

PAYPAL ROCKET                            

    Yes. But safer you can ask a friend in US to do this task for you.
    Or you can use a quality proxy or sock to fake US IP (use this for
    your own risk). Because when you add bank account it’s time
    Paypal check your location to prevent fraud.


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