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                How To Have A Legal ClickBank Account For Everyone

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Problems you face:
         Your country isn’t in ClickBank’s support list. And you
   can’t join this Big Brother company for making money online.
   And like many of us, you even don’t have a chance to start a
   business online to make a living.
      In fact, you only need a valid phone number, a valid mailing
address and/or valid bank account among countries which ClickBank
support. In another word, you must to become a virtual citizen of
another country like USA, Singapore to join ClickBank.
      A question raise in your mind: Why is Singapore or USA?

CLICKBANK OK                            

      Because these are country that ecommerce especially online
business well-developed. So it’s naturally to chose these country to
become virtual citizen.
      But don’t you have phone number, mailing address or bank
account at another country?
      Now we can guide you in detail:
         How to become a virtual citizen of USA with Free US phone
   number, Free Fax number, Free US bank account, and low cost
   mailing address.
      To get Free US phone number, Free US fax number you sign up
an account in jconnect.

      To get Free US account, you can take this US Bank Guide. This
guide is very detail, step-by-step help you open an US bank account
with ease.
      To get US mailing address with low cost, you can use below
services. These services is cheap and reliable.

Access USA

CLICKBANK OK                             

This is a very high quality service. They have a one time fee and
montly or yearly subscriptions. Their rates are really good. Specially
if you are going to use thier services often

USA 2 me

This mail forwarding company offer a "Bronze" plan that has one time
set up fee ($25) and no monthly fees. Which means, if you never
receive any mail to the address, you never have to pay for the service.
Of course if you do need to have mail forwarded to you there is a fee.

      If you want become a virtual Singapore citizen. You only need
a Singapore mailing address, and you can use Free Phone number,
Free Fax number, Free US bank account above with this address.
      You can use services below:
        SMART Virtual Office Singapore

CLICKBANK OK              

     Or Virtual Office Singapore™

CLICKBANK OK                           

      If you want find other good services you can use Google to
search with keyword “mail dropping” or “virtual office”.


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